Rushi Patel

Rushi Patel is a Team Lead at MindInventory and having skilled in NodeJs • React • VueJs • Angular • IONIC • NuxtJs • NextJs • Koa • Laravel • PHP • React Native • MySQL • Postgres • MongoDB • GraphQL • Prisma • Microservices

Rushi Patel

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Angular vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2023?

In the world of front-end development, JavaScript frameworks are always in trend. They not just create cross-platform apps easily...

Jun 14 · 7 min read >

Top 6 Backend Frameworks for Web App Development in 2023

When it comes to digital presence, we all first think of searching for the respective business website we hear...

May 2 · 12 min read >

10 Biggest Cloud Computing Challenges in 2023 for IT Service Providers

You may already have heard about the term ‘Cloud Computing’. Hence, put in brief, cloud computing implies preserving, accessing,...

Apr 24 · 6 min read >

Top 13 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out in 2023

Cloud computing is one of those dynamic industries that is always on the hotfoot to grow. Because it develops...

Mar 17 · 5 min read >

B2B SaaS Integration: Why Need It and How Can Your Business Achieve It?

Welcome to the business world of subscription commerce! Are you a business offering online services to other businesses or...

Mar 2 · 14 min read >

Python vs PHP: Which One to Choose for Web Development?

Choosing the right programming language is very important for any development project. The technology you choose for your project...

Jan 25 · 9 min read >

Why did Walmart and Skype Choose React Native for Their App?

A successful application is the blend of smooth and functional UI, seamless navigation, great responsiveness, and, most importantly, the...

Dec 27 · 11 min read >

Why is Micro Frontend Architecture an Apt Solution for Startups to Build a Scalable Frontend?

The micro frontend is quite all the rage for a long while now. The reason behind its upswing community...

Dec 14 · 11 min read >

How to Choose The Right Front-End Framework For Your Next Web Development Project?

Have you ever wondered why Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc., like top-notch online service providers, are so famous? Of course,...

Nov 29 · 15 min read >

Best Practices to Make Your React Website SEO-friendly

The higher your website ranks, the better the amount of traffic you get on the same, and ultimately there...

Nov 29 · 10 min read >

DevOps & DevSecOps: What Are the Key Differences Between the Two?

The terms DevOps and DevSecOps have been in the air of technology for a long time. But, still, the...

Nov 4 · 10 min read >