How We Helped Waitless - An On-demand Telehealth App Stand Out As A Top Online Service Platform

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The Brief

  • Waitless is an on-demand HIPAA and GDPR-compliant telemedicine application created to eliminate long queues and waiting times for doctor visits. It enables patients and doctors to engage in virtual consultations for various allergies, illnesses, diseases, and health conditions through their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.
  • With this app, patients can manage their consolidated medical history, share it with their doctors for further medical history studies, receive digital prescriptions from consulted doctors, and obtain more details about their illnesses, including diagnosis schedules. In short, it provides easy access to all medical information.

The Challenge

  • In an age dominated by the surge of on-demand online services, our client aspired to revolutionize healthcare by developing an on-demand Telehealth app that would empower patients to sidestep the conventional queues, opting instead for virtual consultations with doctors for their health concerns. They can also receive e-copy of medical prescriptions, and even update their medical history (surgeries, allergies, etc.), and share it with their doctor for better treatment. They sought our help in not just developing the app that is feature-rich but also visually appealing and easy to navigate.
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The Solution

  • In response to the project requirement, our collaborative efforts were tightly aligned with the client's vision to construct an exemplary online on-demand Telehealth application - an indispensable tool for both users and healthcare professionals. We assisted them throughout the SDLC, from research,conceptualization, and design to development with ongoing dedicated support and maintenance services.
  • We utilized technologies like Angular for Admin panel and partner website development, Swift for native iOS app development, Kotlin for native Android app development, and Laravel (lumen) and MySQL for the application backend development.

Product Research and Business Analysis

The project scope for the product was substantial. So, the client engaged with us for full-cycle product development. In response, we assembled our top project management team, which includes business analysts. This team worked closely with the client, conducted extensive market research to define the product's scope, outlined app features and functionalities, and established architecture and logics required for technical support.

Product Design

Based on the client's requirements, our assigned business analyst collaborated with the designer, conducting design research to gather design references. Together, they brainstormed design elements and created several design mockups to meet the app's visual demands. One design emerged as the most prominent and resonated most with both us and the client. The current app design you see is the one that is helping our client attract users.

Patient Mobile App Development

With our extensive industry experience in working with on-demand app development projects and market research for the problem statement, we assisted the client build the patient app that allows them to create their profile, fill in their medical history, book appointments (physical, virtual, VIP slot, and emergency) with their preferential doctor, access reports and prescriptions, claim insurance, pay online, and have 24/7 support with an assistant.

Partner/Assistant Mobile App Development

Here, doctors/hospitals or healthcare companies are the users of this Partner/Assistant app. We have developed this app with features, like partner registration, subscribe for plans (premium subscriptions, commission, and both), profile status update (such as telemedicine consultation, away, in procedure/surgery), manage patients’ prescriptions, report review, and manage assistants, patient appointments, and services.

Super Admin Panel

We assisted our client in developing a robust Admin Panel for the Waitless with features to manage the top 10 partners, a dashboard showcasing visualized statistics and financial reports, real-time notification management for target campaigns, promo code creation, and manage payouts as per subscription model selected.

Dedicated Support and Maintenance

Post-deployment to the respected app store, we also provided dedicated support and maintenance services for the waitless app to timely monitor the app performance, fix bugs, make minor design changes, and keep the app up-to-date as per the latest technology and market trends. So, the client can offer users with the trendy app experience.

The Impact

  • The Waitless application has redefined the healthcare experience, offering a seamless and efficient telehealth solution. The application's success is evident in its visually appealing design, attracting users and ensuring a steady influx of patients and healthcare partners. With dedicated support and maintenance, Waitless continues to provide a trendy and up-to-date healthcare experience, positioning our client at the forefront of the evolving telehealth landscape.

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