Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid During Website Redesigning

Websites establish the online presence of every business organization. They are the necessitous possession of organizations and should be redesigned and updated every couple of years. Hence, website designing with no flaw is a must.

Sites with less page load time, solid navigation, alluring visuals, responsiveness, etc will basically grab the attention of promising visitors. Directly from the user experience, online marketing, SEO outputs, sales conversions, to ROI, each stage will demand ultimate website design. There are fewer scopes of enjoying benefits in these areas without an excellent website design.

In this blog, we will discuss the major mistakes that you should avoid while redesigning or upgrading your current website in 2022. Before that, let’s discuss the pivotal role of website design in your online business in brief!

Crucial Role of Website Design in a Digital Business

Business branding through alluring website design is the most intelligent way of attracting your target audience. Moreover, it contributes a big portion to the accomplishment of your web marketing activities.

Keep user intent and alluring graphics in mind while designing your site. As per research, 94% of users noted website design as the purpose they declined or mistrusted a site. Website designing is the backbone of your business as it can either make or break your online business.

Major Website Redesigning Mistakes to Avoid

You should know how to perform a website redesign precisely. In case you commit mistakes while doing it you could experience worse results than you encountered before and solving this will cost you even more downtime and money.

To enable you to do this accurately, I have come up with a list of the major mistakes that you must abstain from while redesigning a site.

1. Prioritizing Good Looks over Functionality

You should redesign your site in a way so it appears and works better. Nevertheless, basically, these two often overlap and you need to select anyone. Aesthetics is just not an alternative for easy navigability and smart layouts.

Always ensure that your site is functional beyond everything. It should have a good search and it must be designed to make it simple on visitors so they can discover simply what they are seeking.

2. Slow Page Load Times

You will surely lose visitors if your site loads slowly. After all, everybody needs to discover their info quickly. Google says that 53% of mobile website visitors leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

A slow web page load time can meaningfully impact your search engine rankings. This website mistake can also be a tech problem. Hence, you should involve your developer in finding ways of boosting your current website’s page load time. And make sure to have a quick load time for a new website design.

3. Not Determining the Right Technology to Use

This is another mistake usually website owners do. Once you have decided on your target and divided tasks among individual teams, the further step is to assess what technology to use to increase outputs within the shortest period possible.

technology stack

Choosing the right technology is essential. Using the latest launched technology available in the market offers the team a significant time amount before starting the next redesign.

For instance, in case you need a single-page app and speed, the best choice could be to choose React.js. Likewise, in case your site uses Python, then Django could be the right option. The technologies you opt for don’t rely on the year they were launched but rely more on your ultimate goals.

4. Not Establishing Targets

One of the most common mistakes that website owners do is that not knowing what they need for their site or what they can accomplish from the website redesign.

Establishing an appropriate object and a procedure for the website redesigning is important for making your website successful. And you can achieve this only if you complete the website analysis.

The website assessment will give you a clear picture of what you are seeking and how your site must appear after the redesign. You should know the basic areas that need more attention than others.

Although maximum leading website design agencies provide you a rough strategy or demonstration of what your site appears like, you are always recommended to give the references for what you need.

Moreover, you may discover a site that you want your site to precisely look like. This will help you describe your needs for the website design and provide him an idea of what you need.

5. Poor Mobile Website Experience

This is a big issue in the world of website design. Clients’ impression of your site design depends on what it appears like from their mobile device. And these days, people are continuously connected.

Maximum users utilize their mobile browsers more than desktop browsers. So, prioritize the mobile-friendly website first. 40% of users have left and visited a competitor’s site after not having a mobile-friendly experience. They seek the ultimate experience and will continuously search for the best option.

57% of users don’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. And you need recommendations, with the strength of referrals and reviews fueling users’ decision-making. So bring a mobile-responsive experience to make it simple for creating a long-lasting impression.

67% of users prefer purchasing an item more from a mobile-friendly website. Provide a stable experience to your users on all devices, particularly mobile. Since more than 50% of traffic is coming from mobile and 21% of those customers converting, a business can’t afford to think anything without a mobile presence.

Ponder a responsive, mobile-friendly website design that is Google-approved for SEO and gives the ultimate seamless experience.

6. Not Fixing an Accurate Budget

Not fixing a precise budget for upgrading your website is a major mistake. Everything has a cost. Some business persons contact a web design agency a few years ago and expect to get the same service at the same cost.


Moreover, the expense of upgrading a site relies on different features and functionalities you need to integrate into the site. Hence, you should establish a realistic budget for redesigning your website. After all, websites represent your business on digital platforms. They can help you reach many leads and convert them into sales to accomplish higher ROI.

7. Not Analyzing Your Site

You can decide your targets and outputs you need to accomplish if you don’t analyze your site earlier for essential metrics. When you assess your site for data analytics and KPIs, you will get to know all of your issues, things that are working and that are not, and missed scopes. And these are worthy and you should consider them while preparing a new structure or design of a site.

Moreover, once you have launched your website, you should ensure to audit these benchmarks so that you instantly identify and solve every new issue that might appear. This data will also help you see how your redesign has boosted your website. Hence, ensure to ask for these metrics from your web designer.

8. Not Providing Adequate Time to Website Designers

Upgrading a website takes time and you should have enough patience to provide sufficient time to website designs for completing their task. You don’t have to wait for many years to finish the redesign process. Just fix deadlines so the work can be done timely. However, do not set unrealistic deadlines.

Many complications are involved in the website redesign that you should attain. A lot of people approach customized website design services, but cannot provide ample time. Website redesigning with predefined templates doesn’t take less time in comparison with the custom website design.

9. Hiring the Wrong Team for Website Redesign

You should team up with a good website designing company for performing your website redesigning. After all, your website is the most necessitous marketing asset of your online business.

Thereby, you can’t choose somebody who has no technical and design ability. Your partner should have marketing expertise and appropriate industry knowledge; otherwise, you could have a bad experience.

10. Stopping All Efforts after the Website Redesigning

Many businesses don’t make efforts after launching their upgraded site. You should not make the same mistake. Don’t forget to test your site after revamping it, inform your clients about this redesign, and update the content.

Concentrate on the areas that were missed in your earlier design so you can the optimal profit from the revamped website.

11. Not Providing a Proper Contact Information

Your clients must connect with you easily. Many website owners don’t display their contact number precisely in the header and footer or on a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page. Don’t forget to place a clear CTA button in the header with the official phone number of your business.

Customers don’t want to make lots of efforts for finding out the ways of connecting with you online. Hence increase scopes by reducing clicks. Keep in mind to add a ‘Contact Us’ page link in the prime navigation.

Also, enable users as several ways for contacting you as possible–contact form submission, email, and phone–even through your social media page. And, ensure to reply immediately to maintain the trust in the relationship with your clients.

12. Unclear Brand Messaging

Users make an opinion in .05 seconds once your webpage loads. In case they cannot make a justified decision on your website, they will click the back button and leave the website.

Hence, make sure to add your products or services alongside some confidence-creating elements like industry affiliates, awards, and testimonials in a clear view.


Aforesaid are the top 12 mistakes committed by maximum website owners. Avoiding these mistakes will help you accomplish what you have strategized for your website. You need a good website design team and a smart strategy for changing your website to a profitable business.

Website redesign is a risky job and can go wrong if not properly done with a perfect study and planning. Thereby, it needs lots of investments in terms of both time and money. I recommend you to do an appropriate assessment before planning for a website redesigning process.

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