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Your everyday group activity planner...with a twist!

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About uVite

Invite friends to the kinds of stuff you do every day, like sports and social activities, but if they don't respond by the countdown deadline that you set, the invitation is OFF!

Better than group texts because everyone can see who's IN and who's OUT, and the event or activity is only ON if enough people say they are IN by the time the invitation expires.



Our strategy is to focus on creating orders and they can create orders simply and accustomed to that. We build from low to high definition in detail to clearly analyze that.

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Event Groups

Event Groups

Create Groups and invite them with one click: Shoping Friends, Golf Buddies, Brunch Brunch, Baketball Crew,Babysitters,you name it! Chat with your friends about the events.

Event Details

Event Details

See about event and who's IN or OUT in event and join event. Chat with Group and share your love with friends.

All App Screens

Over 70 screen with detail, we make the illustrations, delements simplified and closest to the trading so user can create the fastest order.

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