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AI in healthcare industry

AI in Healthcare: How Is It Revolutionizing This Critical Industry?

AI in healthcare is maximizing the potential of this industry to save lives in unthinkable ways, from drug research and development to precision medicine, clinical documentation, virtual assistants, and more. This blog post will provide you with insight into the role of Artificial IntelligenceI in healthcare, along with its types, benefits, challenges, and more. With […]

Kumarpal Nagar Kumarpal Nagar February 13, 2024
healthcare technology trends

Top Healthcare App Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

Ever since the adoption of Smartphones and further mobile applications have flooded the market, global industries are on their way to offering their services through the adoption of mobile app development trends. Then why should the healthcare industry stay behind? One of the prominent and visible growths has been in the healthcare industry, which has […]

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani December 17, 2023
How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups

How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups?

If we are talking about intelligence framing the reference of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, the sky is definitely the limit. AI in healthcare has been setting benchmarks for itself to grow consistently. 91.5% of high-scale businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence, as using AI has boosted business productivity by 54%. Looking at healthcare […]

Kumarpal Nagar Kumarpal Nagar October 3, 2023
Digital Transformation in the Healthcare

Why is Digital Transformation Important in the Healthcare Industry?

In the technology-driven world, there’s no wonder that the healthcare industry is undergoing digital transformation, making its core services available online. From calorie tracking and other fitness metrics to consulting doctors online, we have seen many digital healthcare trends becoming a part of our everyday lives. As per Accenture’s 2022 digital health survey, around 97% […]

Mehul Rajput Mehul Rajput September 8, 2023
Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry

The use of cloud computing in healthcare has increased a lot by far. During the pandemic, the entire healthcare system had depended on the application of cloud computing. Along with doctors and nurses, every medical institution has reaped the benefits of IT infrastructures. Some perks of the increased use of cloud systems in healthcare include […]

Bipin Mishra Bipin Mishra August 28, 2023
Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine App Development: How to Make an App Like Doctor on Demand

Now we can order everything on-demand, from personal trainers to taxis to food and doctors also. Although the first 3 on-demand services have been famous for a long, on-demand consultations with medical experts like doctors have not started so long ago. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. And there comes […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal June 26, 2023
Blockchain in healthcare industry

How Blockchain is Advancing The Healthcare Industry in 2024?

The Healthcare industry is one of the extensive markets globally. Every day we wake up and witness a new trend that is launched to change the landscape of the healthcare industry. Of all the cutting-edge technologies, blockchain; particularly in the healthcare industry, has taken the healthcare sector to the next level. The tech giant Mckinsey […]

Mehul Rajput Mehul Rajput May 23, 2023
Chatbots in Healthcare

Chatbots in Healthcare: Top Benefits, Risks and Challenges You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly impacting the healthcare industry as the utilization of chatbots has become popular recently. Organizations are reaping benefits of these AI-enabled virtual agents for automating their routine procedures and provide clients the 24×7 attention in areas like payments, client service, and marketing. As per Statista’s report, the global AI health market size […]

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani March 3, 2023
Guide to Healthcare IT Solution Development

A Definitive Guide to Healthcare IT Solution Development

A CEO’s Guide To Build A Cutting-Edge Healthcare IT Solution The healthcare sector has always been an integral part of our lives. Hence, this industry has continued to evolve, regardless of the reasons.  Adoption of digital mobility solutions is being followed by all available industries, then, “why should the healthcare industry stay away from the […]

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani January 12, 2023
meditation application

Top Guidelines to Create a Meditation App like Calm and Headspace

We live in a rapidly changing world where people lead an economic lifestyle. We are getting continuously engaged in meeting lots of responsibilities. Be it taking care of the family or the job, everybody is accountable for taking care of something. As a result, stress has become a disease of the 21st century that demands […]

Sumeet Thakkar Sumeet Thakkar May 26, 2020