How we designed the Greetings of Gratitude app with simplicity

Upstream HR

The Brief

  • The Greetings of Gratitude app is a digital heaven for gratitude and positivity in the workplace. Now, employees can easily express their gratitude and heartfelt appreciation in the moments that matter even if they are not good with words. We've developed the app to deliver a personalized and special vibe. The entire UI/UX is designed to be concise, to the point, and elegantly structured. The backend and frontend frameworks are continuously evolving to accommodate frequent add-ons, adding more value to the overall app experience.
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The Challenge

  • While creating this recognition and appreciation app, we encountered several challenges that required innovative solutions in no time. One of the major challenges was ensuring a simple user experience with the presence of diverse features. Striking the balance between simplicity and functionality was the need of the hour. The tabs needed to be diverse, but at the same time, the call for relevance was super important to give a perfect vibe to the overall app.
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The Solution

  • To address the simplicity of the user experience with diverse features, we adopted an intuitive design approach. Through constant user testing and feedback, we ensured the features were seamlessly integrated, allowing users to access various functionalities. The overall UI is kept light and beautiful and the UX is kept to the point. The overall app feels like a digital greeting card shop with customers/users getting what they want, making their visit/experience easy and worth visiting/using.

Intuitive Navigation Design

To address simple UI, we created clear and understandable pathways for users to access various features. The tabs are smartly organized, allowing visitors to quickly access various greetings, appreciation notes, and thank-you. This method simplifies the user experience while simultaneously adding a layer of involvement, allowing people to easily locate and share their precise feelings.

UI Development Process in Agile Way

Our UI/UX team adopted an agile development approach to address the need for constantly evolving frameworks. This method allowed for speedy user interface iterations. Overall, we implemented a flexible user interface by embracing an agile style that would suit the style of Upstream HR’s niche. After the implementation of the agile methodology, we saw a drastic positive impact on the application.

User Centric Design

We focused on a user-centric approach as we needed to tackle the task of creating an elegant and structurally sound UI. Through data-driven and rigorous design decisions, we were able to identify and fix the possible pain areas, resulting in a beautiful look of the app and an improved user experience. We achieved a special and meaningful UI/UX that resonated with simplicity.

Seamless Backend and Frontend Integration

The app's success hinges on the seamless integration of backend and frontend components. Our team built a robust infrastructure for frequent add-ons without performance compromise. The backend efficiently manages dynamic content, and the frontend is optimized for a smooth, lag-free experience, enhancing stability and paving the way for future enhancements.

The Impact

  • The mentioned strategies have profoundly impacted the Upstream HR app, creating a super positive experience for the users. The integration of dynamic templates has not just kept the content and design fresh but has also given a good number of choices to the users. An app like this carries the capability of transforming the workplace into a positive environment.

Increased User Satisfaction


Rise in User Interaction


Increased Positive Reviews

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My dream of creating an app came true with the work from the people at MindInventory and I couldn't be happier with how everything has turned out to be. Instead of trying to sell your services, you chose to listen to me. You tried to understand what I was trying to achieve. I received extra attention, flexibility and so much creativity, and project planning skills that were completely unbeatable. I'm so appreciative of everything your team has done to make my dream come true.

Erika Migliaccio CEO & Founder