Role of Technology in Aviation Industry

How Is Technology Advancing the Airline Industry?

The Role of Technology in Revolutionizing Aviation Industry

In the travel sector, the aviation industry plays an important role for many travelers, business professionals, and so on, which makes the world small to travel with many conveniences. When it comes to air travel conveniences, digital technology takes command and unlocks many benefits and efficiencies for both travelers and aviation businesses.

But have you ever wondered at what level the Airline Industry utilizes the digital emerging technologies and trends to improve aviation operations and our air travel experiences? You definitely have, but not in-depth the way we have covered in this whitepaper!

Covered Points

  • Introduction to the technology revolution in aviation
  • Statistics about the aviation industry
  • The Role of different digital technologies in Aviation with Statistics and case studies
  • Why should the aviation industry use blockchain technology?
  • IoT and cloud computing in aviation
  • AI/ML in aviation: smart operations even at cruising altitudes
  • AR/VR in aviation
  • Metaverse in aviation taking the airport journey off the world
  • Contactless technology authenticating self-services
  • Biometrics in Airports and Airlines
  • Wearable technology
  • In-flight connectivity and entertainment
  • Mobile solutions for aviation operations
  • Sustainability
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