Advantages of Using Golang for Your Next Web Application Project

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  • December 12, 2018

At a time when there are wide spectrums of programming languages, the mobile and web app developers choose the one that suitably fits best into the project. You can also say that the developers may also opt for the programming language based on their preference and expertise.

However, amid all, Golang or the Go programming language developed by Google has come to the forefront. It’s not that Go is a recently introduced language. It has already made its inception in 2009, which is close to a decade.

According to the TIOBE Index for Go, there has been a steady increase in the popularity of the Go language in September 2017, compared to the previous year. It ranked the 17th position on the monthly list jumping two places higher from the 19th position.

In fact, according to a report published on a website, Google’s Go has outperformed some other major players including Java, C, and Python programming languages. This useful information is quite interesting to note and at the same time will also encourage other developers to choose Go language in their next project.

But before we dig into what advantages does Golang offer, let’s shed some more light on the programming language. One has to credit the trio Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson; the Google engineers for developing this amazing language.

It is basically a statically typed, syntactically, and compiled language, which is quite similar with the C. Its major benefits include memory safety garbage, CSP-style currency, and structural typing along with the others, which would be discussed shortly.

One can estimate the popularity of the Go programming language from the fact that some top-notch giants including Google, IBM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Docker etc are using this programming language.

Indeed, some of the big media houses such as BBC, The New York Times, and The Economist are also not lagging behind in employing the Go language.

GoDoc Offers Easy and Good Documentation

We are aware that documentation plays a crucial role in application coding and one should always try to simplify the process. Now, Golang offers the advantage of the GoDoc, which is known to be more than a useful tool in developing the documentation pages.

It offers static coding and the developer feels blessed because he does not have to use any other additional languages such as JavaDoc, PHPDoc, or JSDoc for the annotation of development. Merely using simple English is enough.

It is interesting to note that GoDoc is the single documentation engine, which is employed by the entire community. Another important point is that each of the application or the library available in Go uses the similar format of documentation saving a lot of time in this process.

Offers Enhanced Performance

It has been indicated earlier that Go has performed much better in comparison to the other programming languages including Python. In fact, Golang is even faster than the Python version 2 and 3.

One of the obvious reasons why Go has performed well is due to the presence of higher CPU scalability and concurrency model. Goroutine also offers affordable resources as against Python Threads, which is about 10 times more costly if you have to process some internal request. This definitely will save your resources or the Memory CPU.

Can Compile into a Single Binary

Go is basically more of a complied language and the Google engineers have done something commendable. It combines the entire dependencies, libraries and modules in one binary depending on the Operating System and architecture you are using for the static linking process.

For example, if you have a Linux X86 CPU in your laptop, and you want to compile your backend application, you will have to only upload the compiled binary into the server and there is no need to install the dependencies.

Go Does Not Need Web Frameworks

Go is an amazing programming language developed in a unique manner so that it does not require any support of the third-party library or the web frameworks. This is mainly due to the fact that it contains wide range of tools, which receive ample support from the native language core.

We can cite the examples of http, html, json, and templating built-in native languages. This helps for building complicated API services without the need to search for the library on GitHub.

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Assistance for the IDE and Debugging

When you want to switch or replace your programming language, you would need the IDE extensive support. In fact, IDE is a great software development application and asset that can reduce your coding time up to about 80%.

For instance, you have Go Plugin For JetBrains IDEA support the Webstorm, PHPStorm, etc. You would receive full and comprehensive help from the plugin while working on the project development.

Benefit of Static System

If you are into building a large scale and complex application, then you would need the support of type system. Again here Go proves superior than Python as it later may have some issue with using of variable as an integer and getting string as an outcome. However, Golang is there to solve the issue as it gets familiar about it during the compilation time as a compiler error.

Golang is an Open-Source Language

One of the factors that go into the favor of the Go programming language is the open-source. The fact that it was introduced by none other than Google also becomes a major plus point for the Go. Google had released it with the aim of simplifying the complex development process and to also meet their cloud expectations.

Certainly, there cannot be a doubt that it has been highly successful. The developers can also use the programming language Go for building gaming apps as well along with various software development.

Go is Quicker on Many Fronts

Golang is one of those integrated languages that offers you speed and accuracy on many fronts whether you are writing codes for a program, compiling the codes and documents, deploying and running the program.

Not to mention that many developers have switched on to Golang because it’s easier and faster to learn as well. Moreover, Go can also be useful for a client who has a tight budget in hand.

Good Support of the Large Community

It is quite evident that Golang as a programming language is growing rapidly and one of the significant reasons pertaining to it is the support of large community. It is surprising to note that Golang has received such a good response in less than a decade since it came to the forefront. You get a lot of support from the community. For example, you can find a number of codes on GitHub. The additional bonus is that you can easily learn the language.

Go is a Modern Language

Google had launched Golang as a modern programming to solve the cloud computing issues. It has been rightly identified as one of the future-based technology. It also sorted the issues of the modern hardware architecture ass well.


Golang has already created a buzz around web development industry. It offers a plethora of advantages apart from supporting the multiple platforms along with the cross-platform development. It has made development much easier for the developers and that’s the reason why many are drifting towards Golang Development.

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