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How to Find the Best Digital Transformation Partner?

Planning to do your business digital transformation? Then, having the right digital transformation partner by your side has its perks in many ways. This blog explores the significance of digital transformation, the pivotal role of a digital transformation services provider in achieving your business goals seamlessly, and how to find the right one.

Are you someone planning to achieve business digital transformation? You definitely want it to go smoothly! Of course, everyone! The reality is – it’s not that smooth for everyone! As per Deloitte’s research, around 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. Well, not every business planning to go digital fails, but there are various factors behind it. And one of them plays a bigger role in not selecting the right digital transformation partner.

Therefore, when want to digitally transform your business, you must find the perfect-fit partner who can help you sail your ship in this digital stream.

With this, you also want to know the importance of the role of the digital transformation partner and the effective way to find the right one. Worry not! This blog is all about that. 

But before we get on to the main point, let’s first understand the need for digital transformation for businesses.

Why Do Businesses Need Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation of a business means entirely rewiring the business operational strategy and changing the way people used to do business with the support of modern digital technology. It’s also important for businesses to thrive in this age where their target audience is highly dependent on digital technologies.

Now, think of a situation in which you’re traveling to a totally new place, and you don’t know the route. What will you do? Without a doubt, open up your digital map, mark your current location, and type in the destination. Easy peasy, right?

Similarly, your business needs digital transformation for the following reasons and do a good job:

  • With the evolution of technology easing our jobs, the expectations of customers have exceeded a lot. So, the digital transformation of your business helps you keep up with customer expectations.
  • Make your business more accessible to your target audience by taking digital transformation as your brightening agent.
  • The sooner your business gains the digital edge with cutting-edge technologies (like AI/ML, IoT, Big data, etc.), the better it is to reap the competitive advantage.
  • With the support of digital technologies, you can streamline almost all of your business processes, which, with efficiency, also offers cost savings in many ways.
  • Before this, making a big business agile used to be a concern, but after this, you can make your business more agile and adaptable.

The Importance of digital transformation in businesses also changes with its types; however, it’s important to each without a doubt.

What are the Success Factors for Digital Transformation?

Taking your business to the digital realm is a huge decision, and for that, you do need to consider the following success factors:

  • Having clear and strategic business transformation goals
  • Having the top-level (C-suite) involved in your journey
  • Having a proper step-by-step process for transformation with proactive monitoring
  • Having a talented and highly experienced digital transformation partner onboard

Why Do You Need A Digital Transformation Partner?

Now that you know about success factors that may help you in your business digital transformation journey, however, managing all perfectly, you need a perfect strategic and managing partner.

The reason is, your digital transformation partner knows all best practices that will help you achieve your digital business goals smoothly. Apart from that, here are the reasons why should select your digital transformation partner wisely:

Business-specific Digital Transformation Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all digital transformation strategy for all types of businesses. Your business is unique, and so the strategy should be. Your partner first studies your business types, operations, and goals and then creates a custom strategy with aligning services that can bring value to your business.

Having your dedicated digital transformation and product development partner is beneficial in many ways, especially in terms of aligning the right technology stack and digital transformation trends that fuel your journey to the digital edge. They also offer the right and expert services to build cutting-edge, scalable applications on which your business relies in this diversified, continuously changing market.

Getting Digital Transformation with Best Practices

Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, best practices work similarly. A strategic digital transformation partner with a wealth of experience across industries, working on a variety of projects on a similar case, will have their learnings from their past executions.

After the discovery of your business needs, they utilize a significant set of digital transformation best practices that may suit your case well with quick resolutions to all possible upcoming queries.

Change Management

Your digitally transformed operations, applications, and services deliver value when they get users to engage with such. Call them a change management partner or digital transformation partner; they learn the way your users engage with your digital business offerings. 

It helps them know what action your business’s approach will take and what is required to get your business onboard with digital change. With each changing paradigm of your business, they know which strategy would go in sync that would benefit your business.

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How to Find the Right Digital Transformation Partner?

We understand that finding your right-fit digital transformation partner can be a huge challenge as you consider many things. Worry not! Not too many; here, we have listed some of the top checklist, which is sufficient to support your search for a digital transformation partner:

Expertise and Proven Track of Record

Finding a partner is a huge decision to make. Therefore, when finalizing the one, you should ask for and check out the following:

  • Their portfolio
  • Success rate they have delivered for the digital transformation journey
  • Experience in achieving internal alignment, experience in fixing existing internal resource issues, and types of support they can provide to your business
  • Must have a history of innovation

Must Understand Your Business Vision

Being a digital transformation company or service provider, they should understand that every business is unique. So, the strategy and best practices to be used by them should be different for every business. They should follow the below-mentioned processes:

  • Before engaging with your project, they should also ask for and understand your business vision
  • They must have a plan ready for the first things that need to be fixed in their business operations
  • Must complete the vision process before suggesting any technical recommendations
  • Then, they should suggest the digital transformation roadmap to take the required business operations digital.

Updated With Modern Technologies

You’re selecting a digital transformation partner, so there should be no doubt about their technical prowess.

Give Attention to Details

Perfection lies in its details. The more details you consider and cover, the better results you can expect. So, while choosing your digital transformation service provider, you must consider their attention to detail, like:

  • Curiosity to understand your business operations
  • Understand the business core ethos
  • Understand business goals

All their curiosity to know all about your business, will help them provide you with the perfect solution. This way, they will not only help you in tech adoption but also integrate the best solution that will benefit your overall business culture.

A Future-proof Digital Transformation Roadmap

Your business transformation journey is ineffective and full of chaos without a proper goal setting and roadmap to achieve those. Having experienced and data-driven insights into your digital transformation project can be very helpful, especially when it comes from professionals dealing with it regularly. Their detailed objectives on this journey will help you define the success of your vision.

However, finding the right one can be a road full of obstacles. Worry not, not now! Consider the  following qualities that your digital transformation partner should have for better results:

  • Must have a proven track record in developing strategic roadmaps undertaking business vision
  • Experience in working on a variety of digital transformation as well as product engineering projects
  • Must be versed in different technologies: the robust legacy ones as well as today’s popular emerging technologies
  • Willingness to track progress toward set goals
  • Must have proven tactical measurements and data-driven approach for evaluating cost-saving and revenue streams

Apart from that, effective and constant communication from your digital transformation partner is a must to stay informed about advancements, challenges, or changes affecting delivery timelines and much more. This will help you to be able to take countermeasures and stay on the track of success.

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How Can MindInventory Be Your Right-fit Digital Transformation Partner?

A decade ago, digital transformation was all about making a digital presence. Today’s successful organizations add that there’s much more to focus on! It’s not only about making business available online through external channels but also optimizing internal operations. Getting a digital transformation can be a complex path to success, and we can help you get all the required help.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, we fuel businesses to excel digitally with our cutting-edge digital transformation services and dedicated support. Also, MindInventory is a leading choice of digital transformation company, following a data, client-centric approach and delivering an exponential return on investment through utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

We are well-known for assisting technology and marketing executives in understanding the potential of digital edge while identifying process gaps and focusing on an insight-driven approach – ultimately guiding businesses toward a fruitful digital landscape.

Schedule a call now to explore digital possibilities our team can help you unlock for your business.

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Mehul Rajput is the CEO & Director of MindInventory. With a visionary mindset, he harnesses his techno-commercial skills and extensive industry experience to empower cross-functional teams. Under his exceptional leadership, the team consistently delivers cutting-edge digital solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of global clients. His commitment to operational excellence has positioned the company as a leader in the field of Digital Transformation, driving innovation and success in every endeavor.