Archit Patel

Archit Patel is a Head of Web Department at MindInventory. Expertise in NodeJS,ReactJS and PHP & Mysql with hands-on experience in Project Estimation and Creating Technical Diagram. Also having various years of experience in Team Lead, Team Growth and Product Management.

Archit Patel

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Hotel Management System (HMS): A Comprehensive Development Guide

Hotels have so many tasks in their pipeline to execute! Some of them have different software to do specific...

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How Blockchain is Advancing The Healthcare Industry in 2023?

The Healthcare industry is one of the extensive markets globally. Every day we wake up and witness a new...

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Why is ReactJS the Ultimate Choice for Enterprise-Level App Development?

Speed and effectiveness have become a necessity for businesses nowadays to stand out from this crowded market with their...

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17 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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The Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack for Web Development Project

With the internet being bombarded with the hosting of tons of software of similar kinds and unique applications every...

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React vs Vue – Which One to Choose for Your Frontend Development?

Are you in search of the best front-end technology for your web app development project? So, you understand the...

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Top DevOps Trends and Future Scopes

DevOps has a bright and great future. The practical apps of DevOps are growing daily. Knowing the future of...

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Mobile Backend as a Service: Why Should Your Business Choose MBaaS For App Development

Gone are the days when creating a backend for mobile applications was one of the monotonous tasks mobile app...

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Angular 15 is Live Now: All New Features, Code Practices Changes, and Deprecations To Know!

Angular, the most in-demand, open-source front-end framework, finally drops in yet another version update – Angular 15. Previously, Angular...

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Multi-Cloud Architecture – Everything You Need to Know

No wonder why we all have settled here to discuss multi-cloud architecture! The growth of multi-cloud is skyrocketing already....

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Top Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks to Consider in 2023

We always have considered JavaScript a strong programming language. After all, it contains event-driven, goal-oriented, and dynamic features. And...

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