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Essential Tips to Prepare your Apps for the Holiday Season

Its festive time guys! The Christmas bells have already began to enthrall the ears with their pleasant and soothing sound.

People are thronging the streets and markets to buy gifts and decorative items to embellish their homes, whereas the children are inquisitively waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus.

So, just when most of the people are planning for a memorable vacation this Christmas with family and friends, the app developers need to prepare a perfect ground to serve the customer’s need.

If you go through a statistics then you would know that the mobile commerce crosses the mark of $600 billion sales during the holiday season.

Well, the above suggested figures are definitely encouraging and if you are into app designing business, please take maximum benefits from it.

According to one of the surveys, it has been seen that downloads for the holiday based apps increases as the Christmas approaches nearer.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that even the Santa Claus have become advanced and taking the help of highly navigated mobile apps and devices for providing the wrapped gifts.

Here’s what you can do to give your apps the feel of a holiday makeover.

1. Preparing Designs for the Holiday Apps

Well designing for your holiday app is the key factor to attract more customers into your application. This means you have to prepare a list of all the important tourist destinations that you will be suggesting to the targeted audiences.

You can include the names of the main hotels and places of accommodations, upload beautiful pictures of the famous attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and other places.

Apart from that you can also inform the travelers what activities they can indulge in while sightseeing.

You can design the homepage with a beautiful background that keeps the tourists informed as how many days are remaining for the much awaited vacation.

What else can be done is provide the ratings and reviews of the previous tourists who had already visited that destination.

2. Add Features Suitable to Festive Season

The App developers are quite familiar with the fact that it is the features that keeps an app always in the spotlight of the users.

Therefore, when you are getting your apps ready for this holiday season, make sure to add interesting and worthy features that are suitable for the specific time.

christmas features

For instance, you can add one page where the users can do their Christmas and New Year shopping and that they don’t have to visit any other site or app for the purpose.

Apart from that it will be interesting if you are providing them suggestions to choose their holiday destinations, the type of holidays and facilities etc.

Holiday means lots of fun and games. The people are in relaxing mood and if you are adding some lifestyle elements and games, then surely the app download will boost up.

3. Research Thoroughly to Know Customer’s Demand

The Mega Christmas holidays arrives each year and after every 365 days we welcome a new year. All the things remain the same, but what changes is the user demand and the trends prevailing in the market.

market research

Therefore, it is must for the app developers to remain up-to date with the current demands that is sticking the minds of the users for which an extensive research becomes evident.

Offering what people are searching for is going to prove beneficial. Let’s take an example:

You are also well aware of the fact that during the Christmas and on the New Year’s eve, a number of various events are organized such as live concerts, dance, music, carnivals, fests, foods and drinks etc. where people just go and enjoy.

These events take place almost in every part of the world. So, what you can do is give information about those events so that people can visit and participate in the celebrations.

4. Alluring the Customers through Contests

Since it is fun time, you can accelerate the pedal to enhance the excitement and enthusiasm of the customers by introducing the exciting contests and competitions for the users.

For instance, you can keep photography contest wherein you can ask the users or the tourists to upload their best photos clicked during the vacations.

Similarly, you can also ask the users what they liked the most while holidaying. The best answer wins the contest.

It is pivotal to pay attention on the theme of the contest and of course it should appeal to the target audience. The contest must be simple and user friendly. You can decide upon the prize depending on your budget estimate.

5. The Discount Coupons and Offers on the Board

One of the other tactics that you can employ when are making your app ready for the holiday goers, is launching the discount coupons and offers that will keep moving the customers.

You can give special coupons to offer rebates on the room tariff or discount on the lunch and dinner of a particular restaurant.

discount coupon

What more can be done in this regard is offer free passes to a specific event where the user is required to buy ticket to participate.

Value added coupons are given priority and better preference in comparison to the percentage off coupons. For instance, ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ is better than 30% discount on a particular product or service.

6. Sending Push Notifications to Get More Customers

Fine that you are sending an email offer and also offering rewards and discount coupons so that more audiences visit your app. But in today’s scenario, push notifications has become a vital tool to increase your sales and promotion.

It is through the push notifications only that you can inform your customers about the exciting contests and discount coupons etc.

Closing the Discussion

Let the Christmas Jingles brighten the lives of people and you too can play an important role to enhance the enjoyment of the people through the worthy holiday apps.

The fun, the excitement and enthrallment has already begun and your app can double the spirit of vacation.

So, it’s time to get prepared because you have to face tough challenges from the competitors. Get in touch with the reliable and best app development company to get highly valued holiday and Christmas focusing apps.

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