Manoj Rajput

With a brushstroke of innovation and pixels of perfection, Manoj Rajput leads the design team. For over a decade, he has been harmonizing aesthetics with functionality, shaping digital landscapes with his visionary approach to UI/UX Design for Mobile and Web, Graphic Design, and Illustration. He is committed to setting benchmarks that inspire the next generation.

Netflix and Snapchat Design Revolution

Netflix & Snapchat’s Design Revolution That May Inspire You in 2024

People say UI/UX design is all about following best practices and design principles. Expert says, “That is correct, but how about breaking rules and setting up new benchmarks in the world of app design?” This blog talks about those two digital product giant companies – Netflix and Snapchat, and how they achieved the attention of […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput January 22, 2024
Top UX Design Principles

10 Major UX Design Principles to Watch Out for in 2024

When you start exploring the world of app or web design, you will quickly come across user experience (UX). However, UX design is a long field. And despite its popularity, very few designers have an idea about it. Many designers believe that UX design concentrates on the user, but using this principle in real can […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput November 26, 2023
Mobile UX Design Practices

15 Mobile UX Design Practices to Delight Your Users

With users increasingly focused on how digital product interactions feel, such as smooth navigation and effortless interactions, especially within mobile apps, the spotlight shines brightly on UX design. This blog post provides you with some impactful mobile UX best practices that will elevate your user engagement. We live in a digital world where our mobile […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput November 15, 2023
ui vs ux design

UI and UX Design: Key Differences and Fundamentals

UI and UX design, although often considered synonymous, actually serve distinct purposes in app design. They work in tandem, complementing each other to create intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly applications. This blog post will enable you to understand the fundamentals of both, highlight key differences, and shed light on how impactful a good UI UX design […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput November 5, 2023
Elements of Modern Web Design

15 Elements of Modern Web Design That You Need to Know

A professional website needs a modern and high-end design. And modern web design elements should be up-to-date and meet users’ requirements. Using these elements helps aid a seamless and beautiful website experience. Every day the audience demands something exceptional from a website design. The latest web design trends are more user-friendly, organized, and progressive. Since having […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput September 3, 2023
Mobile UI UX design trends

Top Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends That Will Skyrocket in 2024

The UI design is the first impression of a mobile application. It connects the users with a brand, makes user journey smooth in the app, and increases the entire ROI of the application. When an app’s UI design is client-centric and has engaging content, nothing can stop its success. However, the landscape of UX is […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput August 10, 2023
ux design for ecommerce

UX Design Best Practices for eCommerce Stores That Guarantee Better Sales

We all love to do shopping and online shopping – to be specific, incredibly when our schedules are running tight. But nobody wants to visit an online store with not so eyes-pleasing design, placements, and ambiguous information. One survey affirms that around 88% of online shoppers avoid revisiting eCommerce stores with bad UX. Being a […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput October 12, 2022
mobile navigation design

Mobile App Navigation: An In-depth Guide to Creating It

Imagine you are in an unknown palace holding a torch that is about to switch off, that’s when you realize you are about to be misled. But let’s redo the situation for you: what if you have been welcomed to the palace and guided well throughout to witness its beauty! Doesn’t it sound pretty good? […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput June 30, 2022
Product Design vs UX Design

Product Design vs UX Design: The Detailed Comparison

There are many reasons why design roles are not the same. With the development of the digital world, the digital design industry is also growing faster. Several functions are now available to deal with various issues with different business requirements. And the difference between product design and UX design comes to mind first. These two design […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput February 15, 2022
design concept

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Design Concept

Since our mind creates a conception, we can easily ignore it. However, we must remember that design concept or conceptual design helps create good UI/UX designs. In fact, technically great designs can also fail if they do not have a sturdy concept. Keeping this in mind, we will discuss what the design concept is, why […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput September 27, 2021
app ui ux design

Top Reasons Why Your App Needs an Efficient Ul/UX Design

In this highly competitive digital era, nothing is more necessary than an excellent user experience. UI and UX are the main components of your digital product that makes sure to boost user experience. A great UI can make an immediate impression on users while an amazing UX can put a long-lasting impact on their minds. […]

Avatar Manoj Rajput August 3, 2021