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about mospur

What is MoSpur?

The name MoSpur came from "Spur of Moment" concept. This is an app where you captures an inspiring moment and encourage others for the same. Here winning a challenge is really a proud whereas a funny failure is a joy as it also a point that rise your level.

The name MoSpur came from "Spur of Moment" concept. This is an app where you captures an inspiring moment and encourage others for the same. Here winning a challenge is really a proud whereas a funny failure is a joy as it also a point that rise your level.

Mindinventory is place where ideas get alive and we made MoSpur concept alive.

At Mindinventory, we did video sharing project previously but in MoSpur - we took special care of video compression, with quick upload speed, processing custom video, fast streaming and above all without loosing the quality of video in terms of aspect ratio.

Who uses MoSpur?


Mospur Regular Users

Enjoy challenges with friends and Mospur.


Public Figure User

Get love of fans and enjoy challenging them.


Business Users

Promote business with challenges and attract customers.

What is special in MoSpur than other apps? Let's have a sight:) underline

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MoSpur is a challenge maker app.

Make and upload challenging videos and let world know about your heroism. You can challenge world as you have a challenging nature and develop the same challenging nature of your friends & surrounding.

Spread a smile

Winning a challenge is always a proud to a person but you might have never seen that getting failure raise your level. Here in MoSpur on Funny Fail your Level raise and you failure even a worth more as it brings smile to others. Moreover we have a video category Pranks and Humor where all the funny videos are posted.


For a Passionate Judge

What do you think how it will be if your level raises for judging? Being human we have a nature of judging the entities and MoSpur understands our nature and increase a real fun of using it by this Judging Video Feature. Show your emotional reacts on video and it will be taken into consideration.

We are who believe in Trending.

We are always in watch of trendy and latest things and here MoSpur have a feature which keeps you updated with latest and trendy videos.

gift lovers

Gift Lovers

Who doesn't like gifts and not interested in getting one ?

MoSpur Sponsors are there waiting to provide you gifts on your response to their Sponsor Challenges. MoSpur has a special feature of generating coupon codes and all firstly challenge responders will get coupon code for responding.

Trendy Video Editor

We love artistic approach and MoSpur add art to your challenge video by an amazing video editing features.

video editing
comments and compliments

Compliments and Comments

When there is some thing really awesome creation done then they really worth your compliment. MoSpur is having a feature of adding comments and compliments on videos.

Enjoy your friend's company and make more friends.

Life without friends is like a bad dreams. When you are there for fun you definitely miss your friends. MoSpur keeps you and your friends with each other by having Add Friends Features.


Zero distance from loved ones.

Be in touch with all the amigos and loved one with the chat feature.

Privacy Lovers

MoSpur Supports privacy for introvert peoples. One can make their account private and No other than their friends will be in there Mospur World.

profile screen
public figure search

Public Figure

If you are a public figure then MoSpur have a special features for you. Use an app as a normal and MoSpur will verify you and thereafter get love from your fans and place challenge video for them.

Unlock every Level and earn MoSpur Coins.

Every activity in MoSpur will raise your Level and you will earn MoSpur Coins and at every level crossed you can buy perks and perks will add more fun.

profile details
listing screen

Attract customers and also have fun with them.

Promote your Business in a new interesting and a challenging way. Upload a challenge video for your customer and gift them a discount coupons. On responding to your Business Challenge, Customers get discount coupons and it makes them happy.

Platforms Of MoSpur App





iOS Platform

Here's a list of our iOS development solutions:


Objective C

As this project needs lots of customization which is quite easy to do in Objective C thus we have used this language


Core data.

Core Data. We used Core Data, which is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple.



Objective C supports AFNetworking very well.



It is simple and free to use. Even the main feature is - It does not break the application is there is any problem.

Integration & Merging

Xcode 9.1

We have used xcode 9.1 for development. For maintaining the code we have used bitbucket.

Chat Module


For the real time communication we have used MQTT protocol to drive the messages.


  • Default of iOS to move from one screen to another screen.
  • Customized Floating Button & Level change Animation.
  • Flip Animation to display the XP & Coins in Perks section.

User Interface

  • We have used the latest method of Constraints with Auto Layout


Android development solutions



A reactive, concurrent, and lightweight solution that allows us to work with live and native objects.


The library is built on speed, performance, and approachability. Also, it is built to not only make it significantly easier to deal with databases on Android, but also to provide extensibility.


With a crash monitoring tool you can then observe that the crash is occurring on a particular screen because you're given the stack trace of the crash. Crashlytics provides a push based mechanism (in the IDE and email) to notify me of new crashes as they occur.


GitLab has built-in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and for free. Create and manage milestones across projects, from the group level. View all the issues for the milestone you're currently working on across multiple projects. Quickly set the status, assignee or milestone for multiple issues at the same time or easily filter them on any properties.


Android provides freely its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community which minimizes the development and licensing costs. The entire platform is ready for customization. You can integrate and tweak the mobile app according to your business need.


Retrofit is type-safe REST client for Android and Java which aims to make it easier to consume RESTful web services. Retrofit automatically deserializes the JSON response using a POJO(Plain Old Java Object) which must be defined in advance for the JSON Structure.


Implemented Android default animation and using custom animation where needed to improve user experience.


FCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to client applications running on target devices, and it is completely free. FCM also handles routing and delivering the message reliably to the right devices.