Akash Patel

Akash Patel is Sr. Android Engineer at Mindinventory. Hardworking and dedicated person, love to explore, always have a big hunger for new knowledge. Proficient in object-oriented design, data structures, problem-solving, complexity analysis, and debugging. Providing oversight and mentorship to a team of developers.

React Native Animation Libraries

Top React Native Animation Libraries and UI Components to Use in 2024

When it comes to enhancing user engagement and interactions in a mobile app, developers create appealing user interfaces and use animations. Since users love using animations while using an app, these can boost user experience more. The same thought goes for react native app development also. A well-crafted UI and animations of some user activities […]

Avatar Akash Patel August 14, 2023
google io 2022

What Google Announced for Developers at Google I/O 2022?

Google I/O is an annual event that Google conducts to announce its biggest software changes and updates. Google I/O 2022 took place from May 11 to 12, bringing with it some significant changes. The event covers some notable declarations for Android developers: Read more to learn about the latest software announcements by Google and make […]

Avatar Akash Patel May 18, 2022
foldable smartphone

How to Develop Apps for Foldable Smartphones?

There were 3.2 billion smartphone users in 2019. And according to Lefttronic, an average smartphone user has over 63 interactions with their phone every day. Another report by IAB revealed that almost 60 percent of online searches now came from mobile devices. So, what do people use their smartphones for? As per report, over 90 […]

Avatar Akash Patel February 28, 2020
pros and cons kotlin

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kotlin Programming Language

In the year 2017, Google marked a new epoch in the swiftly evolving field of Android app development by announcing its support for Kotlin. This one is a statically-typed programming language, which runs on JVM aka Java Virtual Machine. Developed by YouTrack, JetBrains, and numerous other IDE solutions, this open source language has created a buzz […]

Avatar Akash Patel September 30, 2019
android app

Top 12 Ways to Reduce Android App Size During App Development Lifecycle

You’re reading this because… Let’s admit it: large size apps are storage-hoggers and downright nuisance. Users cannot do without them, nor can they get rid of them. They live in a constant love-hate relation with these apps – praising their rich graphics and smooth navigability, but cursing their sheer size at the end of the […]

Avatar Akash Patel July 26, 2019
android studio 3.4

Android Studio 3.4 Ready for Download, With New Features

Google launched Android Studio 3.4 on April 17th and it is ready for download on new versions of Windows, Linux and Mac. This is the latest version of its IDE (integrated development environment), which comes with a limited set of focused features. It addresses the workflows of the core developer for resource management and app […]

Avatar Akash Patel April 22, 2019
android on-demand app

Why Android is Preferred Choice for On-demand App Development

The mobile applications made their appearance after the evolution of the Smartphones and the tablets. In fact, mobile applications played a vital role in popularizing the smartphones and since then it has been altogether a different story. In the current scenario, the mobile app development industry has two most stringent competitors; Google and Apple. Although […]

Avatar Akash Patel December 17, 2018

The Key Differences Between Android Go Apps and Regular Apps

It was at its I/O Conference in 2017 that Google had initially made an announcement to introduce Android Go, that would run seamlessly on low-budget or cost-efficient Android devices. Google launched the Android Go to basically target the common users, who don’t use highly expensive Smartphones and aimed to expand its app market in the […]

Avatar Akash Patel August 16, 2018