How MindInventory Fueled A Social Networking Platform With Creative Design & Robust Product Solution?

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The Brief

  • Twigr, an innovative German Social Networking platform, pioneers connections and opportunities with its revolutionary search engine and meticulously trained recommendation system. Originating from the client's experience as a social networking manager, the project arose to meet the rising demand and digitize his existing network to scale the number of requests to easily meet up and grow his network. MindInventory, with a mission to be the ally of businesses that want to achieve digital transformation, became the technological backbone to actualize this vision.
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The Challenge

  • As per his idea to create a social networking platform, he wanted us to create a friendly space considering two user personas; the ones looking to broaden their network, and other categories would be a curated group of companies who want to become Twigr partners to grow with him. The idea was very simple to form a community with shared exclusive benefits.

The Solution

  • The idea for the product pitched by the client was an amazing one but the feature list for the product needed some brainstorming and also strong execution planning to launch the product quickly with a perfect market fit. Hence, we proposed a functional prototype to the client with core features that would help us understand user adaptation patterns and then launch a full-fledged product with confidence.
  • The use of a simple technology stack and expert team associated with the project and agile methodology helped us adjust to this project and deliver outcomes quickly. Now, let's take a look at the key features that played a positive role in the sales of this business model:

Bold & Mesmerizing Visual Identity

This product, being from the social networking category, needed a bold and color visual identity through its app design that our team of product designers has ensured to deliver scalable design with reusable components while ensuring consistency for development ease.

Digital Member Card

To develop the brand image and spread its awareness, the client wanted us to create creative digital member cards with unique QA codes that they can show to anyone saying that they are associated with this medium to show their and this medium's credibility.

B2B App Module

In this module, Twigr partners would have specialized features, like B2B connection and networking access, partnership invite, profile setup, and more, tailored to their business needs.

B2B App Module

They asked to keep this as a freemium model, in which users can sign up for free and later upgrade to paid plans to unlock premium benefits. As asked, we also integrated the Stripe payment gateway for secure transactions.

The Impact

  • The impact of Twigr's digital presence is reflected in its ability to meet the demands of a dynamic networking landscape, fostering meaningful connections and opportunities for both individual users and partner companies. MindInventory's strategic approach and technical expertise have been instrumental in shaping Twigr's success story.

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