How MindInventory’s Technical Expertise Made EnneaApp Go Places


The Brief

  • EnneaApp is a personality assessment application that analyzes users’ personalities based on their cognitive behavior. The app is configured to examine nine kinds of personalities and their relationship with each other based on an enneagram test. Users can gain a deeper understanding of their personality through a unique nine-pointed diagram that visually represents the connections between the various personality types.
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The Challenge

  • Stepping into the domain of psychology's age-old practice of enneagram, the client envisioned integrating this ancient wisdom into a contemporary cutting-edge application. The challenge was not just to incorporate the Enneagram but to develop an algorithm that would swiftly provide users with the result of their personality type.
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The Solution

  • The client’s vision went beyond mere features/functionality as he aspired to offer users a bespoke experience through a seamless combination of his creative ideations and MindInventory's cutting-edge technical expertise. Upon realizing his inclination towards the concept of Enneagram, our team came up with a distinctive solution for his target audience. The solution was to make the app responsive and compatible with every mobile platform and device like iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, and more to offer across-the-board user accessibility.

Concept Wireframing/Design

As the concept of Enneagram is quite vast and complex, our UI/UX designers recognized the need for a user interface that balances simplicity with effectiveness. We conceptualized a UI/UX design that, despite the complexity of the Enneagram, remains straightforward and easily understandable, hence providing a sense of ease and tranquility to users, and enhancing their overall experience with the app.

Product development

We developed the EnneaApp mobile application for a complete enneagram system, catering to both Android and iOS platforms and with features like brief descriptions of 9 Enneagram personality types and subtypes, a free personality test to discover Ennea-type, detailed guidelines for growth path, reference to a famous individual, complete information on heart/stress points and wings, practical tips and more.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Our product development team ensured the quality and performance of our solutions throughout every stage of the product life cycle. This commitment aimed not only to maintain but also to enhance user engagement, ensuring the application's competence and viability even with increased app usage.

Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

We consistently dedicated our efforts to elevate EnneaApp through continuous improvement and regular feature/tech upgrades. Our team collaborates closely to implement these upgrades efficiently, rigorously testing each new feature or enhancement to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

The Impact

  • EnneaApp's transformative journey, guided by Mr. BenAmi's vision and the dedicated efforts of our team, has successfully brought the Enneagram compendium to the global stage. The actual results surpassed expectations.

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“I'm very satisfied with the product and app. I really like simplicity in design, and I'm really happy with where we came from that. I'm satisfied with the cost.I hired them again, so I think that's probably the biggest testimonial.”

Elan BenAmi Founder of EnneaApp