MindInventory's Innovative Solutions for Qalort's Paced-Based Learning Vision


The Brief

  • Qalort is a self-paced learning platform with an incredibly diverse collection of tailored courses(on subjects, interests, hobbies, and cutting-edge technologies) to enable mentees to learn skills as per their unique interests from credible professionals. The platform has flexibility at its core by enabling mentors to fulfill the mentorship sessions at their convenient time. All of these are without the hassles of managing multiple tools.
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The Challenge

  • While doing market research to bring their version of paced-based learning to life, their team realized the existence of a communication gap in the existing online learning platform. Qalort emphasized offering personalized educational feedback on its platform to address a critical gap in the e-learning industry. Along with breathing life into their paced-based learning platform vision, our team had a major challenge to bridge this gap.
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The Solution

  • No challenge is ever big when the development team has a knack for the latest tech stack and experience working on similar projects. While building the platform from scratch, we introduced unique features that enhance collaboration and customization.
  • Here are some of the impactful solutions executed by our expert development team:

Chat Feature

To foster a sense of communication among mentors and mentees, we added a chat feature that facilitates the learners to have direct conversations with instructors or have an intellectual discussion with their fellow learners/users in a group chat. Along with bridging the gap, this feature ensures a more interactive and tailored educational experience for its users.

Consultation Feature

To promote personalized learning, which is a critical aspect of self-paced learning, we developed a consultation feature that enables the learners to effortlessly schedule one-on-one sessions with their preferred instructors, providing an extra layer of personalized support and providing an added layer of communication.

Server-side Optimization

The aim was to make our e-learning platform secure and fast. Galong was the choice of the team after analyzing the server-side optimization requirement. We leveraged its handy standard library, flexible concurrency, and robust backend security. It enables our team to make the app efficient and dodge the dependence on third-party packages.

Interactive-Assessment Feature

Recognizing the need for comprehensive learner evaluation, we implemented an interactive assessment feature to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience. This feature allows learners to actively participate in assessments, receive immediate feedback, and track their progress.

The Impact

  • The implementation of innovative solutions has significantly impacted Qalort, making this cutting-edge learning platform stand out in the industry. These solutions collectively contributed to bridging the communication gap, fostering collaboration, and providing a tailored pace-based learning platform- Qalort.

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