Mr. Jeff Cavaliere MSPT & CSCS, One of the world’s most trusted authorities on science-based training and performance is providing service as Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York. After observing the lifestyle of the present generation, full of Stress, Worries, Tension, Negativity, and Anxiety, where one feel unstable, unhealthy and depressed life emerging from the lack of a peaceful mind, Mr. Cavaliere came up with an idea to have an app which could help to get feel relaxed, stress-free and calm by meditating with decent music.

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Mr. Cavaliere being confident on the Mindinventory Team with the results of the successful 6 Pack Promise app, discussed his idea of having a mobile app which could help one to achieve the peaceful and calm state of mind by mediating with the special music.


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From Dusk till Dawn, one used to have a bundle of targets to achieve under high time pressure. In the end, the mind gets exhausted and inefficient to think worthy, which affects the memory and beauty as well. High tension and stress affect the human biology badly by creating an imbalance and typical toxins which make one feel negative and anxious, creating disturbance in their life. Who gets hours of time to sit back and meditate in the busy schedule? Well, in this digital world, we get the quick solutions and what could help was an app which one can carry anywhere at a peaceful place to make them feel enthusiastic, calm and relaxed.

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Understanding the healthy and peace-giving vision of Mr. Jeff Cavaliere, we created an Inner Citadel iOS mobile application which could encourage the user to meditate and feel relaxed through the music and just 10 mins a day which changes the mental state from tense to relaxed.


Concept Wireframing/Design

As the app emphasis on the peaceful mind and meditation, to achieve the stress-free and calm mental state, we need to create a UX and UI with the peace-giving colors, backgrounds as per the type of Meditations to justify the app concept. UX and UI played the main role to make one feel good and relaxed.

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Product Development

As a solution to Mr. Cavaliere, Mindinventory Team developed Inner Citadel, iOS Mobile Application to make one feel relaxed. The app reminds users to meditate, so that they may not miss it. The app was developed with the special meditate views and pieces of music for the meditation which make one feels relaxed and stressless by listening. It encourages users to keep on practicing the meditation with inspiring quotes on the daily basis. At the end of the meditation, it asks the users about the sensation they felt through mediation such as No Mind, No Body, No Time, and keep a record of the results. Through the Nirvana Score, one may get the result of the mediation they performed.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Smooth, Flawless, and Peace Giving User Experience was a key point which Mindinventory Team kept in mind while creating an app. At every stage of the product life cycle, there was a dual testing process to ensure that the user may not feel distracted while meditating due to technical or logical issues, which ultimately results in the best quality of the app.

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Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mr. Cavaliere got the best solution from the Mindinventory Team, and we are still open for any amendments to new ideas involved in an app.


Mr. Jeff Cavaliere got the expected solution “Inner Citadel - Love to feel good” from the Mindinventory Team, which was well created to make one’s mind peaceful, calm and relaxed, healed, and can see the Nirvana Score which encourages them to meditate more.
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