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Build an eLearning Platform Like Coursera

How To Build An eLearning Platform Like Coursera?

In recent times, there has been a surge in demand for online education, the pandemic being the catalyst for it. This trend is continuing to grow, and the revenue projections attest to it. According to a global market insight by Statista, the Online Education market volume is projected to reach US$239.30bn by 2027. With user […]

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani December 6, 2023
AI in Education

AI in Education: How EdTech Startups Can Implement It?

AI tech is the buzzword regardless of the industry. With the introduction of AI, our perspective of conventional processes and systems has changed leaving us intimidated about the endless possibilities it has to offer. The reason for the increasing implementation of AI is the need for personalization, predictive analytics, and more. In the education sector, […]

Kumarpal Nagar Kumarpal Nagar October 16, 2023
Learning management system

How to Develop A Learning Management System (LMS) from Scratch?

Learning is no longer just about referring to heavy-weighted books and making tedious notes of them, neither is it confined to quantifiable categories; anyone can teach anything. If the concept of learning itself is boundaryless, then why would the medium of learning have one? Today, we have come across many robust educational or e-learning portals […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra March 21, 2023
Educational App Ideas

Top Educational App Ideas That Startups Should Check Out In 2024

With the development of new technologies, there is no doubt that conventional ways of learning are getting replaced with online educational platforms. Mobile applications are examples of technological advancements that help make classroom learning more engaging and fun-filled for students. Hence, in this digital era, educational app ideas are the most necessitous things to consider […]

Mehul Rajput Mehul Rajput February 27, 2023
Language learning app

The Ultimate Guide to Develop a Language Learning App

Learning a new language has become a trend nowadays. The craze of learning a foreign language while being at home is growing continuously as different people globally want to learn different languages. Some of them seek interesting and effective ways of learning new languages, while others try to find the absolute solution, especially by making […]

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani August 4, 2021
mobile reading app

How to Develop an Ideal Mobile Reading App

Businesses often look for strong and unique sales channels to grow smoothly. Irrespective of how developing or accomplished a business is, it requires reaching more clients. And it applies to every business – whether it’s a startup or a big publisher, everyone seeks to involve more digital readers, and offline retailers think about going digital. […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal September 23, 2020