Mr. Jeff Cavaliere MSPT & CSCS, One of the world’s most trusted authorities on science-based training and performance is providing service as Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York. Mr. Cavaliere being most demanded coach of the US achieved millions of follower, with an expectation of having physical personality transformation to pro athletes through Mr. Cavaliere’s ATHLEAN-X™ brand training and supplements. To provide training and guidance to millions of followers and meeting their service expectation, he needed a platform to reach out all the possible followers of him.



Mr. Cavaliere got associated with the Mindinventory Team for getting an IT Solutions to reach to all possible followers and provide fitness to them.


design image

As an IT Solution Provider, Mindinventory kept the audience of the ATHLEAN-XTM into basic consideration. We had to reach to each and every possible follower of Mr. Jeff Cavaliere considering their technical capabilities. So we need to make an app capable to survive even without internet and have complete feature unlocking the level of being an athlete. To achieve that it needs to have an optimized technical solution such as Offline Storage and Data Management with Memory Optimization, Music + Instruction Feature, Maintaining Diet Plan & Reminders and Progress Tracking and sharing it to encourage others for the fitness and body transformation.





The solution was a part of the branded ATHLEAN-X™ training, Mindinventory provided a viable IT Solution that maintained the same impression in the 6PP audience.


Concept Wireframing/Design

Being focused and known with the eyesight of an audience of ATHLEAN-X™, we had designed the structure of platform which perfectly suits to the ATHLEAN-X ™ trends, where the user can feel and compare the real athlete personality transformation by having the coherent workout and straightforward training of Mr.Cavaliere.


Product Development

As a solution to Mr.Cavaliere, Mindinventory Team developed the mobile application on both Android and iOS platform for the training to his millions of followers on both the platforms having complete feature to be an athlete such as Training under Mr.Cavaliere’s guidance, Maintaining Diet Plan, Exact Workout Instruction, Progress Tracking, share workout and more.

Performance and Scalability Testing

For the perfect suitable solutions efficiency, performance and quality have to be never compromised. Mindinventory Team double checked the each and every element of the solution at every stage of the product lifecycle from all prospective and make it reliable and assured product.


Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

The Mindinventory team is engaged in working with ATHLEAN-XTM Team for enhancing the Fitness Methods and body transformation trends under the guidance of MR. Cavaliere.


Mr. Jeff Cavaliere’s vision of spreading the fitness in the world and serving his million followers in all the possible ways through the mobile applications has been successfully achieved. 6 Pack Promise has transformed a large number of personalities to a pro athlete with an athletic feature.