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About Aiminaabee

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Aiminaabee is a shopping application specially created for the people of Maldives. It offers products specially designed for the culture of Maldives people. There are many categories in which user can buy the products

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Aiminaabee is an iOS social shopping app, targeting Maldives to viewproducts from selected categories and shops they follow based on their selected interests. It's backend allows any logged in user to add as many shops as they want under predefined categories. However, each product added by them will need approval of admin before it gets live on app.

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The audiences can come-across each other and even look for the shops so that they can get familiar with the current trends and styles. The app also allows them to quick search for their preferred items in Maldives based shops.

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explore sceen


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1. Users can explore all new products from this screen.

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2. It shows applicable discounts on product image.

New arrivals

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1. Users can see new arrivals on the shops they follow from this screen.

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2. You can add the product to favorite list to visit them later on.

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recommend mobile screen


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1. Users can recommend the product they want.

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2. It has a quick access to the friends you follow and user can search with a friend’s name as well.

My feed

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1. My feed is a cool customizable view where users can select the categories they are interested in!

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2. With the card swipe feature, they can navigate through various products.

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global search screen

Global search

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1. View all the categories at one place and filter the results through the keywords of what you are looking for.


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1. The app allows friends to recommend product, follow other users, share product etc.

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2. Each of these actions sends notification to the directed user.

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3. The Aiminaabee staff can recommend products to all users or an individual user of the app. Those notifications can also be viewed from here.

notification screen
profile screen


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1. Profile screen allows you to see the products you/your friends have liked.

Related products

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1. In the product detail view, you can see all related products which are from similar categories.

related product screen
global search screen


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1. User can find cart from any screen in the app

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2. From here you can choose to checkout or continue adding items to your cart.




Objective -C. We used objective C to develop this app.

Push notification

One Signal SDK for plain text and rich text notification.


We used Crashlytics the most powerful, yet lightest weight crash reporting solution.Crashlytics gives you powerful crash reporting, with one additional click you can enable real-time analytics that help you understand what's happening in your app. Fabric's analytics engine provides insights into your core goals, such as growth, retention, and engagement. Finally, analytics you don't need to analyze.


Core Data. We used Core Data, which is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple.


AFNetworking library: A powerful networking library to connect to the server.


Login with Facebook SDK



PHP 5.6


MySql 5.5


Linux based


SendGrid for emails, One signal for push notification and PubNub for chat.