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The Ultimate Guide to Develop a Language Learning App

Learning a new language has become a trend nowadays. The craze of learning a foreign language while being at home is growing continuously as different people globally want to learn different languages. Some of them seek interesting and effective ways of learning new languages, while others try to find the absolute solution, especially by making education web and mobile platforms.

However, it’s not completely easy to learn a foreign language as the process becomes tiresome that many people like to give up on it. The good news is that the rise of easy-to-use language learning apps is making the process seamless. With these apps, learning becomes exciting and easy for people to try out unlimited languages.

Whether you need to learn English, Chinese, Spanish, French, or German for business purposes or personal cause, you can use such apps with no difficulty. Moreover, these apps are very good income sources for their owners. Duolingo is one such great example.

The Global Market Scenario for Language Learning Apps

As per Technavio Analysis, the worldwide language learning market to develop at a CAGR of approx 18% amid the prediction period of 2020 to 2024. The AI-enabled chatbots will be the latest trend to help users in digital language learning that is seen in applications like Duolingo.

language learning market

The acceptance of AI in language learning is efficiently lowering the learning time. The curriculum provided by these applications is becoming more appropriate for user requirements. When it comes to learning languages, they personalize for the users and their choices.

The convenience of this app is one of the key reasons for this growing popularity. The flexibility of learning and cost advantages make this app feasible for users to learn new languages online, instead of going to a class and learn them.

Since the market for language learning apps is growing daily. Hence this will be the best scope for you to plan about building a prosperous language learning app and make money from it.

Top Features to Ponder While Building a Language Learning App

Now, let’s take a look at the best features of language learning mobile apps!

1. Register/Log In

You need to maintain the authorization system to build a language learning app. A user needs to answer some questions like name, email, gender, and age; enter the password and it’s done! To ease the entire procedure, you can add the capacity of authorizing using social accounts.

2. User Profile

To use a language learning app, users need to create accounts and fill out their profiles with data. Apps like Duolingo may ask for the following information:

  • Information associated with the individual’s identity like photo, sex, and age.
  • A language to choose for studying
  • Setting up a daily target
  • Particularize the language level

3. The Learn Screen

It’s a Dashboard that enables users to follow their achievements and incorporates tools for the learning procedure itself.

Learning procedure

When a user sets up a daily target, he needs to perform a specific number of exercises daily to get a fixed number of points. The user gets rewards by meeting tasks successfully and can use those reward points in the Shop.

Apps like Duolingo provide many types of lessons. You can add these lessons to make your language learning app interesting and exciting:

  • Translate of an audio phrase
  • Select the pair of languages
  • Choose the precise translation between some text options
  • Select the image
  • Choose the missing word
  • Prompts
  • Translate and Record
  • Compose a particular phrase from suggested words


The learning screen also allows users to check their accomplishments, such as:

  • Gems (reward coins)
  • Crowns
  • Users’ progress

4. Profile & Settings

The personal user profile comprises all data regarding the user and permits him/her to check his/her progress in language training. The profile can be edited so the user can modify his/her data or settings whenever he/she needs it.

5. Online Community

The basic part of the language learning procedure is to provide a platform to the users where they can intercommunicate openly, like a forum, where users can discuss exchange options and lesson topics on different matters to enhance their skills.

6. Shop

This feature provides reward gems gathered amid language training into actual purchases, somehow associated with the usage of Duolingo.

Also, these gems can be not just gathered as a reward but also purchased. If you want to develop a language learning app like Duolingo and earn from it, you can use this feature to monetize the app.

7. Health

This is an interesting feature for a language learning app. You can make mistakes while studying a new language. Apps like Duolingo forces users to try hard during training and learning.

Every mistake the users make weakens their virtual health. In case the health level drops to zero, the user can’t continue the education procedure.

So, users require working on their mistakes first. This method helps users learn in a game format. While building a language learning app like Duolingo, you can think about gamification also.

8. Live Streaming

With the help of functionality where candidates can have live video conferences with real teachers, you can increase their confidence level. Moreover, it will make the self-study procedure more interesting and exciting.

9. Illustration

A great illustration can make everything look better. Hence, add illustrations to the app interface. Apart from making the interface look amazing, it also works as a necessitous element of the user’s learning procedure.

Benefits of Building a Language Learning App Like Duolingo

Now that you have an idea what features to add to your language learning app, let’s discuss the benefits of creating an app like Duolingo.

language learning app benefits

1. Learn Anywhere and Anytime

A language learning app helps your targeted audience learn any of their chosen languages anywhere and anytime as per their feasibility.

In case your users need to try a language in their free time, they can make that time more productive with the language learning solution your app offers.

2. Learn Any Language

One of the big advantages of building a prosperous language learning app like Duolingo is that your users can learn any language, incorporating Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Irish, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.

You can make the language learning fun and simple for your users. Let them participate in various lessons!

3. Amazing User Interface

The sleek and beautiful user interface is another advantage of building a language learning app like Duolingo. In the app, a small little turtle button enables users to listen to a phrase or word’s slow pronunciation.

A slow and clear voice is required in the exercises for the users as it says you to type what to hear. Hence, if you build this app, you can attract many users with the alluring interface of your app that makes it seamless for them to use.

4. Various Kinds of Courses

To reach the most possible targeted audience, you can make various kinds of language courses. You can cover courses for both beginners and advanced learners.

5. Enable Users to Track Their Progress

Building a language learning app enables users to track their progress regularly so they can know where they require improvement.

Users can track their performance and understand how much they have enhanced from their previous performance.

Just make sure to make it simple for the users to receive customized practice and feedback, making them prepared to receive the best classroom guidance.

6. Best Learning in Less Time

The reason why everybody would use your app for language learning is that they don’t have ample time for going to an institute for a regular course. Hence, your app must offer quality learning rapidly.

Users won’t spend many hours on your app. Maximum users can give one hour only. So, within this time, you need to ensure to teach them something relevant and worthy.

This is why the mobile app development companies are helping individuals and businesses make highly functional and robust language learning apps worldwide!

Things to Consider While Developing a Language Learning App

language learning app screens

Knowing the features of a language learning app is not enough. You have to consider some factors before going for building such an app:

1. Making the Learning Better

Since language learning apps are inevitable parts of the educational app sector, there are some basics for learning to ponder while developing such an app.

Auditory Practices

This is utterly important for language learning. You should give your users a scope at speech comprehension with hearing practices. Using audio clips and short videos, you can ensure that the users will get a relevant learning experience.

Introduce Basic Vocabulary Learning

When it comes to vocabulary, language learning apps provide basic learning from the beginning. You will start with fundamental words like apple, boy, girl, woman, man, etc.


Correct pronunciation helps you learn a language properly. So, combine pronunciation teaching on your app using the audio recording. Moreover, you can use chatbots to help users work on their language skills and pronunciation.


Give users a scope for practicing their language skills by offering an in-app community of people who are learning the same languages.

Revision To Remember The Learning

Users are more inclined to skip lessons when it comes to app-based learning. You can send push notifications to remind them for revision.

2. Keeping Users Motivated for Learning Further

When it comes to app-based language learning, many people give up. Hence, you must motivate them with a few techniques.

Increase Encouragement

Encourage users across the app. Whether they give a wrong or right answer, encourage them. Use encouraging animations and messages for doing this.

Introduce Gamification

Make learning fun on your phone. Although playing games is not precisely productive enough behavior, many people would instead play games than to learn new languages online. This is why you should combine gaming and learning procedures for making users interested.

Create Competition

People are highly competitive these days. They want something unique for recognition. And competition is the prime driving force behind every action. So, list competition as a prime element to keep users motivated. Arrange weekly, monthly or daily contests so users can compete for winning something.

3. Helping Users Learn Better

Make sure to keep the app simple enough to help users use it. Not all users are tech-savvy. Hence, you should remember them while developing the app.

One on One Tutoring

It’s difficult to learn language from an app as different languages have different rules. Hence, allow users to speak and consult with a language instructor to clear their confusion.

Appropriate tips All Over the App

Give relevant tips to users all across the app interface to help them understand its functionality. Provide a handy app tutorial. Add an option for closing the tutorials in the Settings section so the old users who already know its function don’t get bothered.

How to Create a Language Learning App

This is the most important part of this blog. Here are the steps you should follow for building a prosperous language learning app:

1. Make Strategies

Before planning out monetization models and features, you should have a rock-solid strategy in your mind. This will help you make the most successful learning app in the market.

2. Use Right Info from Right Sources

You must utilize accurate data from reliable sources. Using inaccurate info makes an app redundant. As a result, people lose faith in the app. Get some expert language specialists on board. Their presence will grow faith in your app.

3. Use an Attractive UI/UX Design

Language learning is a boring and tough procedure. Hence, to make the procedure alluring, you must use an amazing UI/UX design. Keep the UI/UX design classy and clean. Make an easy-to-use interface with proper icons at the proper place.

4. Think about App Modularization

App modularization is a tactic where you can separate functionality into individual interchangeable modules.

So, instead of making a monolithic app structure, create the app using a modular structure, where every module comprises everything it requires for finishing a particular function.
Thereby, choose a modular app structure to save money and update your app easily.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Language Learning App?

Depending on the technologies and features involved and the number of hours spent, you can decide a rough estimate of the cost of building a language learning app. This cost relies on different aspects:

  • Key features
  • Selected platform (Android, iOS, or both)
  • Number of hours spent and App complexity
  • Region of the app development center
  • App development team’s size

The language learning app development cost can be as high as the number of combined technologies. Nevertheless, an application with convenient features can cost around $10000 – $20000 for one platform. If you go for building for both platforms, it may increase up to $40000.

mobile app idea banner

Bottom Lines

As you know, you will require hiring experts for applying your concept of the language learning app. You need to choose the precise format of your app. Next, hire the industry-best app developers. Create a list of needs for the app. And, maintain marketing support. All in all, this is how you can build a prosperous language learning app.

FAQs About Language Learning App

Which are the popular language learning apps?

There are many language learning apps available in the market like Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu, Babbel, Beelinguapp, Mindsnacks, etc.

How to earn money from a language learning app?

There are some ways you can make money from a language learning app like an in-app advertisement, paid subscription, freemium model, etc.

How can your app motivate language learners?

You can use a few motivational techniques to keep users engaged like gamification, increase encouragement, bring on competition, etc.

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