How We Developed CONNECT That’s Helping Users Find Co-Living Spaces


The Brief

  • CONNECT helps find the perfect co-living space at your nearby location for people who have been facing many issues to find a comfortable residential area that matches up to their expectations. This platform is ideal for those who are looking for a house that fits into their budget and offers them the convenience they are looking out for.
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The Challenge

  • The challenge was to create a robust web solution that matched the strong brand identity of CONNECT while ensuring an easy-to-navigate and appealing UI design. Additionally, the solution needed to be responsive across various devices to accommodate user preferences. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate these requirements, providing users with a satisfying user experience that reflected the essence of CONNECT's brand.

The Solution

  • Through user-focused design and development, we crafted a robust web platform that perfectly encapsulated the brand's identity while offering a seamless user experience. Here are the solutions our team devised to address the challenges:

UI/UX Design

Our experienced UI/UX designers crafted user-centric design to ensure every aspect of the interface is intuitive and visually appealing. Additionally, we conducted extensive usability testing to gather feedback and refine the design further, resulting in a functional and user-friendly interface.

Web App Development

We developed a user-friendly web application that serves as a convenient platform for users to explore available properties, and virtually tour them from the comfort of their own homes, providing users with a seamless and efficient way to find and book their dream home.

The Impact

  • The implementation of our solution has led to a notable enhancement in the CONNECT app. Here are some of the results achieved with our solution:

of people claim to find a suitable house


suggest they have got better facilities


of people are recommending using CONNECT

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