About Us

Mindinventory itself is a self-explanatory word. In fact, we have accumulated the best talents available in India, particularly from the eminent technical education institutes located at Ahmedabad in the western Indian region where headquarter is located.

What we have done here is that, we have accumulated highly educated and high-ranking software engineering minds in our programming teams. We have hired highly creative and artistic minds in our designing teams for digital landscapes.

We have pool of seasoned Internet marketing minds to augment branding for our clienteles on the web and boost the growth of mobile applications marketing on various mobile marketplaces. We have team of high quality QA professionals to assure the best ever-possible quality of web and mobile software products.

8+ Years of experience
130+ Professionals
700+ Projects delivered
500+ Happy Clients

Our vision

Paint the bright future for the businesses working on digital landscapes.

Our mission

Handover contemporary and futuristic web and mobile software solutions to the businesses ranging from startups to enterprises with affordability and satisfaction.

Our Team

Our web and mobile software engineers are working in tandem with clients and marketing teams to offer the best possible quality with market relevancy. In due course, we have created highly conductive and collaborative development and working environment using the modern infrastructural facilities and communication technologies. Thus, our clients feel utmost comforts despite language, culture, and time zone barriers.

Our Achievements

Mindinventory has remarkable footprints over the globe with noteworthy and exponential progress as an IT Service Provider Company. Here are the most significant milestones in its 8 year history.


Start Working on Web & Mobile Solutions

Mindinventory was established in year 2011 with focus on offering technology services.


Team Strength of 25

Mr. Mehul Rajput started the company with one employee and by 2012 we were a team of 25.


3500 Square Feet Office

In Year 2013, we added capacity by purchasing 3500 square feet office.


Added New Technology Stack to our Service

In year 2014, we added new technology stack to our service offerings and the employee’s strength was 50+ by that year.


Completed 500+ Projects

Year 2015 was a spectacular, we completed 500+ projects with millions of downloads on the apps that we built.


7000 Square Feet Office

We acquired new space of 7000 sq feet in year 2016.


Team Strength of 80+

In year 2017, we were a team of 80+ and keeping the vision in mind we booked a new space of 13000 sq feet.


Number 1 on Dribbble

We were ranked & rated number 1 company on Dribbble for design & graphics. Our profiles had more than 25000 followers in 2018 by the same year we were a team of 110 employees.

Why Mindinventory

We devoted to offer you comfort and satisfaction using our creativity and expertise.

Flexible Hiring Models

Total Involvement and control on your team

Highly-Skilled and certified resources

Easy and seamless communication with offshore

Monitor team’s performance via Daily reports

Track team’s performance with project management tools

Source code authorization

Save time and money

Flexible timings

Our Infrastructure

Mindinventory has Professional & Creative IT Infrastructure located at Ahmedabad, India, where trending IT Solutions developed by experts.

Our Engagement Models

You can extract maximum from our talent, culture, and knowledge.

Our Development Methodology

MI tries to meet your expectations in bespoken way using the most appropriate methodology for your project.

Scrum Process

Life @ MI

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Career @ MI

People invest their money and income in different ways. Some individuals prefer to put their money in stock market purchasing shares of various companies, while others endow it in mutua ...

Our Existing Clients
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