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About Voxpop

VoxPop is Digital Survey System and medium to place one's opinion, belief and concepts. For all you who feel your opinion is not being heard, valued or considered.

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VoxPop provides the means through a simple and quick, to anonymously weigh in on topics you care or are passionate about.

You choose the topics that drive the surveys, with no annoying marketing e-mails or unrequested surveys. Even one can strongly support the opinion of others. Voxpop has a vast categories of uer.

Any person in any professions can use this system. Such as opinion of Teachers to Parents for their students. One can get to know the overall public supports and opinions with the great analytical graphical representation.

about Voxpop
Why Voxpop

Why voxpop?

Let your voice reach to the world and let world know about your opinions. Take a special care of your cutomers or employee and provide special to them based on the results and analysis. Choose the best by getting opinions from all.

  1. Stand with your strong opinions in the form of survey and get the real and analytical graphical result of the your opinion.
  2. Look at why and what & of people supports your opinion.
  3. This is a Fair and Just platform where one can get survey results transparently.
  4. You can evan bound the audience of survey and make a personalized survey.
  5. Analysis, Voting and Special Customer care is possible with VoxPop.

Features of Voxpop

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A complete dynamic survey generating system is an amaxing feature.

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Pick up interested topics and get survey only of your interest.


Keeps you away and protected from embarrassing and uninterested ads.


Manage all the Users, Subscribers, Interested Topics & Surveys.

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Set a dynamic Graphical Result Type.


Get a Graphical Results.

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Subscriber can add unlimited surveys.

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Large Organization can take beneficiary decision and can do further planning by getting views of their employees online.

Know voxpop's complete journey from start till end

client requirment

1. Client Requirment Studies

VoxPop Client came with a unique idea of Online Survey System to us.

We studied the requirements and give it a into the digital system.

We classified the system into 3 elements

- Admin panel for Managing the entire system.

- iOS and Android Mobile Application for getting opinion and support form world.

- Subscriber's website for placing opinions in front of world and making it personalized to user.


2. Analysis & Planning

System Analsis & Planning was a key role as the VoxPop was with a small time bound.


3. Challenges

A real challenge was to build a Complete Dynamic Questionnaire System & Personalized Survey System but we overcame it with our methods of System Design & Techniques.

4. Prototyping

A prototype played efficient role in System Design and a Skeleton of Voxpop was ready overcoming the challenges and effective features.

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5. Development

We are having an Enthusiastic and Expert Development Team who creates a wonder and their logical moves are extraordinary which creates a quality of system.

quality assurance

6. Quality Assurance

When it comes to the matter of providing quality we never compromise and provide best of there available in Market. And we ensure our product's quality and plish it before placing in front of world.

App UI (Survey Screens)

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Graphical Representation (Survey Results)

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We end every story with a Happy End and the Journey VoxPop of strict time bound was successful ended and got live on 13 November 2017.

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