Kshma Pandya

Kshma Pandya

Kshma is Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at MindInventory, Experience in developing test strategies, cases, and plans. Well versed in multiple testing methodologies, she is highly proficient in issue documentation, resolution tracking, and validation. She advocates and promotes an intuitive user experience. She maintains a strong ability to comprehend, simplify, and ability to remain responsive and flexible to environmental and work-flow changes. Posses creative and critical thinking skills.

Full-Cycle Software Testing

Full-Cycle Software Quality Engineering: What’s Included In This QA Service?

Imagine constructing a towering skyscraper without a solid architectural plan or quality assurance measures in place. It will eventually crumble down during times of high stress or unforeseen disasters. Just as a building’s structural integrity is paramount to its long-term success, the software you’re developing should possess a similar level of resilience but in the […]

Kshma Pandya Kshma Pandya October 6, 2023
DevOps testing

Testing in DevOps – Everything You Need to Know

Organizations have widely accepted DevOps services to refine the quality and promptness of software delivery. DevOps helps the development and operations team to work effectively. It helps teams plan better, communicate and process projects successfully. Automated testing played a key role in standardizing and speeding DevOps processes. Here we will talk about DevOps, testing in DevOps, benefits and […]

Kshma Pandya Kshma Pandya December 20, 2021
agile testing methodology

Agile Testing Methodology – Life Cycle, Benefits, and Best Practices

The era we live in is highly competitive. Organizations are in need of the tools and processes which can be used to meet the fast-paced delivery with minimum cost and excellence. The concerns raised by organizations are either on software stability, address issues before they bang the end-users and s/w release on time. With a […]

Kshma Pandya Kshma Pandya June 18, 2021
qa testing process

How We Perform QA Testing at MindInventory

Testing a software application and maintaining international testing standards in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process and assuring the quality of the product to the customer is one of the challenging jobs in the IT industry. Are you really excited to know about the software testing and quality assurance (QA) process at MindInventory? In […]

Kshma Pandya Kshma Pandya March 12, 2021