Bipin Mishra

Bipin Mishra

Bipin Mishra is a Web Team Leader at MindInventory. He started his career as a PHP developer and have an expertise in AWS, GoLang, Node.js, Linux Administration, Angular, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, ReactJS and many other back-end technology frameworks. Apart from this he is also a good backend engineer with microservices based architecture, database engineer and technical operator.

Role of DevOps in SaaS product development

How Does DevOps Boost Efficiency in SaaS Product Development?

As apps evolve to meet user needs, DevOps emerges as a crucial force driving their transformation. From enhancing collaboration to automating processes and ensuring continuous delivery, DevOps revolutionizes the SDLC. This blog delves into the role of DevOps in SaaS product development and uncovering best practices tailored for success. Apps are becoming useful and improving […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra January 16, 2024
Synthetic Data Modeling for Business

How Can Your AI-driven Business Benefit From Synthetic Data in 2024?

In this data and AI-driven age, whoever owns more data has much potential to do business impressively, make someone vouch for them, or play their malicious games. While sharing data with someone can seem okay for the personalized experience, it can also cause trouble on the other side due to privacy concerns. Yes, with the […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra November 23, 2023
Pros and Cons of GoLang

GoLang – Pros and Cons of Go language

‘Google’ of modern times has transcended itself in being versatile and more than just a search engine. It has penetrated the world of web services, information, entertainment and communication to deliver solutions that are a technological marvel each. Amid this surge, it has also not forgotten to contribute to the rising need for software productivity […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra October 26, 2023
Golang IDEs & Tools

Top IDEs and Tools for Golang Development

Since its introduction in 2007, Golang, Google’s Go Programming Language has been encountering immense popularity among common users. It’s a new language, considering modern architectures, and made to be effective, competitive, and simple. Generally made for building low-level monoliths for Google, Golang has ultimately proved especially best suited to service-oriented architectures due to its easy […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra October 10, 2023
golang web framework

Top Golang Web Frameworks for Development

Since its launch, Golang (Google’s Go Programming Language) has become a powerful and popular option to write APIs and web services. The mainstream users prefer this programming language after its introduction. After an analysis done in November 2021, almost 75% of the total of 11,840 respondents decided that they will go for Golang either at […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra September 18, 2023
Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry

The use of cloud computing in healthcare has increased a lot by far. During the pandemic, the entire healthcare system had depended on the application of cloud computing. Along with doctors and nurses, every medical institution has reaped the benefits of IT infrastructures. Some perks of the increased use of cloud systems in healthcare include […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra August 28, 2023
Learning management system

How to Develop A Learning Management System (LMS) from Scratch?

Learning is no longer just about referring to heavy-weighted books and making tedious notes of them, neither is it confined to quantifiable categories; anyone can teach anything. If the concept of learning itself is boundaryless, then why would the medium of learning have one? Today, we have come across many robust educational or e-learning portals […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra March 21, 2023
hiring react developers

Factors to Consider When Hiring React Developers for Your Project

Do you want to hire React developers for your next project? However, finding suitable developers who can meet your product development requirements can be challenging. Before hiring a right React developer for your web app development needs, you must decide on the industry experience, skills, and technical expertise. This blog will help you do it […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra April 14, 2022
react and nodejs

React and NodeJS: A Deadly Combination for Web Application Development

Being a popular front-end JavaScript library, React can build engaging user interfaces. On the other hand, Node.js, a server-side JavaScript environment, helps developers create scalable web apps with low latency and high functionality. If we combine React and Node.js, it will be highly advantageous for developers creating full-stack web applications. This blog will explain why you should […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra March 9, 2022
MEAN stack vs MERN stack

MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack: A Comparison Between the Two Tech Stacks

No matter whether you are an IT expert in a company or an entrepreneur who has plans for launching web and mobile apps, the selection of the right technology stack is slightly difficult. And in this regard, you might have come across the comparison between the MEAN stack and MERN stack. The digital world is […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra June 1, 2021
websockets golang

Steps to Follow to Use WebSockets in Golang

We usually send a message and receive an immediate response without refreshing a page. However, earlier, allowing real-time functionality was a big challenge for app developers. After undergoing HTTP long polling and AJAP, the community of developers has ultimately discovered a solution to develop real-time applications. WebSockets have come as the solution to this issue […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra November 29, 2019