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What Factors Affects Deciding Cost To Design A Mobile App?

Developing mobile apps becomes a key necessity for businesses in order to stay competitive as well as proffering aggressive services to its customers. As mobile app overcomes several challenges for businesses, it becomes a vital for every business to gain the benefits of this advanced mobile technology solution.

When it comes to developing a mobile app, the first question comes in mind is how much does it cost to design a mobile app? Developing a complex mobile app require the help of expert and professional mobile app development company as they have capabilities to comprehend each aspect of mobile app designing and give you the best estimate considering actual factors require in app designing process.

Important Factors That Impact on Cost for Designing a Mobile App

When it comes to make your app successful and productive, app design is a key factor. Deciding cost to design a mobile app need to consider various factors such as in-depth research and analysis, competitive assessment, UI/UX design, graphic design, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design as well as logo design, app icon and much more.

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Deciding App Platform

In deciding app cost, mobile platform and app type become very important. Developing an iOS app become cheaper compared to an Android app. Moreover, type of app such as hybrid or native app also needs to consider. Normally, native app gives best user experience compared to an app that supports multiple platforms. Hybrid apps can build faster and less costly compared to native apps.

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Research & Analysis

In order to make successful information analysis, it requires research of potential market, existing market and decide target market as well as research for end-users, their reviews, expectations, etc. Many apps need demographics or other research based survey to identify the target audience. It needs approximately 20 to 40 hours.


In the app designing process, prototyping takes 40-80 hours that include UX design, concept validation and usability testing. App with more screens can cost higher. Moreover, different interface design for assorted screen size need to consider for cost factor.

Visual Designing

In app design, visual design takes approximately 80-200 or more hours. It depends of app complexity. It requires use of different software that makes the designs stunning and realistic. Visual designing includes the look and feel of an app.

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Other Factors

The other factors include the project size, designer’s level (experience & expertise), complexity of the app, and geographical location (development cost varies in different countries). Basically, approximate cost of an average app design can be $2000 to $35000 or more.

The other factor is the hourly rate of the designer that the app development company charge based on experience of the designer. Requirement of features such as chat, video streaming, or others also affects cost factor as third party integration is based on subscription and thus, its price depends on usage.

App Design Cost in Different Countries

  • In Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, you have to pay $10-25 per hour.
  • In the United Kingdom and Western Europe, app design cost $65-130 per hour and more.
  • In the United States and Canada, you have to pay $50-150/hour or more.
  • In Eastern Europe, it becomes $25-45 per hour.

App Design Cost by Considering Complexity Factor

For deciding cost of an app, complexity factor plays a vital role.

  • Simple App – App such as on-demand app, for instance Uber, need around 100-150 hours and starts $5000 based on an hourly average price $50.
  • Average Complex App – Such app need several screens, appealing user interactions and content. Such app needs around 200-250 hours and estimated cost will be $10000 considering an average hour price $50. A popular chat app, Whatsapp comes under this category.
  • Highly Complex App – App supporting multiple platforms and comprises several rich features cost higher. For designing a complex app, it requires more than 400 hours and it cost $20000 and more as per an average price $50 per hour.

Comprehending app concept thoroughly is essential in deciding accurate cost for designing and development. The other factors that influence app cost includes app quality, processes, platforms, design approaches, features and functionality used, visual design, specialists, app type and several others. When it comes to finding an affordable company for mobile app development, better you consider an expertise and experienced of a mobile app development company.

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Deciding cost to design a mobile app require several factors to think about. From validating concept to stunning UI/UX design as well as finding a target audience to define the appropriate design theme, mobile platform, app type, quality, geographic location, app complexity, features, custom elements and several other factors influence the cost of designing a mobile app.

Demand for designing an app similar to your rivals is never a good option in building an app. Better you provide innovative and stunning app designs compared to your rivals help you to gain good returns on your investment.

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