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Beant Singh Duggal is the VP of Sales and a powerhouse of sales strategy and client engagement. With almost two decades of experience working in sales, he has a deep understanding of market dynamics and exceptional negotiation skills. Outside of work, he is a fitness and fashion enthusiast with an admiring and positive aura - everyone would like to have him in a circle.

mobile app development cost

How Much Does a App Development Cost in 2024?

Ever wondered how much it ACTUALLY costs to build your dream app? Building an app can be exciting, but the price tag can be a mystery. Is it a few thousand bucks or hundreds of thousands? This blog dives into the real costs of mobile app development, breaking down the factors that help you plan […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal May 16, 2024
Flutter App Development Cost

Flutter App Development Cost in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Planning to build your dream Flutter app? Ever wondered what it truly costs to develop a top-notch Flutter app in 2024? Dive into our latest blog for a comprehensive breakdown, from initial design to post-launch updates with factors that influence the Flutter app development cost and help you with your budget planning. Flutter is an […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal February 22, 2024
How To Hire Mobile App Developers

How To Hire Mobile App Developers: A Detailed Guide for 2024

Whether you’re running a startup or an established organization, knowing how to hire mobile app developers is essential. This blog takes you through every step of the hiring process, from defining your project requirements to evaluating candidates’ profiles and sealing the deal. Discover the key qualities to look for in potential hires, including technical expertise, […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal February 13, 2024
Guide to Building App Like Robinhood

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Trading App Like Robinhood?

Stock trading app development demand has increased in recent times, owing to Fintech startups using it as a business opportunity to become a part of a multimillion-dollar global trading market, drawing inspiration from the successes of Robinhood and other similar trading apps, with millions of monthly active users. If you’re also exploring how to create […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal February 3, 2024
Fintech app development cost

How To Develop A Fintech App? A Step-By-Step Guide

Fintech app development has become one of the most sought-after opportunities for businesses, given the significant growth of the fintech industry. If you are also looking to develop a fintech app, this blog has you covered. This post provides insight into what fintech is, its future, types, must-have features, key development considerations, fintech app development […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal November 16, 2023
Top real estate app ideas

Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Since real estate is a rapidly-paced industry, it is made for adopting enterprise applications. Real estate businesses not just get pressure for making sales ASAP but also they encounter strong competition. This implies that they need to boost their client experience and capacity of building top-notch trust with clients. Apps are the ideal solutions in […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal October 20, 2023
Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System (HMS): A Comprehensive Development Guide

Hotels have so many tasks in their pipeline to execute! Some of them have different software to do specific tasks, while some use traditional hotel management processes. Now think of a situation where the reception area of your hotel is flooded with guests coming with their inquiries, some staff members asking to do entries, and […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal August 1, 2023
develop app like Instagram

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Social Media App Like Instagram

From sharing daily life updates with social friends to getting morning motivation and entertainment for the boring time, social media platforms have become an essential part of our life. As of April 2023, social media users have surged to the number of 4.8 billion, around 59.9% of the global population. If we consider previous years’ […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal June 27, 2023
Logistics App Features

Key Features Every Logistics App Should Have

The logistics industry serves as the backbone of global trade and a vital pillar of the global economy. In recent years, this sector has undergone a profound technology-driven transformation to the point where we now recognize it as one of the most dynamic and progressive segments of the economy. The logistics industry worldwide is expected […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal March 16, 2023