The customers sights are always looking for the Savings and High Capital Gains with Low Capital Investment. There very few platforms in India, which were facilitated with the Bulk Buying of Health Supplement. Being health conscious and a part of the gym, one youngster of India, Mr. Aashil Garg was looking for a health supplement provider at the manufacturing price and felt with absence of such a marketplace, he raised up with an idea of having such a platform from where user can contact the Manufacturers, Importer and Wholesalers of Health Supplements and avoids the multiple middlemen commission and can do bulk buying from multiple vendor on the same platform at the discounted price than retail product price available in the Market.

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Mr. Staskun associated with the Mindinventory Team for getting an IT Solution as an app with the concept - “Stay Updated” where members of connected organization can get the updates from the organization and they stay updated.


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In the present world, we often fight with time, and sometimes faces a problem because of not being aware of the ongoing things in connected organizations. We need to be posted with what's going on to our plan days accordingly, especially when we wish to participate. Well, who gets the time to reach a place and note the updates? If you sit back and think, there are many such cases where we need stay updated and here is an example, your kids are studying in an elementary school, you might be hardly getting time to reach school and stay updated with the ongoing events, reports, and other things to be taken care of. In such cases, it could be better if the school provides the facility of an app with a Noticeboard, Events, and Medias. So, by observing such problems Mr. Staskun came up with an idea of having an app which could keep us updated to overcome such challenges.

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Understanding the vision of Mr. Jonathan Staskun “Stay Updated!” we dig out very generic organizational communication solution to overcome the challenges faced in the world of not being updated.


Concept Wireframing/Design

Keeping the easy usability of different types of organizations, the very first step i.e. wireframe and UX was kept so simple and generic to meet all the concepts of various organizations. Along with that, we designed an easy switching among organizations to keep the user updated from all connected organizations.

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Product Development

Effective and Efficient Product Development starts with estimation of the product values in the market by performing system analysis and market research for drafting the Business Model and provide a valuable solutions.Quality Analysis and Extraction of key features to model the System Architecture for an efficient and viable product outcomes with the least Risk of Market Failures. Managing Resources and Allocation, Planning and Product Control for making a valuable and quality of product capable of gaining reputation in the marketplace with the strict quality control. Maintaining the process of the value chain and testing the market with beta release and publishing a reputed product to in the market.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Amazing User Experience is a key the point which Mindinventory Team digs it and always maintain it for all the products. At every stage of the product life cycle, there is a testing process which ensures the user experience from all perspective, ultimately results in the best quality of the product.

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Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mr. Staskun got the satisfactory solution from the Mindinventory Team and we are still open for any amendments in an app.


From the Mindinventory Team, Mr. Jonathan Staskun got the satisfactory solution for all types of organization, which was capable enough to keep their members updated and actively participated in the events to bind the better relationship with them.

The first version of the app won an award from Bitcasa for best app of 2015 using the Bitcasa Cloud Service.


The winner of devices challenge post.


The winner of devices Due to the generic concept, the app was capable enough to be used by all types of organization and its distribution was beneficiary.