Mr. Glenn Stein is a managing director at Aweza, based in South Africa, is passionate about technologies, languages, and social upliftment. Since 2011, Mr. Stein has dedicated himself to the socio-economic transformation in South Africa. There is no doubt that creativity leads the economy but what if there is a way to express the creativity but no platform to place it in front of the world. Mr. Stein being a creativity lover decided to create a platform where the inspiring creators can publish their creativity at no cost and the world may know about it and value it. He was looking for a creator’s platform on which small or big creators could post their creativity and add the story behind to inspire the audience. Ultimately he was looking for a platform where all the creator gets together and share their creativity which was the most creative idea of Mr. Stein.

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Mr. Stein got in touch with the Mindinventory Team and discussed his creative idea for creators to get an IT Solution connecting, publishing, encouraging and inspiring the creator’s creativity as a CREATOR Mobile App.


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This world is full of amazing creators, still very few are known. It's tough to find the creative minds, as most of the artist used to take the corner for creativity and get indulged in it but never gets a platform to expose it in front of the world. There were very few platforms to go straight to creative people, appreciate them and take inspiration from their work. The beautiful untold journey of creativity needs to be share to all by the creator. Moreover, due to such platforms creator may get an economic chance to get work from the viewers.

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Understanding the creative vision of Mr. Glenn Stein, we created a CREATOR iOS Application providing a platform to the creativity of Creators where they can place their most creative work and the entire world knows about it. Looking at the creativity of the creator, one gets an inspiration to create something extraordinary and more creative. One can contact the creator and finding creative minds got easy now.


Concept Wireframing/Design

As the app emphasis on the creators and their creativity, we designed the UX and UI which highlights the creators and their creativity, strongly supporting the app concept.

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Product Development

As a solution to Mr. Stein, Mindinventory Team developed CREATOR iOS Mobile Application with the features providing platform to creators and their creativity such as capture the image and video of your work, tell the story of the creativity and share an idea and communicate with the creators, appreciate the work and get inspired.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Smooth and Flawless User Experience was a key the point which Mindinventory Team kept in mind while creating an app and at every stage of the product life cycle, there was a dual testing process which ensured the user experience from all perspective, ultimately results in the best quality of the product.

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Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mr. Stein got the best and creative solution from the Mindinventory Team, and we are still open for any amendments in an app.


Mr. Glenn Stein got the creative app CREATOR - Share your creation from the Mindinventory Team, where all the creative minds share their amazing creative creativity and they are encouraged, inspired, and connected.
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