Rahul Gauswami

Rahul Gauswami

Rahul Gauswami is a Team Lead at MindInventory and having skilled in PHP, Laravel, MYSQL, Postgres, GoLang, Node.js, ReactJS, Next.js, Microservices, and WordPress.

top nodejs frameworks

Top 10 Node.js Frameworks: Which One To Choose?

Node.js frameworks play a crucial role in streamlining the web and API development process. Node.js offers a wide variety of frameworks, each with unique features and benefits. This blog lists some of the top Node.js frameworks, their features, and more that you can consider for your project. One of the biggest challenges that web developers […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami June 17, 2024
nodejs pros and cons

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js Web App Development

There shouldn’t be any second thoughts over JavaScript being regarded as one of the most popular and widely used client-side programming languages. It is basically employed as a web front-end development tool and proves to be more than a handy customer for the building of cross-development platforms. In addition to that, it has also earned […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami August 10, 2023
rest api development

10 Best Practices to Follow for REST API Development

An API is a set of rules that determine how apps or devices communicate and connect with each other. Tech giants like Facebook, GitHub, and Netflix are the leaders of this show as they are hiring developers with open arms to exploit their data by using APIs. Since APIs help developers communicate with the data, […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami September 20, 2021

Best Practices for Node.js Security

Like any other programming language or framework, Node.js is susceptible to every type of web app exposure. Although the basis of Node.js is secure, third-party packages may need more security standards to safeguard your web app. The study says that 14% of the NPM (Node Package Manager) ecosystem is impacted and 54% of the NPM […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami April 15, 2021
nodejs for web app development

Why Choose Node.js for Your Next Web App Development Project

Selecting the right web app development technology can be a tedious job. After all, many programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are available these days in the market making it slightly difficult for entrepreneurs or business owners to choose one. Maintaining efficiency is one of the main factors to consider at the time of web app […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami October 30, 2020

Node.js 14 Brings Improved Features to Speed up App Development

Nowadays, Node.js is one of the most popular developer tools, as it offers a JavaScript runtime environment for app development. A new version of Node.js server-side JavaScript runtime engine is launched every year. We are highly excited to declare that Node.js 14 was launched on April 21, 2020. This latest version brings several features and […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami May 4, 2020

Top Reasons Why Node.js is Perfect for Enterprise App Development

Businesses in today’s world face cutthroat competition where quick action is the key to success. Thus, having a swift and secure way to develop web apps is no longer an option; it’s a requisite. Decision making has to be on point and speedy. This is where Node.js proves its excellence. Where enterprise applications must uphold […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami April 13, 2020

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a React Native App

Apps have taken over our lives. As per Statista, so far, over 204 billion apps have been downloaded in 2019. It comes as no surprise that the app industry is thriving, and many speculate that it will continue reaping high profits in the future as well! As more and more people adopt smartphones and hence […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami January 31, 2020

How to Create PWA With React Native?

It was the summer of 2008 when the Apple App Store made its debut with 500 applications. In just one week, the App Store saw more than 10 million apps downloads. The tech slang ‘App’ became so popular that it was voted as the ‘Word of the Year’ in 2010 by the American Dialect Society. […]

Rahul Gauswami Rahul Gauswami December 30, 2019