Benefits of Having Geolocation in Your Mobile App

The mobile based technology is constantly getting upgraded with each passing day and as such the users are watching a new feature being added in the mobile applications.

The Geo-Location is one such technology which helps in determining and identifying the exact location of any device such as a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, radar and so on.

In fact, it is similar to that of Global Positioning System (GPS) in some ways, but there is a difference. It utilizes the cell site triangulation apart from GPS to detect the location.

According to Mobile App Market trends and analysis, the 2017 will perceive the emergence of Location Based Service (LBS), besides the present GPS. This will prove to be a boon for the users as it will provide real-time information.

Geo-location can be used for a number of applications. In fact, it has been rightly identified as the backbone for several businesses, without which it will be nearly impossible for the owners to operate it.

One of the optimal illustrations that one can put forward in this case is cab based apps such as Uber or Ola.

There is no denial to the fact that it has also brought a crucial change in the marketing strategies. In addition, the retail industry can also benefit from it by knowing the location of the customer and getting familiar with his or her purchase history.

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You can spot the location of a place on the map through geo-location. For instance, if you are searching for a particular address of a building on a map, you only need to put an element in the online space of the map, which contextualize it. The Google Map is based on this principle, where the site gets marked adding context to the location.

Now, before we move on to the main course of discussion, and focus on the importance of geo-location in the apps, first let’s throw some eminent light on important data and statistics based on the location apps.

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey on location based services and it came to the following inferences. About 74% of the adult Smartphone users use geo-location to get the directions and other information based on their current location.

About 30% of people have got their social media platforms linked with their posts and this figure is expected to go up. The findings also informed that around 12% of the users use geo-location to track a certain spot or they like to share their location with the friends.

So, now that we have adequate statistics, let’s find out the reasons as why geo-location becomes a necessary feature in your mobile app.

1. The Taxi and Cab Industry

If a person is booking a cab from a certain point to any destination, he uses the geo-location services with or without knowledge. The Geo-location uses your location adding value to it and refers to it as the pickup location.

The same procedure is followed in the case of destination spot which is called drop-in location. The fare generated for the journey is also based on the geo-location.

Today, taking rides in taxis and booking them online has become much more simplified than earlier.

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2. The Augmented Reality Games and their Popularity

It is surprising to note that geo-location has had a great impact on the augmented reality games. This trend gained a good momentum in the 2016.

One of the best examples that can be exhibited in this context is Pokémon Go. The geo-location based game became a huge hit and was downloaded by millions of people all around the world. It showed the effectiveness of geolocation when the user becomes more localized.

3. Online Order and Delivery of Food Items

Today we all use Smartphones or other devices to place order for online food delivery. There are a number of food delivery apps where an individual can track the status of food and know how far it has reached.

You can know the exact location with the help of geolocation. If there is any delivery charge then it is calculated based on the distance travelled. Moreover, geolocation is also helpful in tracing any nearby restaurants.

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4. Tracking of Products Brought via E-commerce Site

Geolocation is again very handy in tracking the location of your items, which you have purchased from any e-commerce website.

You can get familiar with when your item is getting shipped and when you would be receiving it. Here also if there are any shipping charges, then it is done with the help of geolocation only.

5. Benefits of Having Geolocation for offline business

If you thought that geolocation is a win-win situation only for online business or e-commerce sites, then you might have to think again. Yes, even the offline business owners can maximize their benefits through the location based apps.

It helps the retail and mCommerce industry to track the location of their customers and offer better improved services. In fact, many indoor location technologies can also be found.

6. Helps to Flourish the Dating Industry

The geolocation services also lending its helping hand to the dating industry, which helps it in flourishing.

Most of the popular dating apps feature helps the user to find nearby dates. It also helps in finding the distance range in setting for the dates. All this is possible because of the location based apps.

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7. Helps connecting you to Your Neighbourhood

There are some geolocation apps which help in establishing connection with your neighbours. You get to know the person living next to you a much better way. In fact, it has attracted a large number of audiences.

8. Time Based and Memory Apps

Geolocation Apps also render their service when the person reaches the location. It then works with Global Positioning System (GPS).

The individual gets a reminder via push notification once he reaches the spot. They prove to be of great help when the person is not aware of the exact location he has to go.

9. Helps to Track Sporting Activities

Geolocation apps can collaborate well with the health and fitness based apps to track the sporting activities such as running, swimming, cycling etc.

It uses the GPS data to achieve that end. The users are getting aware of this fact and have started appreciating it.

10. Venue Recommendation and Navigation Tool

Geolocation apps can also suggest different venues to the users depending on the place they want to go. It also provides them reviews of those places.

But it is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best navigation tools and always tells the traveler the right path to choose while on road.


The Geo-Location Apps are more than handy and useful and it has also been observed that their vitality has increased over the years. It is completely based on the modern and advanced technology, offering its services to various industries.

The business owners have been able to interact with their customers effectively through its feature. However, at the same time you need to ensure user security as well.

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