Why You Should Develop an Own Radio Station Mobile App

You must be wondering why you need to develop a radio station app when people have a wide spectrum of options to get worldwide news, listening to music, watching videos and movies, etc. But as they say Old is God; and radio is one exclusive and vintage medium that people have fond memories of. At a time when there was no television or the internet, radio was the sole source of information and mass entertainment.

Yes, whether it is listening to the radio news bulletin or the live radio cricket commentary. It is altogether a totally different and unique experience. You cannot compare that excitement and thrill with television.

Ever since radio broadcasting made its inception during World War I, it has become the most vital medium of mass communication. The first radio stations were set up in Pittsburg, New York, and Chicago in 1920. By 1923, there were as many as 450 radio stations sprouted across the United States.

Without any doubt, radio broadcasting has traveled a long way ahead of becoming almost a century older. As the technology digitally transformed, the radio stations first went on to go online and then with the advent and flourishing of mobile applications, it saw another important transition. They are available in the form of mobile apps; meaning you can tune to a radio station using its particular app.

Now, let’s figure out a few specific reasons why creating your own radio station app has become successful trend in the app market.

1. The Market Trends and Statistics

If you think that social media, YouTube and television channels have dried out the radio market and listeners, you would be amazed to find out the interesting facts through these statistics.

Statista reports that an average listener tunes to the different radio stations for about 13 hours and 40 minutes approximately in a week.

In fact, according to another website, the radio’s streaming ad is expected to hit around $2.3 billion by 2022. And if these numbers are still not convincing to change your mind then please note that 45% of the users usually recommend favorite radio stations or apps in person.

The report presented by Nielsen Music further excites story. It informs that the audio has performed better in comparison to the video as far as streaming activities far concerned as 54% of all online streaming activates takes place through the radio. In fact, the demand for the music has also increased by 9% as compared to the previous year.

According to Edison Research, the popularity of the online radio constantly surges in the recent few years and this growth is visible in different demographic regions of the world. The Report on Internet Radio Trends indicates that 95% of listeners are tuning to stations by mobile apps.

2. Allowing Additional Access of Audio Stream

The mobile radio application offers you the widest choice of stations to a listener that a traditional radio set or transistor cannot provide due to analogue signaling system. The users also receive high-quality audio streaming, which enhances their experience while listening to music or any other program.

In order to offer that optimal experience, it is recommended to choose AAC+64Kbs streaming quality or higher. The radio app will also let the user to get an access to the additional live radio streaming created to target a particular domain. In short, the users get more access to your content such as the articles, blogs, and interviews etc.

3. Compete in the Market

Since you are a mobile app owner, you have to face a stern competition because the numbers of mobile apps have increased excessively specifically in the on-demand market domain. This competition is getting tougher as new players are entering the field.

For instance, Apple’s entry with the music streaming app has already created a lot of buzz around. However, if you want to surpass every other app then make sure that you offer something extraordinary that draws the attention of the listeners and plan your strategy differently.

4. Acts as the Best Promotional Tool

We all know that radio has been one of the most important medium for advertising products and services. Now with a radio app, you would be able to send targeted messages to potential listeners if there is any promotional offer or customer reward. The message would reach each listener and you don’t need to employ any other marketing tool.

If you want you can restrict the geographical boundary of your target listeners to whom you want to send the message. Another method is employing the tactics of similar to beacon technology wherein you send the message to the user if your promotional campaign in close proximity with the user device.

5. Radio App a Revenue Yielding Business

Every business entrepreneur who literally invests in the mobile application expects to get optimal Return on Investment (ROI) from the app. And be rest assured that if you are banking on the radio app, you would reap good profitable revenue.

We have already discussed earlier that the revenue of online radio app have amplified in the recent years. One of the major reasons leading to this increment is the app monetization plans and policies.

According to a statistic, the Internet radio ads will comprise 20% of all radio industry revenue by 2020. In fact, a column has been published in the renowned magazine Forbes which says that advertisement on internet radios will be the next big thing for the businesses.

6. Radio Apps Better Than Websites

In a debate about which is better; a radio mobile application or a website; the former excels over the later. This is because websites are less responsive and have few features in comparison to the apps.

Secondly, the apps tend to offer far better User Experience (UX). The radio apps built on native platform provide advantages including background streaming and notifications. The apps are also more interactive as well.

7. The Facility of App Customization

One of the major factors that can push more traffic to your app is adding the element of customization and making it more personal. The radio app offers that facility where you can customize a large number of playlist configurations. The app should be able guess the user preferences.

You can redefine the feature of customization with the addition of AI-powered algorithms so that it can guess more appropriately.

8. Offering On-Demand Content

The radio app also provides the benefit of on-demand content such as listening to live streaming music or renowned DJs on the floor. The app also provides the option of streaming podcasts that have gained popularity in the recent times. According to an estimate, about 57% of the Americans said that they prefer listening to podcasts on the monthly basis.

Summing the Discussion

Radio has been and will remain very special for the worldwide listeners and its craze is never going to fade out. Walking shoulder to shoulder with the advanced technology will always offer the optimum outcome for your business and therefore, ending up with the decision to build a radio station mobile app is viable considering the bright future of online radio industry. It’s your turn now to tune to the right radio channel!

Would you like to build radio station mobile app for your business? Get in touch with our expert app developers now.

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