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Thursday, 13th December, 2018
12:50 PM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Smit Thakkar ( Business Development Executive ) on completing 2 successful years

12:12 PM
04:26 PM
11th Dec. 18
11:36 AM
10th Dec. 18
05:00 PM
03:00 PM
7th Dec. 18
05:24 PM
6th Dec. 18
11:00 AM

How Big Is The eLearning Market And The Role Of Mobile Apps?

This brief timeline depicts the evolution of eLearning market and some of the benefits of mobile apps in online learning.

5th Dec. 18
05:00 PM

Top Reasons Why Business Should Invest in On-Demand Delivery App

On-demand apps are a boon for both the users as well as the businesses. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any hesitation when you are planning to invest in such a great asset.

12:04 PM
11:30 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Vishal Solanki ( Network Engineer ) on completing 2 successful years

10:27 AM
3rd Dec. 18
04:17 PM
11:29 AM

Tab Interaction

tab menu interaction design experiments. Hope you like this.

1st Dec. 18
12:35 PM
11:02 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Manoj Rajput (Web Designer) on completing 5 successful years, Mr. Anish Panchal ( SEO analyst ) on completing 3 successful years and Mr. Paresh Solanki on completing 4 successful years.

30th Nov. 18
10:07 AM

Dark Payment App

Working on our old payment app with new dark oled theme. Payment make more simple and awesome looks in app and different gradient used in app.

28th Nov. 18
05:59 PM
27th Nov. 18
12:04 PM
11:14 AM

Interview with Mehul Rajput – CEO, Mindinventory

Mehul Rajput, CEO of Mindinventory exclusively interviewed by He shared his success story and views on Trends That Will Shape The Mobile App Industry In 2018 - 2019.

26th Nov. 18
03:00 PM
11:00 AM

The Future (Web Page)

This is the Landing Page for IT Company. We have kept This Design simple and Attractive. Hope you all liked it !!!

23rd Nov. 18
06:04 PM
05:00 PM
03:49 PM

CEO's Birthday Celebration - 2018

As a part of our CEO, Mr. Mehul Rajput's birthday celebration, Mindinventory organized one day picnic for its entire team. This corporate picnic provided an excellent opportunity to relax as well as boost the energy levels of the employees of company. Check out how we celebrated our CEO's birthday.

12:53 PM

21000 Followers of Mindinventory

Hurreyyyyy!!! Mindinventory has got 21000 followers on Dribbble. Thank you all for your love and support.

22nd Nov. 18
11:29 AM

Surfing parallax effect

We are working on new surfboard website with parallax effect. Planning to buy a new surf board, Get new surfboard from MIF website.

21st Nov. 18
05:00 PM
03:00 PM
19th Nov. 18
05:00 PM
11:00 AM
16th Nov. 18
06:00 PM
02:00 PM
09:00 AM
15th Nov. 18
06:00 PM
14th Nov. 18
06:00 PM
12:00 PM
13th Nov. 18
03:00 PM
12th Nov. 18
07:00 PM
3rd Nov. 18
02:44 PM
10:37 AM

Social Media App Design

This is the UI design is of a social app, Where you can find and make new friends related to your work, passion, Hobbies etc.

2nd Nov. 18
04:43 PM
11:54 AM

App for suits lover

App design for suit and shirting. This app help you find perfect fit for your suits demand. Hope you like this

1st Nov. 18
10:29 AM
31st Oct. 18
05:31 PM


Wishing you a fun Halloween filled with magical surprises! May you get lots of treats that are good to eat! 🎃👻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃👻 ✨ trick or treat ✨

04:22 PM
10:25 AM
30th Oct. 18
11:00 AM

Music App

App design concept to listen and buy music online. This app helps the music lovers who search music and buy. Hope you like this.

29th Oct. 18
04:22 PM
12:00 PM

Team Lunch

Lunch isn't just about physically fueling your team, Sales team here at MindInventory believes breaking bread together is a powerful way to build a company culture and stir innovation. - Team enjoyed lunch at Buddys Pizza before weekend.

26th Oct. 18
12:55 PM

Team Lunch

"The team that eats together, stays together". With this motive, Mindinventory's Project Manager Anuj Patel and his team visited 650 - The Global Kitchen for lunch yesterday.

10:53 AM

FORTUNE (Decor App)

This is the app design for home decor accessories. We have kept this design simple and clean.

25th Oct. 18
11:22 AM

Stock Market App

Know the Markets Anytime, Anywhere! This app will help you to know live stock market. Hope you like this.

24th Oct. 18
05:00 PM
11:00 AM

Jelly Agency

Meet the Jelly!!! World's first digital design studio.

23rd Oct. 18
10:50 AM
22nd Oct. 18
05:53 PM
02:26 PM

Team Lunch

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. ~Food is the ingredient that binds us together. With this motive, Mindinventory's Project Manager sumeet thakkar and his team visited juggernaut arena for lunch with team last Saturday.

11:45 AM

Explore world

There are lot of places in the world which still undiscovered Explore world help you to find that places and you can explore that places and guide you how to survive there.

20th Oct. 18
11:02 AM

Client Testimonial

I wanted to thank Mindinventory team for a fantastic job they did on my app development project. The company has very high standards and did an incredible job.

19th Oct. 18
04:43 PM
12:44 PM
16th Oct. 18
04:50 PM
15th Oct. 18
03:23 PM
12th Oct. 18
05:33 PM
03:59 PM
11th Oct. 18
12:07 PM
10th Oct. 18
06:16 PM


Creatively designed and developed CollectMee, a location based shopping app from where users can earn rewards by visiting the stores for shopping. Just walk into your favorite store for shopping and get points.

9th Oct. 18
12:43 PM
8th Oct. 18
06:11 PM
03:49 PM


We at mindinventory feel proud when our clients trust on us. Thank you Jean Founeau for sending over such a lovely gift. We really appreciate the time and effort that would have gone into selecting it for us :)

12:25 PM

Team Lunch

Spending time together outside of the office helps employees to bond as a team. It could be a nice opportunity to get to know the newer people better. Breaking bread together is a powerful way to build a company culture and stir innovation. Just to follow this on last Saturday, Mindinventory's Project Manager Mr.Parth Pandya and his team visited a Mocha cafe for a team lunch.

11:17 AM

KermisWeert App

Creatively designed and developed KermisWeert App for iPhone and Android by mindinventory team.

5th Oct. 18
05:00 PM
4th Oct. 18
12:50 PM

Find Designers App

Find designers for your next project which suits you best. Hire them with confidence. See their expertise and app design concept.

3rd Oct. 18
05:50 PM
12:10 PM


Creatively designed and developed YouDance - Online dance community App for iPhone and Android by mindinventory team.

2nd Oct. 18
11:49 AM


Creatively developed PangeaPod - a check-in system for Pod Hotel by mindinventory team.

10:32 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Anuj Patel ( Project Manager ) on completing 1 successful year

1st Oct. 18
06:09 PM
11:40 AM
11:20 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Govind Rajput ( BDE ) on completing 3 successful years

29th Sep. 18
04:32 PM

Engage music App

Creatively designed & developed Engage music App of iPhone by mindinventory team.

28th Sep. 18
05:07 PM
02:22 PM
26th Sep. 18
04:08 PM

Android Studio 3.2 is Here: Let’s Dig into its Pivotal Features

Google has launched the latest version of the Android Studio 3.2, which is already available for the download and has a wide range of wonderful features.

11:00 AM
25th Sep. 18
12:00 PM

Meteor JS Development Services

We are leading Meteor JS development company offering complete range of Meteor JavaScript framework development services to small and large enterprises. Contact us to hire our Meteor developers.

24th Sep. 18
06:00 PM


Charm website header design exploration.

05:00 PM
11:40 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Chitrang Modi ( QA ) on completing 5 successful years

21st Sep. 18
12:00 PM
11:27 AM
20th Sep. 18
12:38 PM
19th Sep. 18
01:17 PM
11:00 AM
18th Sep. 18
10:19 AM
17th Sep. 18
04:22 PM
12:34 PM

7 Tools Any App Developer Should Use for Better Productivity

Here is a list of some tools that can keep app developers focused and help them find the trivial issues that take up so much time in the day.

10:43 AM
15th Sep. 18
12:52 PM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Dhaval Shah ( Android Developer ) on completing 2 successful years

14th Sep. 18
03:00 PM
11:00 AM
13th Sep. 18
02:34 PM

Ganesh Sthapana @Mindinventory

Mindinventory team wishing you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May the lord shower his blessing on all of us and may bless us with peace, prosperity, happiness and ability to spread the same all over the world.

12:04 PM

Dating App

This application picks for you people with similar interests and helps to make the first step to make an acquaintance. It is interesting to hear your opinion about this work, thank you for your attention.

12th Sep. 18
05:00 PM
11:52 AM

Pull-to-Refresh Animation

Time for motion: refresh your day with our new UI animation concept. Pull to refresh iphone x design.

11:00 AM

Digital Transformation Solutions

Mindinventory offers digital transformation solutions and consulting services that help traditional businesses to develop digital products, enhancing customer experience and business efficiency.

11th Sep. 18
06:06 PM
12:00 PM
11:03 AM
10th Sep. 18
12:46 PM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mrs. Neha Joshi ( HR Manager ) on completing 2 successful years

11:10 AM
10:59 AM
7th Sep. 18
05:39 PM
11:03 AM
6th Sep. 18
05:48 PM
11:25 AM
5th Sep. 18
05:00 PM
02:50 PM

Automobiles App

App design concept to buy cars. The app has most useful features like details of the cars, sort and filter cars, book test drive, book showroom appointment, call for quote, exterior, interior and 360 view of cars.

4th Sep. 18
02:59 PM
11:00 AM
1st Sep. 18
05:36 PM
11:00 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Dhruv Mevada ( Technical Head ) on completing 4 successful years and Ms. Hinal Halvadia ( Android Developer ) on completing 1 successful year.

11:00 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Sunny Soni ( Web Designer ) on completing 2 successful years

31st Aug. 18
08:00 PM

Farewell Party

Ankit Agarwal ( Technical head ) is certainly a good friend and officemate so on his last day our company has decided to surprise him with the farewell party. Here is Some Of the pics.

07:00 PM

August month employee's birthday celebrations

We at the Mindinventory last day of every month we celebrate all the people born in that month. Here some pics of August month employee's birthday celebrations.

04:43 PM

Kruti's marriage party

Live moments of Kruti's ( Android Developer) marriage party

10:19 AM
30th Aug. 18
03:41 PM

Client Testimonial

Angelina & Guy from London, sharing their work experience with Mindinventory, explaining how Mindinventory helped them in developing Website, Android & iPhone Application in sync with Admin panel.

11:15 AM
10:49 AM
29th Aug. 18
04:00 PM

FAB Tabbar – Concept to Reality

Check out how we created beautiful tabbar interaction with sliding inset FABs, made with React Native.

10:24 AM

Selfi Lover Location

Selfielo is place where you can find best places around the world for best selfie! Here is concept image.

28th Aug. 18
10:15 AM
27th Aug. 18
04:17 PM
10:39 AM
24th Aug. 18
04:23 PM
11:02 AM
10:47 AM

Harvest (Taste a Tasty)

The main design of the food recipe website and explore with modern and minimalist style.

23rd Aug. 18
10:59 AM
22nd Aug. 18
05:29 PM
11:06 AM
10:28 AM
21st Aug. 18
10:58 AM
20th Aug. 18
04:35 PM

The Advantages of Mobile App for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare app has brought a significant transformation in the healthcare industry and so these apps are on the top of the priority list of the users.

12:34 PM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Kiran Malvi ( Technical Head ) on completing 7 successful years.

11:00 AM
10:48 AM

E-commerce checkout concept

Ecommerce checkout concept for a web project we are working. Hope u like it!

18th Aug. 18
11:50 AM

House Plants

House plants app design concept. Hope you like this.

17th Aug. 18
03:00 PM

Tab bar animated icons

Experimenting Tab bar icons animation. Feel free to share your views on this.

16th Aug. 18
05:29 PM
02:22 PM


We at mindinventory feel proud when our client's trust on us come true and they get success. Thank you bhojdeals and Rahul Bajaj for such a nice coffee mug as the souvenir. We have a long way to go.

14th Aug. 18
04:00 PM

Independence day

Independence Day is an occasion when we remember our brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country and pay tribute to them with proud. MINDINVENTORY decided to celebrate the "Independence Day" on 14th August 2018 with a Dress Code to show our Faithfulness towards the Nation. The office was decorated with balloons, flags and ribbons represented the true patriotic feeling and love for the nation among all the employees.

13th Aug. 18
04:47 PM

Mouse hover effect on button using CSS

Simple but cool transition/animation mouse hover effect for HTML button. All the transitions takes place based on CSS only.

04:00 PM
10th Aug. 18
01:58 PM
12:10 PM
11:00 AM


Super excited to reach 15k followers on our Dribbble profile! Thank you for all your support, love, suggestions, likes, rebounds and follows. Special thanks to our Mindinventory dribbble team.

8th Aug. 18
05:39 PM
02:17 PM

Nike React

Here is something We shared a while back as a preview and I forgot to share more of it. So here it is :) Hope you like it!

11:27 AM
10:49 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Mr. Narendra Prajapati ( PHP Developer ) on completing 2 successful years.

7th Aug. 18
10:32 AM

Android 9 Pie

On Monday, Google not only announced the release date of Android P, but the company also revealed the official name without a lot of fanfare. Android P is officially called Android 9 Pie, and it's rolling out now to the Google Pixel and Pixel 2.

6th Aug. 18
04:15 PM
11:55 AM
4th Aug. 18
11:37 AM


Super excited to reach 15k followers! Huge thanks to the entire Dribbble Community for being here for all of us, forever so cool and inspiring. I’m deeply grateful to you, my friends, for your support, likes, comments, suggestions and follows. Thank you for the magic that happens here every day, you’re awesome!

3rd Aug. 18
04:04 PM
2nd Aug. 18
11:38 AM


Surprise Celebration Of Work Anniversary or Celebration Of Birthday Can Make Lots Of Difference in Someone’s Life. We in Mind Inventory always Doing Such Celebration To Motivate and Encourage Employees. Here is Some Of The Events Photos One Step To Bring Smile & To Increase Enthusiasm Of Employees.

1st Aug. 18
05:08 PM
31st Jul. 18
06:00 PM

Birthday celebration

July month employee's birthday celebration @mindinventory

12:55 PM


Pigi Wholesale - India's favorite online health supplement store app developed and maintain by Mindinventory for Mr. Aashil Garg ( CEO of Pigiapp ) is trending No.1 on Play Store today. We congratulate Mr. Aashil Garg for this achievement.

30th Jul. 18
04:20 PM
27th Jul. 18
04:00 PM
11:46 AM

Hair stylist dashboard

Hair stylist dashboard design for one salons website.

11:00 AM
26th Jul. 18
03:00 PM
11:01 AM

Hire React JS Developers

Mindinventory has a highly skilled team of ReactJS developers who have vast experience in developing highly robust and exclusive web applications for small to large businesses globally.

25th Jul. 18
04:59 PM

The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development

Let’s have a look at some of the best front-end JavaScript frameworks that rules the app development industry and the pros & cons of each of the JS frameworks.

10:57 AM
24th Jul. 18
12:02 PM

Mix Hero

Mix the learning solution for everyone hero section design working in process.

10:37 AM

Work anniversary

Mindinventory team congratulate to Ms. Sejal Thakkar ( QA ) on completing 4 successful years.

23rd Jul. 18
05:04 PM
11:10 AM
21st Jul. 18
11:00 AM

JavaScript Development Services

Mindinventory is one of the top JavaScript development company provides end-to-end JavaScript development service for your business. We have expert team of JavaScript developers to build web, mobile and cross-platform applications to help your business succeed.

20th Jul. 18
03:07 PM