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Want to build an application for iPhone 4/ iPhone 5? Hire iPhone developer from MindInventory to build your iPhone app with quick and most efficient timly manner. We work on daily/ weekly or monthly basis as per the client requirement.

Hire iPhone Developer

iPhone development industry has not looked back since its launching from 2007. The corkscrew growth of iPhone Industry has created tremendous demand for expert iPhone apps developers all round the world. Question always arise as to Hire iPhone Developer is not an easy task. Finding Quality and Experienced iPhone programmers is like looking for a needle in a pile of needles. Mindinventory is one of the rare offshore web and best mobile app development company india where you can get complete iPhone solution talents.

Our iPhone Developers Capabilities

Our iPhone developer are keeping the constant watch on every new release of iPhone SDK soon as it release we research on it and master within a few days. Additionally they put their innovative idea to frame the better iPhone application. It's not just following the SDK instruction but finally it's an excellent coding that requires experience and skills.

We are already optimizing the application to work with IOS 7 to make sure that when the final version launches, the app would not have any issues. Our design and development team will make sure that the entire UI of the application looks great on iPhone 3/ iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

Expertise of iPhone Developers at Mindinventory

We love the complex job and we believe in the best quality only! Our constant innovation and agile methodology helps us to stay ahead of the compition. The innovative management approach and personal care for the team reflects in the working sytle of the developer. Our motivated developer under the requirement in details and get in touch with the client to make sure that client feels comfortable working with them.

The constant update and communication is a strength of MindInventory Developer. The self test standard is set so hight that clients do not need to worry about the conversion of a requirement in to the final product. The constant help and personal caring approach towards the project makes a company stand out from other companies. Our work and happy clients say for us. To Hire iPhone Developer, MindInventory is clearly the best choice for the clients.

Following are only some of the categories for which you can hire us!

Utility applications
Music applications
Video application
Business Application
Web application
eCommerce application
Navigation application
Lifestyle application
Social Networking application
Entertainment application
eBooks application
Productive application
Travel application
Education application
Technologies used by iPhone Game Developers
Specialist iPhone Developers at Mindinventory factory uses the latest tool and techniques to frame the best iPhone applications and games within client required idea framework. Our Expert iPhone developers uses Cocos2d-iPhone frame work for the 2d mobile games, Oolong Game engine for the new games and also able to port existing games to the iPhone and iPad is well as this game engine is written in C++ and objective C. Our Specialist uses the latest technology platform like MAC platform, Cocoa, Apple Scripts, C++ & Objective C and also offer the HTML game development for iPhone is well.
Options for Hiring iPhone Developers
For Customer convenience, we have developed great packages when you hire iPhone SDK developer and iPhone Apps programmers.
Working Hours
8 hours a day & 26 days in a month
Total : 208 hours
Minimum Period of Hiring : 1 month
Billing : Monthly
Working Hours
Any Duration
Minimum Period of Hiring : 18 Hours
Billing : Weekly Advance
Working Hours
4 hours a day & 26 days in a month
Total : 104 hours
Minimum Period of Hiring : 1 month
Billing : Monthly
Agreement for Hiring Developers
Cancel agreement any time with 7 days notice period.
We provide a week free work for knowledge level, if the assigned developer leaves his engagement with us.
Complete Guarantee - 100% IP and Data Protection.
Robust infrastructure, uninterrupted internet, avail required hardware and software.
160 hours of guaranteed work per Month.
100% transparent, visible and controllable development using online project management system.
Daily Reporting, Direct Communication 24*7(Skype, Telephone), Fast Email Support.
Great after sell service
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