Foodies in Nepal were in search of such a thing from were they can get an accurate information about nearby restaurant, food menus, and ongoing offers in their favourite restaurants without visiting them. Moreover foodies weren't aware of the newest restaurant in their city and they sometimes missed the new delicious taste. Alash..! There were no satisfactory place from where Nepali food lover can get the correct restaurant information and the offers suits to their pocket. In the absence of the such a information provider the resident of Nepal, Mr. Rahul Bajaj got an idea of having such a platform from where user can get information about the restaurant, the menus served in it, pricings and ongoing deals. He also looked forward to give more analytical information such as how far the restaurant is and which were the new restaurant nearby them. He thought to merge his Food Passion with information technology and make it available for all the Nepal foodies.



Mindinventory is utilizing the insights provided by Mr. Bajaj to measure and refine its technology strategies while taking pressure off its in-house IT group.


“With the ticking clock the old turns to dust replacing with the trending ones. Where each and every business need to have an aspect evolution in their Business Model as per the law of Survival of the Fittest”.
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When Mindinventory team was hired as the Technology Partner for Bhojdeals, Bhojdeals needed a tool that could provide significant ROI for all of their digital information and offers without loosing their user’s interest. The BD team was shifting its focus to the new ways of presenting it's offers & information, which can be accomplished with the mobile application engineering on different platforms identifying the Nepal’s trend.

Mindinventory needs to use the latest and trending technology to assess and analyze activity of each participant and reaction in many different ways.





From ideation to execution - Mindinventory discovered the brand that simply fits and leaves an impression in the minds of Bhojdeal’s audience.


Concept Wireframing/Design

Smart & Systematic System Design Concepts and Tools to synchronize mobile application users with Bhojdeals Staff, Restaurant Managers and Rider in a uniform platform. The Simplex and Intelligible system designing made an easy maintenance and high viability.


Product Development

Mindinventory developed both android and iOS applications for the client along with the web-back-end portal for admin & staff panel. Automated the connection of the mobile applications, back-end and staff panel with the on-demand statistical reports, regular performance reports, automatic order alerts, food-order processing, for managing the each detail of the application.

Performance and Scalability Testing

Mindinventory developed an end to end process to test and Quality check at each and every stage of the product life cycle. The engagement also included verification & validation testing on synchronizing the mobile application with backend system, checking the server capacity with multiple users for performance, to assure reliability of the product.


Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Mindinventory team is already working with Bhojdeal's Team to enhance and maintain its Order Delivery functionality, and also proposed the idea for the security-enhancement, application performance improvement and recommendation system for cloud based call handling system for Bhojdeal’s call


The newly integrated application has given Bhojdeals a much better way to promote the restaurant information and food ordering- delivery services.