Why Mobile Apps Becoming a Necessity for The Sports Industry

We are all aware that the numbers of sports enthusiasts have multiplied over the years. This becomes prevalent when we perceive the spectators thronging at the various sports events cheering aloud for their favourite team and players. However, all fans and sports lovers cannot visit the stadium to witness the live and electrifying atmosphere. But the fascinating sports based mobile apps have come to their rescue to a great extent. Now let’s take a look at few statistics. One of the stats shows that there has been an increase of 74% in the growth of sports app every year.

In fact, according to IronSource, the year 2016 saw a drastic hike in popularity of these apps due to sporting events like MLB, NBA Playoffs, Copa America and Rio Olympics. They are also getting downloaded because the users can have an access to live streaming videos and updates regarding the match. And if you are planning to develop a sports app, then a very flourishing future is awaiting for your business. You will be extremely pleased to note that Forbes has predicted that the global market in the sports industry is expected to reach at $73.5 billion by the next couple of years in 2019.

So, whether you are developing the mobile applications for the football freaks, cricket crazy followers or some mega sporting event like the World Cups, it is imperative to note the reasons for increasing popularity of sports apps.

Watching Live Streaming Videos to Remain Updated

live streaming

One of the prime reasons why most of the avid sports lovers just cannot shun away from downloading and installing the sports apps is because it offers them access to live streaming videos. Now let’s take the instance of India where cricket is considered to be more than just a game.

People who cannot hook into the television sets especially when they are away from home can get the updated score and also watch the match live on their mobile phones.

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Staying Connected With Their Favorite Team and Players

The ardent fans supporting their team just love to extend their support to their teams and plays on and off the field. The sports app offers this wonderful opportunity which helps in promoting the overall team spirit and motivates the players before any big event.

Sports Apps Provides Access to Customized Content

People following various sports events always like to get informed about what’s happening on the ground. The sports apps are one medium that offers them reliable information about the status of the game. Not only they can know who’s winning the match, but also get the statistics related to the game before the start of the match.

For example, ESPNcricinfo offers score alerts and analytical comparison between two opponent teams.

Acts as a Robust Marketing Tool

One of the key mottos in developing an app is earning profit in the business. So, sports app can also perform the role of a marketing agent in enhancing your business profitability. It also promotes the team especially the famous clubs who can sell their various items to the respected fans through the mobile app.

Factors to be Considered Before Developing Sports Apps

Although you are familiar that sports apps have certainly become the focal point nowadays in the app market, but still you have to consider a few vital aspects before developing and launching the sports application.

sports by country

Now, if you have decided upon creating a sports app, then you have to take into consideration the most popular sport played and followed in a particular country. For instance, cricket apps are extremely popular in Indian subcontinent regions including its neighbours like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Similarly, you fill find diehard soccer fans in Europe and South American continent. Baseball and basketball is popular in US.

These are your potential audiences and customers who would download your app.

Other Apps Already Available in the App Store

sports apps play store

After choosing the sport for which you want to create the app, it’s now time to divert on attention on searching for the apps which have become established names amongst the users. It will be viable to check the rating of the apps besides its reviews and the number of total downloads. It can be illustrated through an example.

A study conducted in the US revealed that National Basketball Association (NBA) team have 53.3% official apps, whereas, National Hockey League and National Football League offers 30 official apps each to their fans.

Getting Acquainted With Specific Customer Needs

You also have to note down the specific needs of the users while creating the app. You can get this information while going through the reviews and feedback of the clients left for other apps. Adding those particular features will give you an upper advantage over others and this will also promote the app as well.

Types of Sports Based Apps

If one has to take about the type of sports based app, then there are primarily two types of such apps:

  • Dedicated Apps
  • Aggregator apps

Dedicated Apps are those which are specifically built for any team or any club. They are created to promote such teams and to develop more fans. One can cite the examples of IPL teams such as Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Knight Riders. They are available in English and Hindi and offer personalized information on various subjects.

Aggregator apps are those which offer comprehensive information about various teams, upcoming tournaments and matches, stadiums, tickets and so on. You get all relevant info at one place. The ESPN app or the English Premier League (EPL) are apt examples which fall within this category.

Must Have Features for the Sports Mobile App

The mobile apps become prominent or lose out to the competition all because of their specific features. So, you also must know what features to add to get the focus of users.

Instant Updated News

The mobile app should provide instant updated news to sports followers in real time in minimum number of words. The news should be presented in an attractive way and it must be readable. You can also add the relevant push notifications depending upon the user behaviour.

Choice of the Language

You can make your app supportive to multiple languages for different countries. Like For India it can be English and Hindi. Similarly if the user gets info in his mother tongue, then the chances of downloading becomes more prevalent.

Hassle-free Access and Quick Swiping

The app should provide a hassle-free access to the user. It should not get hacked specifically when the person is watching the match live. It should offer quick swiping while reading the content.

The Concluding Lines

The Sports is need of the hour as people are really excited and enthusiastic regarding different sport events. So, if you provide them with one handy application, they won’t have to think as to what is happening on the fields. They will not be missing the golden goal of Cristiano Ronaldo or six hit by MS Dhoni. They would always stay connected with latest updates and news.

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