Revolutionizing Live Streaming with AlcaCruz and MindInventory


The Brief

  • AlcaCruz is one of the leading providers of high-quality live-streaming solutions, catering to diverse content genres, such as sports, esports, concerts, virtual events, and more.
  • The company is dedicated to providing a seamless and immersive experience to viewers, players, and fans by delivering multiple angles, supporting various players and games on multiple devices, and incorporating augmented and virtual reality(AR/VR) as well as 360° views.
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The Challenge

  • The primary challenge AlcaCruz faced was the need for a custom video player that could meet their specific requirements. This included ensuring a user-friendly interface (UI) and an engaging user experience (UX) for viewers. Moreover, it seamlessly handles multiple angles, players, and devices, incorporating AR/VR and more.
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The Solution

  • MindInventory collaborated with AlcaCruz to address their challenges and elevate the viewer's experience of their live-streaming platform. Here are the key areas of focus that we implemented to overcome the challenges:

UI/UX Design

Our team of experienced designers worked closely with Alcatraz to create an intuitive and visually appealing UI/UX for their web and mobile app. The design aimed to enhance user engagement and provide a seamless navigation experience for viewers across different devices.

Multiview SDK Integration

To ensure the streaming of multiple angles, players, and games functions seamlessly on various devices, MindInventory successfully integrated a Multiview SDK into the live-streaming platform. This allowed AlcaCruz to offer a dynamic and versatile viewing experience on their platform.

CCMS Integration

To provide the users with a centralized repository for better accessibility and contest management, we integrated a CCMS into the app. It facilitated users to create or participate in contests and eased the management of contest entries.

Contest Management Interface

We created an interface (for mobile and web app) that enables users to participate in contests conducted in various countries and gives the user multi-angle view of the live contest. The app also enables the users to vote for their favorite team/user.

The Impact

  • The collaboration between AlcaCruz and MindInventory resulted in a highly functional and cutting-edge live-streaming platform. The custom video player with a user-friendly UI/UX design provided viewers with an immersive experience, while the Multiview SDK integration enabled simultaneous streaming of diverse content on multiple devices.
  • Following are the positive impacts that a tailored approach to software development can have on a company's growth and success in a dynamic market.

Enhanced Viewer Engagement


Improved Performanceg


Increased Users

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