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AI and ML in Business Processes

How AI and ML in Business Processes are Changing the Market Landscape?

Think of a world where your favorite online or offline stores know exactly what you want to buy next and how the attire will look on you. Where customer service…

Impact of digital transformation on business

How Does Digital Transformation Influence the Evolution of Business Strategies?

Discover how digital transformation is reshaping businesses, empowering them to navigate market challenges with unprecedented strength and intelligence. Uncover the key components driving this change, explore how digital transformation for…

Mobile App Market Research

Why Mobile App Market Research is Important and How to Conduct It?

So, you are up with a matchless app idea? Can’t wait to turn it into reality, can you? But, hold on a second and think; you have got to think…

Starbucks sales

How Starbucks Have Increased Their Sales Through Mobile App Development?

Starbucks is an American multinational coffeehouse chain that almost every coffee lover would want to visit. Every business competing with Starbucks would want to know the secret of how it…

UIUXTalks with Hugo Bazin

UI/UX Talks with Hugo Bazin – Seeking 10+ Years of Experience

Hugo Bazin is a UI/UX Coach/Mentor, joining straight from Canada to share his experience and journey. He speaks about the future of product and UI/UX design and AI’s impact on…

Make Your React Website SEO friendly

Make Your React Website SEO friendly

The higher your website ranks, the more traffic it receives, and ultimately, the better the odds of lead conversion. In the topic of the finest JavaScript libraries for making highly…

saas product development ultimate guide

An Ultimate Guide To SaaS Product Development

Not just in one industry, but SaaS solutions have their applications and offer better benefits for all global industries. Seeing that, you do want to build your business-oriented SaaS application.

On-Demand service

The On-Demand Service: Adrenaline for the Mobile App Industry

The on-demand apps have significantly brought drastic changes in the lives of people. Whether it is shopping for grocery items, ordering an online product from an e-commerce site, booking a…

Mobile App Development Process

The Complete Overview of Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile app is not a rocket science. However, the course involves various phases where every stage requires an extensive planning to be executed perfectly. Therefore, if you have…

Scrum vs Waterfall

Scrum vs Waterfall | What to Choose for Your Startup?

With the invention of new software development methodologies, it becomes a challenging task for startup companies to choose the methodology that best suits their project needs. For complex mobile app…

DevOps Solutions for Enterprises

DevOps Solutions for Enterprises

The term DevOps isn’t alien nowadays but getting the spotlight as more enterprises are keen to implement it. The combination of two words, Development, and Operations, has unified the culture…

discovery phase in app & web development

Importance of Discovery Phase in App & Web Development

Unlock the significant role of the Discovery Phase in web and app development. Understand why in-depth research and meticulous project details matter, and how our team of experts can turn…

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developers

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developers

Hiring a single developer who can work on different stacks of the project and provide a clear and complete solution used to be beneficial in many ways. So let's have…

golang vs nodejs

Golang Vs Node.js: Which One to Choose?

Here we are to convey you the comparison between Golang and Node.js in an interesting way by which you will be able to choose the best suitable for your requirement…

Flutter vs React Native

Flutter Vs. React Native – Which of This Will Triumphs?

Are you a person confused in selecting cross-platform for your mobile app development? If yes then you have stopped at the right place. We are there to help you in…

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AI in healthcare industry

AI in Healthcare: How Is It Revolutionizing This Critical Industry?

AI in healthcare is maximizing the potential of this industry to save lives in unthinkable ways, from drug research and development to precision medicine, clinical documentation, virtual assistants, and more. This blog post will provide you with insight into the role of Artificial IntelligenceI in healthcare, along with its types, benefits, challenges, and more. With […]

healthcare technology trends

Top Healthcare App Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

Ever since the adoption of Smartphones and further mobile applications have flooded the market, global industries are on their way to offering their services through the adoption of mobile app development trends. Then why should the healthcare industry stay behind? One of the prominent and visible growths has been in the healthcare industry, which has […]

How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups

How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups?

If we are talking about intelligence framing the reference of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, the sky is definitely the limit. AI in healthcare has been setting benchmarks for itself to grow consistently. 91.5% of high-scale businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence, as using AI has boosted business productivity by 54%. Looking at healthcare […]

digital transformation in banking

Digital Transformation in Banking: Driving Factors, Challenges, Benefits, And More

Digital transformation in the banking industry is one of the most lucrative ways for financial institutions to stay relevant and competitive in this digital era. In this blog post, explore the key driving factors, challenges, benefits, and practical steps to initiate this transformative journey of digital innovation. When was the last time you visited the […]

top fintech app ideas for startup

Top 10 Fintech App Ideas for Startup

The Fintech sector has shown a significant growth trajectory in various segments offering tremendous opportunities for startups to capitalize on this growth by providing users with an innovative Fintech app. The main focus of the post is to present some innovative Fintech app ideas that aspiring entrepreneurs can consider for their next business venture. Introduction […]

Guide to Building App Like Robinhood

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Trading App Like Robinhood?

Stock trading app development demand has increased in recent times, owing to Fintech startups using it as a business opportunity to become a part of a multimillion-dollar global trading market, drawing inspiration from the successes of Robinhood and other similar trading apps, with millions of monthly active users. If you’re also exploring how to create […]

Build an eLearning Platform Like Coursera

How To Build An eLearning Platform Like Coursera?

In recent times, there has been a surge in demand for online education, the pandemic being the catalyst for it. This trend is continuing to grow, and the revenue projections attest to it. According to a global market insight by Statista, the Online Education market volume is projected to reach US$239.30bn by 2027. With user […]

AI in Education

AI in Education: How EdTech Startups Can Implement It?

AI tech is the buzzword regardless of the industry. With the introduction of AI, our perspective of conventional processes and systems has changed leaving us intimidated about the endless possibilities it has to offer. The reason for the increasing implementation of AI is the need for personalization, predictive analytics, and more. In the education sector, […]

Learning management system

How to Develop A Learning Management System (LMS) from Scratch?

Learning is no longer just about referring to heavy-weighted books and making tedious notes of them, neither is it confined to quantifiable categories; anyone can teach anything. If the concept of learning itself is boundaryless, then why would the medium of learning have one? Today, we have come across many robust educational or e-learning portals […]

Real Estate

How AI is Empowering The Real Estate Industry

In a world where people argue whether AI will replace the human worker, the widespread adoption and use of AI in numerous industries is clear. This technology has begun to reshape industries throughout the world by not just improving existing processes but also unleashing totally new possibilities in a variety of industries. Real estate is […]

Top real estate app ideas
Real Estate

Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Since real estate is a rapidly-paced industry, it is made for adopting enterprise applications. Real estate businesses not just get pressure for making sales ASAP but also they encounter strong competition. This implies that they need to boost their client experience and capacity of building top-notch trust with clients. Apps are the ideal solutions in […]

AI in Real Estate
Real Estate

How AI Is Empowering The Real Estate Industry

In the world that debates about whether AI will replace the human workforce, the extensive adoption and use of AI in various industries is highly evident. This technology has started reshaping industries across the globe by not only improving existing processes but also unlocking entirely new possibilities across various sectors. One such industry that has […]

How to Develop a Logistics App

How to Develop a Logistics App: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether it is truck transportation, supply chain management, international transportation, or more, these subsets of the logistics industry struggle with a lack of supply chain visibility, data management, route optimization, and more. The ultimate solution to all these challenges is Logistics software development! Adopting technology enables businesses to avail the benefits of the latest tech […]

Role of technology in logistics industry

Top Logistics Technology Trends In 2024 That Will Shape The Industry Dynamics

Technology has transformed the logistics industry over the years, revolutionizing the way goods are transported, stored, and managed. Automation has streamlined various processes such as sorting, packaging, loading, and unloading. Moreover, GPS technology has shaped navigation and route planning with route optimization software, finding the most reliable paths for delivery. Technology has enabled the development […]

Benefits of Logistics app

Key Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Logistics Business

The logistics industry has progressed by leaps and bounds widening its geographical circumference to the entire global arena. As per the stats, The global logistics market size is expected to reach around USD 18.23 trillion by 2030. The term logistics is predominantly used in various perspectives. If one has to give a simple definition then, […]

Food ordering app like KFC
On Demand

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like KFC?

In the era of convenience and discounts, restaurant-specific apps have become the preferred choice for ordering food online. Having your own restaurant-specific food ordering app like KFC does create a difference. When planning to create your restaurant-specific brand, you should consider many things to make it a successful one. This blog highlights everything you need […]

Netflix like OTT App Development
On Demand

How to Create an On-demand Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

With OTT apps becoming the new normal medium for watching favorite movies, series, TV shows, live matches, and more, businesses are recognizing it as an opportunity for OTT app development to tap into this USD 190.32 billion market. Not sure where to get started? This blog post will serve as your guide to developing an […]

doctor appointment booking app development
On Demand

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App like ZocDoc and Practo?

“Book local doctors who take your insurance,” with this app concept, ZocDoc – a leading doctor appointment app in the USA has won the hearts of citizens. And became their first-rate choice to book online consultation with local doctors available nearby. With ZocDoc, Practo is also gaining traction across 20+ countries worldwide in the industry […]

How is Mamaearth Following UX Design Trend
Retail & ECommerce

How is Mamaearth Following eCommerce UX Design Trend?

We all love to do shopping and online shopping – to be specific, incredibly when our schedules are running tight. But nobody wants to visit an online store with not-so-eye-pleasing design, placements, and ambiguous information. Inspired by Mamaearth – India’s one of the leading personal care brands with a strong eCommerce presence, this podcast delves […]

Starbucks sales
Retail & ECommerce

How Starbucks Have Increased Their Sales Through Mobile App Development?

Starbucks is an American multinational coffeehouse chain that almost every coffee lover would want to visit. Every business competing with Starbucks would want to know the secret of how it has expanded its business and with what strategies. Of course, Starbucks’s brand-specific mobile app development strategy has played a huge role. Therefore, in this podcast, […]

AR in E-commerce
Retail & ECommerce

How Retail Businesses Can Leverage AR in their E-commerce Solutions to Drive More Sales?

Gone are the days when technology was just a talk limited to defense, automobile, and healthcare sectors, amongst only professionals. Today, technology has become a broad topic of conversation across industries, especially in areas of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, creating the next level of personalization. Since its inception, the AR topic has been just […]

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flutter vs react native

Flutter vs React Native: Which One is Better for Your Next Project?

Are you torn between Flutter vs React Native for your next mobile app development project? To help you make the best choice, this blog has meticulously compared these two frameworks to help you make an informed decision. From user-friendly interfaces to robust performance, we’ve broken down the strengths and weaknesses of each in simple terms. […]

mobile apps in digital transformation

How Mobile App Solutions Accelerate Digital Transformation Efforts?

Mobile apps empower businesses’ digital transformation initiatives by providing them with the technology-driven tools they need to innovate, engage customers, streamline operations, and drive growth in today’s digital age. This blog post will provide you with more insights into how mobile apps become lucrative in driving the digital transformation of a business and the benefits […]

frontend architecture design

Everything You Need to Know About Frontend Architecture and its Design

Frontend architecture is all about creating a solid foundation for building user interfaces that are intuitive, efficient, and visually appealing. However, it’s hard to develop one with precision. This latest blog explains how to make your frontend architecture design a game-changer. It breaks down tricky concepts into simple steps, from organizing your code neatly to […]

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UIUX Talks with Marina Budarina

UIUX Talks with Marina Budarina – Future of Designs

Marina Budarina joins us in our UI/UX Talks series, where she delves into topics like; the Future of UI/UX, How to Use AI in Design, Adopting a Business and User-Centric Approach,, the Role of a UI/UX Designer in this Fast-Paced World and Much More. Hoping that this podcast will provide you with a fresh perspective […]

Impact of Color on Emotions in UI Design

The Impact of Color on Emotions in UI Design

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of user interface (UI) design and the powerful influence that color has on user emotions. We discuss the psychology behind color choices that affect color perception and practical tips for leveraging color to create compelling and effective UI designs. Whether you’re a seasoned UI designer or […]

Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft vs Google: The War of Generative AI Has Begun?

In our most recent podcast episode, we dive headfirst into the epic battle of generative AI between Microsoft and Google. ChatGPT, known as the “fastest-growing consumer internet app ever” and boasting over 100 million users in just two months of launch, is at the forefront of this conflict. Join us as we examine ChatGPT’s impact […]

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Role of Technology in Aviation Industry

How Is Technology Advancing the Airline Industry?

The Role of Technology in Revolutionizing Aviation Industry In the travel sector, the aviation industry plays an important role for many travelers, business professionals, and so on, which makes the world small to travel with many conveniences. When it comes to air travel conveniences, digital technology takes command and unlocks many benefits and efficiencies for […]

Guide to Healthcare IT Solution Development

A Definitive Guide to Healthcare IT Solution Development

A CEO’s Guide To Build A Cutting-Edge Healthcare IT Solution The healthcare sector has always been an integral part of our lives. Hence, this industry has continued to evolve, regardless of the reasons.  Adoption of digital mobility solutions is being followed by all available industries, then, “why should the healthcare industry stay away from the […]

Mobile App Development Process

The Complete Overview of Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile app is not a rocket science. However, the course involves various phases where every stage requires an extensive planning to be executed perfectly. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind regarding developing an app, then you can continue reading further up.

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Web 3.0 - everything you need to know About

Web 3.0 – Everything You Need to Know About

As Web 3.0 has introduced a distributed ledger to the internet users with next-gen IT operabilities and security, and that too in a decentralized manner, it has a bright future in the IT world.

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developers

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developers

Hiring a single developer who can work on different stacks of the project and provide a clear and complete solution used to be beneficial in many ways. So let's have a look over what are those benefits of having full stack developers.

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Progressive Web Apps

Why Tinder, Instagram, & Starbucks Use Progressive Web Apps?

Why are top players like Tinder, Instagram, and Starbucks turning to Progressive Web Apps? What’s so special about PWAs and how they are helping these companies gain a foothold in the industry? Want to know the reasons behind their shift to this innovative technology? Tune in to our podcast to find out.