Vijay Sadhu

Vijay Sadhu

Vijay Sadhu is a dynamic team lead at Mindinventory, boasting over 5 years of hands-on experience in frontend architecture. Specializing in cutting-edge technologies including React.js (Next), Vue.js (Nuxt), Angular, HTML/CSS, Redux, GraphQL, Three.js, Firebase, AWS, and Node.js

Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

Best Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks to Use in 2024

With Vue.js continuing to gain popularity and maturity, developers are presented with a wealth of options when it comes to selecting UI libraries and frameworks to power their projects. Often, they get confused while choosing the best Vue UI component library for their project. This blog will make this task easy for them and help […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu May 13, 2024
Latest web development trends

17 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Staying relevant with the trends is important, especially when it comes to business-specific websites and web apps, as it helps you serve your target users better and increase repeat user rates. In this blog, we have gathered the latest web development trends that you should consider for your next website upgrade phase in 2024. The […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu August 18, 2023
Choose ReactJS for Enterprise App Development

Why is ReactJS the Ultimate Choice for Enterprise-Level App Development?

Speed and effectiveness have become a necessity for businesses nowadays to stand out from this crowded market with their unique value propositions and digital presence. Specifically, in the requirement of developing enterprise apps, finding and utilizing the right-fit front-end technology adds more value to it along with your creative design standards. As the front-end technology […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu April 4, 2023
Angular 13

Angular 13 Released: Top New Features and Updates You Need to Know

Angular launched the all-new Angular 13 on November 3, 2021. Considering all the previous releases, we can say it is one of the most streamlined and previously planned upgrades for a broadly accepted TypeScript-based web framework. The release has brought several essential updates that can be useful for Angular development. If you want a comprehensive […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu January 30, 2023
Angular 14

Angular 14: All the Important Features and Updates

Angular, a typescript-based web application framework is Google’s one of the brilliant creations. It has released its latest version which is Angular 14. Here we’re going to talk about what Angular 14 has brought for Angular developers in terms of updates and features. Let’s get started with it without any further delay. What is New […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu June 13, 2022
JavaScript Frameworks

Top Frontend Frameworks for Web Development in 2024

As the trends and technology in web application development are escalating, the dominance of JavaScript frameworks continue to ascend further up. More and more developers worldwide have started to believe that JavaScript is one of the most efficient programming languages for building web applications. One of the major reasons for this probable change is the […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu July 25, 2018

Why ReactJS Has Gained the Spotlight Amongst Developers

ReactJS is one of the most used open-source JavaScript libraries that helps in creating impressive web apps requiring minimal effort and coding. The key objective of ReactJS is also developing engaging User Interfaces (UI) that improve the speed of the apps. One of the prominent factors that go in the favor of ReactJS is that […]

Vijay Sadhu Vijay Sadhu July 6, 2018