Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an App Developer

In this digital age, mobile apps are nothing new to users. It is the way they are developed that matters. Hence, it has become essential to come up with the best, most detailed, creative, artistic, fun, informative, yet easily structured app.

As an everyday user of different apps, we know what we are looking for when using that app. And, if that app is not able to provide you with what is required, then you switch to a different one. Well, that is why it is a difficult task to build such an app that is perfect overall.

However, it is also essential to provide the clients with whatever they want through your app.

So, here comes an App developer to the rescue! An app developer is a person who makes and maintains the app for you. This has to be a person with all the technical geeky knowledge.

Importance of an App Developer

As mentioned before, the app developer is responsible for making and maintaining the app. Without this person, you will have no app. Or if you make the app one way or the other, there will be no conversion rate. The app will not be up to the mark.

The reason is that the app developer makes sure that the app is interesting for the audiences. The app appeals to the people and attracts masses only if a proper app developer is there to create it and fix it. This is the reason why an app developer gets 70% of the sales of the app.

Few Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an App Developer

When hiring an offshore app developer, companies often make a few common mistakes that turn up against them only. However, you can avoid such mistakes if you read this blog.

Looking for them only near you

Well, there is an ancient perception that it is safe to look for employees, especially remote basis employees, only near you.

This is just a myth. In reality, it gives you more dimensions to look for when you have not limited your search. A vast area has more talent. Thus, discovering can be helpful.

Companies often make this mistake that they only look for app developers that are inside some feet or yards. What they must do is that they should not make choices on the basis of the locality. Instead, looking everywhere is the solution.

Pro tip: The possibilities are endless, just don’t limit your search to a specific region.

Unable to update the app

Businesses face this most commonly, when app developers are employed, they are unable to upgrade the app. They do not understand that with time, there is always a change required, and thus, the app should be updated after every few months.

This may include providing better services, usage, packages with the app.

However, this mistake of not being able to update an app from time to time can bring your app down. Therefore, the chosen remote app developer should be able to maintain the app timely.

Hence, you should hire those remote developers only who are capable of updating the app timely.

Pro tip: Always hire a remote app developer that update your app on time.

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Not checking testimonials

A background check of the credentials of the app developer is always necessary, when hiring an offshore developer.

When hiring, companies usually make this mistake of not investigating too much into the employee. They only look into the services they are willing to offer, and based on that, they directly give them the job.

This is a big problem in offshore hiring. They are only asked for basic credentials such as name, age, or qualification. Plus, it is difficult to verify their testimonials, and hence, wrong people are selected.

For that reason, no matter how much time or energy it consumes, but you should try first to check every single information they provide you.

Pro tip: Investigate about your offshore developer. Check the testimonials then take the hiring decision.

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Not being able to deliver on every platform

When hiring a remote developer, companies often forget to make sure that they have to provide the application on every platform.

Therefore, an app developer who knows nothing about this detail is hired. Keeping that in mind, they end up making the mistake of hiring people that are not able to do so.

By delivering on every platform, such as Android, iOS, and others, more users use the app. If the offshore app developer is capable of bringing it on every platform, you can surely hire them.

Pro tip: Hire an offshore developer that is able to deliver on every platform.

Not making sure to interview

Just like checking the credential of the offshore developer is a critical aspect of the hiring process.

Similarly, an interview over Skype or Slack is also essential. You may know everything about the developer in a verified writing form, but you can still miss some important information there.

Only when you personally converse with the employee, you will understand the dynamics of their work and attitude.

Hence, it would help if you did not omit the fact that you have to interview the developer before hiring them. It does not matter how it is possible, through a call or personally, but hiring the developer requires a good scheduled interview.

Pro tip: Do not forget to arrange a virtual interview with your chosen remote developer.

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Inexperienced or lack of experience

Experience plays a vital role in the corporate world. Whether it is a marketing team, finance team, HR, or any other employee of the company, it is essential to make sure that they have some experience in work.

It may not be possible to do so every time, so even if the employee is experienced knowledge-wise, you can consider that.

Although, your first step should always be to look for experienced remote developers, who have already dealt with lots of complexities in technical apps.

However, if you are not able to find them, a fully educated developer can also do the job. But, do not make the mistake that most do by hiring incompetent inexperienced or less experienced people because they cannot bring you any benefit.

Pro tip: To keep the boat of your business rowing, hire a remote app developer that is experienced and has the knowledge to get the job done.

Not preferring skills over the cost

The most common fault made by hirers is that they often consider money as a major factor affecting the hiring process. Price is a secondary department to look at.

Firstly, it is important to make sure the skills of the developer gel well with your expectations. An authentic remote app developer can never cost lesser. An average home-based app developer rates vary from $20 to $99 an hour.

If a developer charges lesser than this, it is imperative that you don’t consider that person. If someone claiming to be so professional, charges such low price, then they are for sure bluffing.

Try to avoid such offers. Hence a little miserliness at that time can cause you much difficulty afterward.

Pro tip: Things worth having comes with a price; hire a remote app developer that doesn’t make fake promises and deliver what they commit.

Being quick in making hiring decisions

Some decisions in life can certainly not be made under pressure of time. Hiring decisions are of utmost importance. Especially, when you are hiring offshore developers, it is important that you do not make a quick decision.

Firstly, meet more options. You will always find better ones. And even if you don’t, you can always come back.

For example, when you go shopping, you do not always buy the first product you see there. You check and see if there are better options. Similarly, while hiring an app developer, you should avoid taking the risk on the first choice only.

Pro tip: Evaluate all the options you have and then hire an app developer that is the best fit for your budget and has the skills needed to get the job done.

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Not understanding that speed comes with limitations

Last but not least, if a developer offers you to create a brilliant app in a very little time, then try to avoid such offers.

Such offers seem very suspicious. And when someone you are not meeting and only conversing through other mediums offers something like this, they seem more doubtful. The reason is that you will not know who this person is in real.

They can make a fraud somehow, and you will never even know how they look or what their real name was.

Hence, in the greed of getting the work done early, it is stupidity to hire an unknown person only based on this. Anyone sitting at home can offer you something, get their work done, and then vanish. So avoid hiring people with such distrustful offers.

Pro tip: Hire those remote developers that provide you with a realistic timeframe and don’t try to hitch you on the web by making enticing offers.

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I have provided you with the most common mistakes one might make when hiring a remote app developer.

Now, it is your job to make sure that no such offshore developer is employed who is incompetent for the job, or cannot be trusted. To err is human; to make corrections after learning is the process.

FAQs About Hiring an App Developer

How much does it cost to hire a developer for an app?

Honestly, there is no straightforward answer to this question because of various factors at play. The cost to hire an app developer depends on many factors like the type of app, development platform, complexity of the design, number of pages, features and functions, location, maintenance cost, etc.

How do I hire an app developer?

Hiring the correct developer might be the most significant part of developing your app. There are many resources to hire an app developer for your projects like LinkedIn, Upwork, and Toptal. But, the most reliable source is hiring an app development company like Mindinventory.

How long does it take to build an app?

Figuring out how long does it take to develop an app will depend on numerous factors like development platform, complexity of the design, features and functionality, testing and many more. On average, it takes around 8-10 weeks to develop a mobile app.

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