Mr. Taylor Martinez, an American Football Quarterback, is currently a free agent, based in New York City, decided to have a social media app named Journey - A Positive Social Network, which was inspired by Jack Hoffman, a 9 - year - old boy with pediatric brain cancer to whom he met at the time he was playing for Nebraska. In our life, we might have observed many physically challenged people who used to be inspiring and finding their ways incredibly. The most amazing moment for them used to be when they used to get connected with the one who can understand them and spending time with their friends and loved ones. By observing such, Mr. Martinez had a thought of having a positive social media network for those who are fighting with the physical and mental challenges where they can connect, share thoughts, happiness, opinions, stories, and can make more friends and stay connected through chat.

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Mr. Martinez got associated with the Mindinventory Team for getting an IT Solution for this pretty social media concept of an app where physically and mentally challenged people are inspired, encouraged, educate and connect.


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More than 1 billion persons in the world have some form of disability which corresponds to about 15% of the world's population. They are the victim of Social, Emotional, Economic and Health problems. People with the disabilities often suffer from high depression and loneliness, which increases the suicide rates. There's a need of positivity to encourage them, inspire them and to make them smile to have a happy life and drag them out of depression, loneliness, and negative thoughts. There used to be real-life heroes raised up by overcoming all the physical hurdles and challenges with their strong willpower and wisdom they have in life. The story of such heroes needs to be placed in front of the world as an inspiration to encourages the disables and building up their confidence of making it possible. To have a positive connection and overcoming limitations there need to be a social network which could encourage, inspire, educate and connect the disables and their problems could get solved and they can have a better and a positive environment and a thrill to overcome all hurdles.

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Understanding the vision of Mr. Taylor Martinez, we created an iOS application exclusively designed and developed to provide a social networking platform to all those who are fighting physical, mental and other challenges.


Concept Wireframing/Design

Keeping the app concepts and easy usability in mind, we created a design with the soft emotional colors and user-friendly. Easy access to all the features was the key point of success of the UX.

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Product Development

As a solution to Mr. Martinez, Mindinventory Team developed Journey mobile application on iOS platforms with the social media features supporting disables. Feeds, Ask Questions, Make Connections, Chat Privately, Post Story and Share Thoughts Anonymously are all the social media features which encourage, inspire, educate and connect them to others.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Soft User Experience was a key the point which Mindinventory Team kept in mind while creating an app and at every stage of the product life cycle, there was a testing process which ensured the user experience from all perspective, ultimately results in the best quality of the product.

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Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mr. Martinez got the satisfactory solution from the Mindinventory Team and we are still open for any amendments in an app.


From the Mindinventory Team, Mr. Taylor Martinez had the visioned app The Journey - A positive social network where all the users used to be encouraged, inspired, educated and connected to each other emotionally.
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The Journey app was announced as a featured app on the app store under a

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The Journey app was noticed as a
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