The Major Benefits of Choosing Meteor.js for Creating a Startup

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  • January 10, 2019

Meteor or MeteorJS is one of the popular free and open source JavaScript web frameworks that are based on the isomorphic model. It is written in the Node.js and employed for building web and cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

The developers can also implement it with MongoDB. Furthermore, it also helps to publish-subscribe pattern along with the usage of the Distributed Data Protocol. With Meteor, the developer’s job gets simplified as he does not have to write the synchronized codes.

This is because this web framework allows automatic propagation of the data changes to clients. So, it can be said beyond that Meteor.js is one such framework that offers the luxury of saving both times as well as effort.

It accelerates the development process and provides access to wide-ranging libraries, which makes the prototyping of difficult applications look simple.

Since the developers have to indulge in less coding, there are fewer chances of committing mistakes in the project.

Let’s now discuss further the various other pros of using Meteor.js and see why it is considered the optimal framework for your web development project.

1. Meteor.js Allows Usage of Single Language

We have already discussed earlier that Meteor.js has played an important role in simplifying the tasks of the web developers.

Previously, the developers had to undertake the painstaking job of using both the front-end as well as the back-end languages along with the database.

However, the developers feel quite relieved after the arrival of Meteor as they have to now use only one language and that is JavaScript for implementing the front-end, backend, and the database.

This can be further illustrated through an example. Suppose if we are building ‘collection’, which is equal to a SQL table using Meteor then

BlogPosts = new Meteor.collection('posts');

Thus, it lets you develop a collection through a known syntax and you can control the collection with that known syntax as well.

title: 'Hello World',
content: 'This is the content.',
published: true

The use of a single language to build an app is also advantageous from the point that a single line code runs on both front-end and backend to do things differently.

It must be noted that if the code is running at the backend or server, it creates a collection. However, when the codes run at the front-end or the client side by default, it becomes a pure local collection.

2. Offers Facility of Real-Time Applications by Default

The mobile and web development industry is transforming with the emergence of new trends at regular intervals. One of the popular trends witnessed these days is the introduction of real-time web applications.

In fact, social media king Facebook and Twitter have already started offering this benefit to their millions of users. The real-time applications work instinctively and as such the user do not need to open a separate page for carrying out different tasks.

Before the arrival of Meteor.js, building a real-time application was regarded as a tough task but the framework has diminished that thought process. It has got the real-time feature built in its core.

The user template data will upgrade automatically if the database gets updated. If a user is filing and submitting a form, the action takes place in real-time with much ease.

So, when you are creating a web application, you get real-time apps by default.

3. The Smart Package Option is Time Savior

The Meteor.js also offers the benefit of Smart Packages that help in saving a lot of time. Let us know how.

Take, for example, you are building a user accounts system using another framework where you have to follow a long process. But Meteor.js is an exception. Here the accounting system can be created by following code

meteor add accounts-password

When you would run the following code, the Meteor framework would add the smart package to your project. This package needs user sign through their email and password.

For all Twitter, Facebook or Google the basic command remains the same and only the name changes at last.

In addition, the Meteor also offers the accounts-ui package that builds the client-side for the accounts system with a single code

meteor add accounts-ui

Once the accounts system gets the setup, it allows you to undertake any task such as the verifying the signing of current user using your templates.

Apart from that, you can use utilize the smart packages for conduction other functions such as use CoffeeScript for creating applications, the compilation of LESS files into CSS automatically, and implantation of extras including D3.js and Bootstrap.

4. The Extensive Support from Large Community

Well, if you ask any mobile or web application developer, he would probably say that his greatest support lies at the hand of the community of experienced developers related to that specific framework or language.

It is a pleasure to note that Meteor.js has been in the frontline for its extensive support from the large community.

The fact that it offers the advantage of detailed documentation along with rich and helpful resources turns out to be the biggest positives of using this framework. The resources include Crater, Evented Mind, and Kadira etc.

Since it is an easy framework to work on, you don’t have to spend much time learning the basics and Meteor.js is there to stay in the future.

5. Meteor.js Makes Developer’s Life Easier

One of the other bonuses that make Meteor.js, the favorite framework for web developers is that it is tailor-made for them and quite easy to use.

For instance, if we talk about a usual interface of the Meteor app along with the inclusion of template, it would be seen that the developers don’t need to include html tags, JavaScript files, and CSS files.

Also, note that Meteor.js uses Spacebars or Handlebars-supported syntax for the template work. So, Meteor is playing a key role in reducing the work pressure off developers.

And if this is not all to make you delighted, then these details would certainly bring a smile on your face. Firstly, it has a built-in LiveReload feature allowing refreshing the browser on a manual mode.

Secondly, the developers are free to structure their projects according to the requirements. There is no hard and fast rule that they have to follow. The meteor also allows you to go for mix and match component due to its modularity.

6. Faster to Build and Easier to Learn

Today is the age of cutting-edge technology and clients look for an approach which can offer them their product in least time with maximum output. This is where Meteor.js proves to a real asset for developers. You can create a web app within a week or so.

In fact, it is possible as JavaScript is loaded from both sides; client and server. The availability of the Smart Packages also speeds up the development of apps.

As far as learning of the language is concerned, you would find it simpler to learn if you are a fresher. Yes, it’s true that you need to be familiar with a few of JavaScript variable loop conditionals such as JSON but you don’t need to be a JavaScript proficient.

And what’s more important is that you also don’t need any previous experience for learning and using the programming language. Mere familiarity with one language is sufficient.

7.  Converting Web Apps into Smartphone Apps

If you are looking to convert your web apps into Smartphone apps, you can take the help of Meteor.js without any hesitation. The web apps turn into Smartphone apps using the Cordova platform.

Besides, you can even create native apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It allows you to implement native functions such as camera, GPS etc.

The Bottom Line

Although Meteor.js has received a positive response from the worldwide developers it is still new in the dictionary of JavaScript frameworks. It is slowing and steadily gaining the ground and offers a spectrum of benefits.

One of the major aspects is that it has simplified the work of developers and offers wide support from the community.  It makes development faster and project more scalable.

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