Elan BenAmi, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an MA in counseling psychology and a BA in philosophy. He was looking for a complete mobile enneagram reference system. Being passionate about Enneagram, he used to share an enneagram concepts through webinars, ennea workshops and lectures. To meet his passion Mr. BenAmi came up with an idea of having an Ennea App on different platforms.



Mr. BenAmi got associated with the Mindinventory Team for getting an IT Solutions for an Enneagram App concept where all users can know their ennea personality traits and can unlock their next personality level.


design image

In 2013 when an Ennea App was published there were very few Enneagram Apps for getting an appropriate Enneagram knowledge and were not facilitated with exact ennea personality types results. Being very rare app, it has to be made capable of attention seeking to the people interested in Enneagram. Practice of enneagram has been since ancient times, to make it online we needed to have an Enneagram Working Algorithm to provide results of ennea personality type to users from the answers provided of significant number of questions asked to them. As there were possibilities of having an annoyed response of users for large number of questions asked for getting results, there needs to have a unique and interesting way which keep users actively answering question without getting bored or annoyed for results.





Analysing the Enneagram interest in the world and passion of Mr BenAmi, Mindinventory Team provided an interesting IT Solution for the Enneagram users that was “The Ennea Mobile App in iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Mobile phone platforms which enable them to know themselves.


Concept Wireframing/Design

ENNEAGRAM itself being complex process, we need to maintain a simplicity in every possible way to shape this complex system and need the most simplex UX and UI for the understanding of the Ennea users. To provide a complete personality analysis to user, we need to get answers of significant number of question to generate the personality report and for that we need an effective representation of questions which engage user in answering it.


Product Development

As a solution to Mr. BenAmi, Mindinventory Team developed Ennea mobile application on both android and iOS platforms for complete enneagram system having features such as understanding of 9 ennea personality types, free personality test to help in discovering user’s ennea- type, detailed guidelines of growth path and higher aspect of each type, reference to famous individual, fictional character and historical figures, complete information on heart/stress points, wings, subtype and more, tips to get change to another personality in life and at work share your ennea personality to others to get their interest in enneagram.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Mindinventory Team assures the quality and performance of solutions at every stage of the product life cycle from all prospective to make it capable and viable to keep on user’s interest in an app usage.


Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mindinventory Team is applying its continuous efforts in enhancing the Enna App with timely new upgradation in its features.


The vision of Mr. Benami Ennea of placing Enneagram compendium as an Ennea App in front of world has be achieved with Mindinventory Team.