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" We have knack for iPad specific app development offering pure tablet experiences leveraging its tablet peculiarities "

We have pool of iPad developers with talent, skills, creativity, and profound experiences. We have specially trained our iPad app development team to do thing absolutely align to the tablet contexts and experiences. Therefore, we never do only 2X iPhone app development for iPad apps. Our iPad App developers understand the differences between iPad and iPhone app development paradigm in relation to touch gesture, hardware specific properties, different user behaviors, and altogether unique use-cases for iPad.

We Do Things Righteously

We have devised the iPad application development process in contemporary contexts and employed right methodologies, strategies, and frameworks for iPad specific application designing as well as programming. We offer plenty of options during prototyping and focus on the utmost satisfaction of our clients and their target audiences.

We transfer total control of the project and resources under the control of our patrons when they opt for hire iPad app developers packages or simply wish to take parts as an active member during contracted projects. In due course, we use the latest project management software, ultramodern development infrastructure, and latest communication technologies to access and manage our iPad app designers, iPad app programmers, and iPad app QA developers.

Our iPad Apps Development Projects

Mindinventory delivered award winning iPad projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

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Engagement models are flexible
More than 400 customers satisfied with over 500 projects
Rated 5 out of 5 for mobile development by all customers
Hundreds of professional programmers
Dedicated team for mobile testing
Phone/Skype/Email/Chat altogether offer seamless communication
Full satisfaction guarantee
24/7 technical support throughout all timezones


Offerings for iPad App Development

We offer range of domain expertise for the all categories exist in the App store for iPad. Below are some instances of our valuable contributions in the industry.
We offer alluring, engaging, and intuitive iPad game development using exceptional features of iPad that specially supporting the game play.
We know Apple is promoting iPad as an educational tool in the US and everywhere so our education specific iPad app development is crossing all marks of excellence in academic circles of students and teachers alike.
We are aware of the importance of iPad for health and fitness related iPad applications so our development touches the quality of the latest outcomes.
iPad is friend of readers therefore, our news and media apps have outstanding features for iPad news and media application programming.

Reasons to Select Mindinventory

In the market, you will find plenty of iPad application development companies claiming high, but very few can withstand against their promises. Mindinventory is one of them.

A Pool of Design Talents

Tablets have larger screens in compared to smartphones so our designers have enough room to make appropriate graphics, content layouts, and images to display in tablet contexts. Thus, your iPad app would have attractive UI design with smooth screen flows using and greater usability using smart UI elements along with conventions.

A Pool of Programming Talents

Just like design, iPad has unique use-cases and hardware properties so iPad programmers adapt various tablet specific programming techniques to give unique iPad experiences crafting excellent screen flows, interactions, and animations in various categories of iPad apps.

Ultramodern Infrastructural Facilities

We have invested heavily to create highly conductive development environment by ultramodern infrastructural facilities in our premises. Therefore, we have the latest hardware, software, and security system to perform intricate development with ease and comfort.

Efficient Communication

We use the latest communication technologies to connect our developers with our clients in real- time manner. Thus, you can access our marketing and technical human resources at anytime and from anywhere. We have trained our staff to make effective conversations with our clients across the globe by understanding their culture, languages, etc. without giving them any pain due to time zone differences.

Cost-effective iPad app development

We implement the latest development strategies and methodologies to mitigate useless and time wasting activities or process during our iPad app programming. Our expertise in responsive yet attractive iPad UI designing speed up the process of iPad app designing. Our iPad app programmers have standard and quick coding practices that saving great deal of time in programming and testing. Thus, you will have short time line for each project with minimum usage of resources. In short, we employ all modern technologies, tools, and techniques to reduce the overall cost of iPad development.

Exceptional User Experiences

We have highly experienced team of designers and developers with adequate knowledge and practices for UX. Therefore, your iPad app will perform excellent in the App store and in the hands of end-users. Our cloying UIs, smooth interactions, and dynamism of iPad app make appropriate pitch in the market and create a buzz for your iPad app. Integration of the latest technologies, third-party software, and wearable devices makes your app highly relevant in contemporary era.

Superb Tablet Experiences

We know how to leverage hardware and iOS features for the iPad like ultramodern tablet during our iPad app development. We have profound experiences designing various iPad specific use-cases in the past so imagination is our boundary. For instance, our iPad games have unique and innovative game plays using iPad specific touch gestures, accelerometer usage, retinal display, and wide screen.

Rich Portfolio

We know the importance experiences in a success, therefore, we have comprehensive portfolio where you will have examples of each category found in the App store and loaded with expected features as well as functionality in your prospective iPad app development projects.

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