Most Common Mistakes in Making Mobile App Budgeting

Just like a mobile app development needs a several aspects to think about, similar aspects involve in planning an accurate budget for a mobile app. Thus, app monetization becomes an integral and vital process to consider in the initial stage before commence its development and even stay persisting after its launch.

Hence, mobile app budgeting is a complex task that requires proven strategy to make the whole process of app development successful, from its conceptualization to marketing as well as successful launch to new implements. Even, many mobile app development companies make mistakes in preparing an accurate budget for developing a mobile app.

In this blog, we would like to provide useful information about common mistakes people make in budgeting major mobile apps:

Ignoring mobile app platforms

When developing an app, it requires considering several aspects including the mobile platform such as iOS app or Android App etc. From its throughout research to diversity in the development process and other rules and regulation, testing process and different target audience on different platforms, it’s become vital to think about. Moreover, responsive app that works efficiently on all platforms requires more cost to involve bearing in mind all above aspects. Hence, ignoring app platform becomes a common mistake that becomes essential not to overlook.

Ignoring the Analytics

Having an expert mobile app developer not solve the purpose in building a successful app. Never consider your developer is an expert in everything such as monetization, marketing, research and analysis. An app development is a process that needs team work and a success of an app is not a success of only one person, but it’s a joint victory of a team that includes researchers, designers, architectures, developers, marketers, ASO experts and the project leader.

Moreover, marketing team needs expertise to find target audience based on app concept, user behavior, technology drawbacks, and demography of users as well as adaption rate, medium to generate revenue from an app and several more things to judge. Hence, the consumption of time, manpower cost of the entire team and hiring expert outsourcing services for advance app development become key points underestimated by people while designing mobile app monetization strategy.

Underestimate the Key development Process

Building an app not only comprises attractive screenshots with basic functionalities. It includes the advanced technology for its front-end and back-end stage development. Utilizing a right technology makes lots of difference in its success. While considering app budget, avoiding its back-end development, necessary infrastructure and third party integration are important aspects ignore by many companies. Utilizing cloud technology, customized apps, third party integrations (such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.) that need to create from scratch to involve in custom app.

When it comes to include features in app such as advanced business processes, messages, notifications, authorizations, authentication and analysis and other user’s engagement, avoiding these factors affects your development process in terms of gaining revenue. In fact, back-end development is the key process that needs precise accuracy and testing in order to enhance the functionality at the users’ end and give them user-friendly experience of using an app. Your company acquires adequate infrastructure and professionals to complete the project or need to hire experts also becomes key mistake disregard by app development companies.

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Avoiding Marketing and Optimization of Mobile App

A key factor that makes your app popular on the app store or play store is the optimization and marketing of a mobile app. App marketing and optimization needs expertise and experience to make it successful and money-making. When you want to gain complete ROI from your app, a foolproof mobile app marketing and optimization strategy becomes vital, today.

Moreover, in the app, it becomes necessary to think about defining the space for ad placement. Lack of creativity in app design and ineffectiveness of ad affects in higher conversion rate, CTR and eCPM. Thus, ignoring all such factors becomes a big fault that influence the accuracy of app budgeting.

Marketing is the key factor that essential to consider prior to development stage as its endeavors decides the success of an app. When developing an app which is not available for free on the app store, it requires more attention to allure traffic on your app. Thus, it requires more efforts in advertising, marketing and optimization that affect app budget.

Mobile apps are not websites

There are several other important criteria to consider. Many people consider app development is as simple as designing a website. But, the fact is it becomes a complex task that need to handle expertly and efficiently at each stage as a single small mistake can make your app project failure. From technology to look, platform to devices, technology to users, speed to performance, many more things require more attention compared to a website when developing an app. Hence, estimating in a similar way as a website becomes a most foolish activity results in complete loss in the project.

Moreover, any mobile app requires continues updates with new functionality and tools that engage users to use your app habitually. Without considering any updates for an app, there are major chances of app monetization exactness. Hence, it becomes essential to hire an expert mobile app development company who offers advanced mobile app development services by comprising all essential aspects need for the complete process of app development and make it successful without any constrain of an inadequate budgeting.


Aspects discuss here not accomplish your purpose in making an accurate budget for mobile apps. These are only common mistakes that people are ignoring in making an app budget. For preparation of a mobile app budgeting, it requires throughout knowledge of each stage of the app development process, as well as awareness of the technology, involvement of manpower, capabilities of professionals, recent app development trend, as well as need for hiring external sources, the availability of infrastructure and many more.

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Mehul Rajput

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