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About RunLive

Do you love to run and race with different people? Well, RunLive is an iOS app that offers you the exciting opportunity to get set and go and compete in real-time with various types of running modes. Just start racing with anybody including an athlete or professional runner. Enjoy running together in real-time to usher your experience. The app also allows you to compare your score with other members and sends the results including your position and time taken to complete the race. So, join the world’s largest running group.

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The more you perspire, the more you become eligible for Earn RunCoins™. Convert your perspiration into exciting rewards when you go for a running session. The RunCoins can be exchanged for availing the necessary fitness kit and adventure gear from the Rewards Store. Plus, if you have Series 3 LTE Apple Watch and AirPods, there’s no need to carry the iPhone as you would get the race notifications and fx in real-time including the facility of voice chatting with other team members. The device would also inspire you to drive further to go over the crossing line.

The RunLive app has been specifically designed for the runners. You not only run and race against your friends but also run socially for other people as well. This wonderful app is also a first social platform extensively supporting that noble cause. You can even earn some sponsored rewards here too while racing with others in real-time for that gamified experience. Choose from a variety of running modes like Solo, Team, Ghost, and Treadmill etc. according to your preference and convenience to run at anytime and with anyone.


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Get sweet rewards for the sweat you had!

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Coverflow scrolling to navigate through various products.

GET Reward

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You can view more details of the reward you love!

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If you have enough points to get the reward, there you go! Just hit basket button to add it to your bag

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There is similar products section that helps you making better choices.

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profile activities screen

Profile activities

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View all your running activities in the profile with a summary of your total calories burned, total run sessions completed, total distance ran and estimated calories burned.

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See the realtime path where you ran, track your rank, pace and time in which you completed the race.

Activity details

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Compare your score with the other members in the team.

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Get a real time chart based on time, position and rank at a given point of time.

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There is similar products section that helps you making better choices.

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Leader board screen


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View your rank among all users through the leaderboard.

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Daily rank up down representation by means of red/green triangle movements.

Running mode

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Choose the running mode you prefer by setting the custom distance you want to run.

running mode
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OR create a custom session to invite your friends

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Manually create a session, add your friends to the run, send themreminders for run session and beat them!

Find runners in real time

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View the users ready to run with you on the galaxy from all over the world.

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run real time

Run real time!

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And finally, see where your competitors are on the distance meter and how fast you need to run to win!

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Listen to your favorite songs while running to get boost.

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See the status of other users to see if they are running, walking or have stopped or have quit!

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Use the voice chat feature to tell something to all the participants. Yes, you can turn it off in case you don’t want disturbance!



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Objective -C. We used objective C to developthis app.

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Core Data. We used Core Data, which is an object graphand persistence framework provided by Apple.

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We used Crashlytics the most powerful, yet lightest weight crash reporting solution. Crashlytics gives you powerful crash reporting, with one additional click you can enable real-time analytics that help you understand what's happening in your app. Fabric's analytics engine provides insights into your core goals, such as growth, retention, and engagement. Finally, analytics you don't need to analyze.

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AFNetworking library: A powerful networking library to connect to the server.

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Real time data transfer

We user MQTT protocol to transfer real time data among all users who are running together and to keep them in sync.

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Other third party service

We used AGORA voice chat SDK, apple healthkit, apple location manager, apple motion manager, apple music, spotify music, MAPBOX SDK, Strava SDK, Facebook SDK, PubNub SDK for chat.