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Saturday, 24th February, 2018
05:00 PM
10:17 AM

Airbnb reveals new hotel-like service called Airbnb Plus

Airbnb has announced a new hotel-like tier of service on its platform that the company is calling Airbnb Plus.

22nd Feb. 18
11:04 AM
21st Feb. 18
10:30 AM
20th Feb. 18
01:08 PM

Google Owned Digital Payments App Tez Now Allows Utility Bill Payments

Google India has announced the launch of a new feature that is designed to help users make utility bill payments through digital payments app Tez.

11:54 AM
19th Feb. 18
04:00 PM
10:42 AM
17th Feb. 18
05:00 PM
16th Feb. 18
05:00 PM
02:00 PM

Creatively designed & developed RunLive App by mindinventory team

Connect with motivated runners across the world and run together in real-time for the ultimate running experience. It’s the world’s largest running group. Be social and track your friend's running activities, see how you measure up against other runners and even share a photo or video during your run.

10:22 AM

Google launches Gmail Go for Android

Google has introduced Gmail Go for Android. It’s the newest addition to its line of "Go" apps that are slimmed down versions of their original counterparts.

15th Feb. 18
10:22 AM
14th Feb. 18
06:00 PM
11:18 AM
13th Feb. 18
02:25 PM
12th Feb. 18
04:00 PM
10:27 AM

WhatsApp reportedly testing mobile payments service in India

10 months after WhatsApp confirmed it was working on a digital payments service, the Facebook-owned messaging company seemingly launched the service in India.

9th Feb. 18
02:26 PM
10:01 AM
8th Feb. 18
02:34 PM
11:48 AM

Windows 10 will soon get Progressive Web Apps to boost the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is bringing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the Microsoft Store and Windows 10 with the next major update of the operating system due to land in the spring.

10:29 AM
7th Feb. 18
05:00 PM

Get More Millennial Customers on the Board with the Support of On-demand Apps

Let's discuss on how you can attract and get more millennial customers with the help of on-demand apps.

10:40 AM

Apple Sending Ad Spend and Install Reports to the Wrong Developers

An issue at Apple appears to be resulting in app developers getting emails of ad spend and install summaries for apps belonging to other developers.

6th Feb. 18
10:57 AM
10:37 AM

Instagram sued over geo-location feature

Miami-based UnitedCorp has taken on photo-sharing platform Instagram in a patent infringement lawsuit filed at the Federal Court of Canada.

5th Feb. 18
04:00 PM
02:26 PM
2nd Feb. 18
05:05 PM
11:01 AM
1st Feb. 18
10:53 AM
10:33 AM
31st Jan. 18
04:56 PM
04:15 PM
11:35 AM
10:45 AM
30th Jan. 18
07:13 PM
06:13 PM
29th Jan. 18
12:07 PM
26th Jan. 18
10:24 AM
25th Jan. 18
02:00 PM
10:38 AM
10:10 AM
24th Jan. 18
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10:36 AM
23rd Jan. 18
11:00 AM
22nd Jan. 18
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20th Jan. 18
11:00 AM

Mindinventory 7th Anniversary Day is here.

On January 20th, 2011, Rajput Mehul and Prashant Pujara started a little company named Mindinventory. In 2011, when MindInventory was founded with a few employees, we could hardly anticipate our growth to a global company with a staff of 100+ employees and over 600+ successful projects done today within 7 years. So, this event is the best way to say a big “THANK YOU” to our Clients, Partners, and team members as we could not have come this far without the loyal support as well as the hard work of each member of the MindInventory team. In the coming years, Mindinventory has the opportunity to reach even more people and organizations around the world. Thank you for helping make Mindinventory a fantastic company now and for decades to come.

19th Jan. 18
05:00 PM
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12:19 PM
11:05 AM
18th Jan. 18
05:09 PM
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17th Jan. 18
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16th Jan. 18
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12th Jan. 18
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10th Jan. 18
04:17 PM
8th Jan. 18
04:14 PM
6th Jan. 18
02:00 PM
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5th Jan. 18
04:12 PM
12:47 PM
10:30 AM
4th Jan. 18
07:06 PM
3rd Jan. 18
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08:00 AM
1st Jan. 18
05:00 PM
30th Dec. 17
06:00 PM

Mindinventory team had celebrated This Saturday as a Potluck Lunch Day

All the employees of Mindinventory were divided into four teams(Punjabi, Kathiyavadi, South Indian, and Continental). They have dressed up and created their stalls based on their theme. Check out how Mindinventory team had celebrated Potluck Lunch Day.

29th Dec. 17
04:00 PM
28th Dec. 17
05:00 PM

Life @ MI: Christmas Celebration at Mindinventory with Helping Hands Day

With the continuation of Christmas celebration on the 4th day at Mindinventory, our teams had visited different places and distributed foods, groceries and other items to the people who really need it. We had enjoyed lots of fun moments with them and finally felt that the power of giving is greater than the joy of receiving.

11:00 AM
27th Dec. 17
06:00 PM
05:00 PM
03:00 PM
03:00 PM
02:00 PM
02:00 PM
01:00 PM
10:00 AM

Leaders & Manager's Morning Meeting

Leaders & Managers in morning meeting for the day planning on Mindinventory's Executive-Day Celebration.

26th Dec. 17
03:00 PM
11:00 AM
25th Dec. 17
02:00 PM
19th Dec. 17
05:00 PM
18th Dec. 17
11:00 AM
11th Dec. 17
09:00 PM
10th Dec. 17
04:00 PM
7th Dec. 17
02:00 PM

Client Visit at Mindinventory

Recently, our client, Humphrey from London, UK, landed at our India office and had a project discussion with our CEO and Sales team and provided a live demo to him.

16th Nov. 17
10:00 AM
27th Sep. 17
11:00 AM
20th Jan. 17
02:00 AM