About Threebuzz

Since storing the confidential data is paramount today owing to security reasons, here’s an app ThreeBuzz that allows you to safeguard all your critical information such as insurance, will wishes, and others at one secured place. You can even keep your bank account details and all numbers in safe custody. Your insurance number is also vital and so you can click a picture of the insurance numbers, will wishes and other critical documents to store securely in the ThreeBuzz App. You would receive emails from the app every 3 months and if you don’t check and revert back after 3 emails then the email is sent to the 3 trusted persons that you have nominated.

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Colors, Typography and Icons

Colors Scheme

Colors are picked carefully to match flat asthetics of the app design.

Primary Color


Secondary Color


Additional Color


Roboto Aa


We've picked clean and trendy font that goes well




It's your insurance on the insurances that you have bought.

You bought security when you bought an insurance policy.

However, when the critical moments come,many policies are left unclaimed due to being forgotten,lost,misplaced or hidden. Even your will or wishes are often forgotten or misplaced.

This causes needless distress to your loved ones.

The threeBuzz app solves your problem.

Use the threeBuzz app to take pictures of your insurance number,you will or wishes,and any other important content. This will be stored in your phone,as well as online.

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