Archit Patel

Archit Patel

Archit Patel is a Head of Web Department at MindInventory. Expertise in NodeJS,ReactJS and PHP & Mysql with hands-on experience in Project Estimation and Creating Technical Diagram. Also having various years of experience in Team Lead, Team Growth and Product Management.

MEAN stack for web development

The Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack for Web Development Project

With the internet being bombarded with the hosting of tons of software of similar kinds and unique applications every day, it becomes necessary to set up higher, distinct values for your software solution to stand out from the market competition. Speaking of which, along with thinking of implementing specific features and hosting applications in the […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel February 8, 2023
DevOps Tools

Top 10 DevOps Tools You Should Know In 2024

DevOps is a method that integrates IT operations and software development. It allows companies to release new software and make changes to users as fast as possible using automation. Due to the quick adoption of DevOps practices, DevOps tools have been in high demand for the last few years. Many statistics strongly support and prove […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel September 3, 2021
IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: Picking the Best Cloud Computing Service Model

Cloud computing contains a sturdy computing strength and a great infrastructure that help organizations provide an exceptional client experience. Such client service not just meets different customer requirements but also enhances the business landscape. When it comes to migrating your business to the cloud, you need to learn about three primary types of cloud computing: […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel July 19, 2021
Types of Cloud Computing

What Are the Different Types of Cloud Computing?

The trend of cloud computing is constant in the IT industry. Generally, the term is used by IT businesses, experts, and companies. Nevertheless, the term itself incorporates various types of cloud computing. Cloud computing is advantageous for companies. It provides flexibility, lowers IT expenses, increases efficiency, enhances data sharing, and scalability. Moreover, you should know […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel May 24, 2021

Best Practices for Node.js Security

Like any other programming language or framework, Node.js is susceptible to every type of web app exposure. Although the basis of Node.js is secure, third-party packages may need more security standards to safeguard your web app. The study says that 14% of the NPM (Node Package Manager) ecosystem is impacted and 54% of the NPM […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel April 15, 2021

The Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development

For the last few years, millions of people worldwide have been using mobile devices as the main source of accessing the internet. For this reason, many industries developed a mobile app for their businesses. During the last few years, the IT industry mainly concentrated on fulfilling the market demand and their businesses were focused on […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel December 21, 2020
nodejs for web app development

Why Choose Node.js for Your Next Web App Development Project

Selecting the right web app development technology can be a tedious job. After all, many programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are available these days in the market making it slightly difficult for entrepreneurs or business owners to choose one. Maintaining efficiency is one of the main factors to consider at the time of web app […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel October 30, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Cloud Application

App development has come a long way since its inception. The most recent innovation in the field of mobile app development is the ‘mobile cloud application’ or ‘cloud-based app.’ Cloud-based solutions have not only become increasingly popular in the data storage industry, but it has also found widespread applications in many other sectors. According to […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel September 1, 2020

Web Application Development – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Website pages were static in the early days of the internet and often rich in both images and videos. More than 12 years ago, Steve Jobs first launched the concept of web apps that appear and function precisely like native apps. In 2005, Ajax made it possible to develop quicker, better and more interactive web […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel August 18, 2020

How to Increase Kubernetes Security: Key Practices to Follow

Kubernetes is a recognized open-source container orchestration platform globally utilized by several companies. This feature-rich platform offers the controls required for handling the distribution of enterprise-grade apps. Nevertheless, due to its complex nature, it is not easy to learn and use. And such complexities can make vulnerabilities and cause misconfigurations in your whole ecosystem. Security […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel July 28, 2020

Web App vs Cloud App – What Are The Differences and Benefits?

From online customers to entrepreneurs to multinational organizations, apps are powerful and useful tools for everyone. In general, apps have resulted in increased sales, growth in audience engagement, collection of vital analytics, enhancement of communication channels, optimization of business processes, and much more. So it is not surprising when apps are being cited as an […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel June 19, 2020
Kubernetes Transform Your Business IT Infrastructure

Why Adopt Kubernetes To Transform Your Business IT Infrastructure?

In this competitive era, businesses need to offer apps that deliver collective client experience alongside an incredible quality. Thereby, every large enterprise is worried about its IT infrastructure that requires supporting such high-end apps that are advanced in terms of security, scalability, and capability, cost, and customization factors. This is where Kubernetes comes into play. […]

Archit Patel Archit Patel May 13, 2020