About The Thailand PostCard

The Thailand Postcard is fresh breed that mainly focuses on assists the travelers worldwide encountering common problems of the day.

​Viewing the memorable pictures on social media forums like Facebook or Instagram is something usual. But we provide solutions out of the ordinary! You can get those images attached in your mailbox. We have the widest spectrum of postcards from the entire global arena. We offer you original postcards free from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber etc. that your family and friends would fall in love with.

Application Features

Send Thailand PostCard

Send Thailand PostCard

Send high quality digitally printed postcard from Thailand using the app to anybody globally.

Stripe Payment Method

Once you have made the payment, we print the postcard, add Thai stamp and ship it from Thailand.

Print PostrCard

We offer the optimum print and superior quality postcard dispatch it right from Thailand.

Write Message

You can even send a special message and add a receiver on the postcard.

List of all photos

List of all the photos

  • Access all the list type in grid view as n x 2 OR n x 4.
  • After you click on photos, you would head to the Photo Details Screen.
  • We don’t compromise with quality of the photos.
  • Card Image will be listed in alphabetic order only.

Grid Switch

  • If you are taping on the switch, the list of photos gets clipped in between n x 2 and n x 4 Gridview.
Filter screen

Filter By

  • The list type will be gridview in n x 2 OR n x 4.
  • Get redirected to Photo Details Screen on clicking the images.
  • Get the best and superior quality.
  • The card image is placed in alphabetical order.
Photo Details screen

Photo Details

  • Clicking on it will show image in Fullscreen.
  • Following details will get shared along with deep linking.
    • Our company name
    • Postcard front image
    • Postcard name
    • City Name
  • Number of Quantity
  • Send Postcard
Photo FullScreen View

Photo FullScreen View

  • You need to tap the Full Screen icon in Photo Details Screen to get this option.
Send PostCard

Send PostCard

  • Checkout and Pay:
    • You get to see the preview screen on choosing this option.
  • Add to Cart :
    • You will be taken to the card screen.
Postcard Order Detail

Postcard Order Detail

  • You get to know all the details regarding the postcard such as card name, card image, Transaction or Order id, city and much more.
Send Your First Card

Send Your First Card

You are in Thailand and you would like to send postcard to your family and friends. Either you go and look for postcard, stamp and mailbox or just download our Postcard app and we will do everything for you.

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What Client Says About Us?

Noommie Parames & Andrej Fister from Thailand, explaining how Mindinventory helped him in developing his Android & iPhone Application named "Send Real Postcards" which is one of the leading application for Travel / eCommerce industry

Andrej Fister - Co-founder

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